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RAP 3 Presentations

Third in a series of presentations by RAP3 CONNECT on lessons from the pilot.

Second in a series of presentations by RAP3 CONNECT on lessons from the pilot

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NCELL are the latest private sector organisation to join the Hamri Didi partnership, offering Hamri Dids the opportunity to add NCELL re-charge goods to their basket of goods.

RAP 3 Presentations

First in a series of presentations by RAP3 CONNECT on lessons from the pilot

RAP 3 Presentations
RAP3 hosted the 8th Market Development Forum Nepal (MDFN) learning event and presented lessons from the CONNECT pilot.

MDFN was formed to enable like-minded development practitioners to share knowledge and experience, and to learn about new ideas for pro-poor market development. 

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Four organisations from the development, banking and private sectors are working together to enable women in the Mid and Far Western Development Regions of Nepal to establish small businesses.  This month they came together to deliver training to 400 women entrepreneurs.


These guidelines have been developed to support the management of the enterprise graduate programme offered by RAP3. The guidelines set out the structure of the graduate programme, along with the roles and responsibilities of the actors involved. The procedures for the continuous assessment and for the annual performance assessment are also included, with the relevant documents provided as annexes. The guidelines also outline the ‘Continuing Professional Development (CPD)’ requirements for the graduates under the RAP3 CPD programme.

Programme Documents

CONNECT’s primary focus is to deliver economic growth resulting in improved livelihoods over the long term. Our partnerships, with clearly defined goals and exit strategies developed and agreed with MSME partners prior to investment, are the catalysts for change.

Press Release

In an unprecedented move to improve financial inclusion and support economic growth in the Mid and Far West of Nepal, Prabhu Bank Limited (PBL) has taken the bank to farmers’ door steps significantly easing a normally cumbersome and expensive process for farmers.