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Unilever Nepal Limited Hamri Didis

"Economically empowered women are vital for development.  It is my pleasure to know that Unilever and Prabhu Bank Ltd are jointly working on empowering women through RAP 3 CONNECT" noted Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal, Governor, Central Bank Nepal. 

100 high potential women, the Hamri Didis ('our sisters') have been selected by CONNECT, and trained and appointed by Unilever Nepal Limited as rural sales agents.  Prabhu Bank is lending start-up capital.  Thanks to this partnership rural communities now have access to essential health and sanitation products and income generating opportunities.  Meanwhile, Unilever and Prabhu Bank can reach their products and services to last mile markets.  

"As a Hamri Didi, I earn the money I need to send my children to school" says Tankeshwori Tamrakar

The Hamri Didi alliance will set up 600 Hamri Didis in business and create 8 full time jobs for supervisors by the end of 2018.  At the end of CONNECT's first year, 382 Hamri Didis, across six districts have been appointed and 228 of them are actively trading with total billing to date of NPR 3,332,558.

Unilever Nepal Limited  is one of Nepal’s largest businesses and has successfully piloted the Hamri Didis progamme in East Nepal.  UNL is now investing in the training and mentoring of women entrepreneurs in CONNECT districts and has established regional dealers who are willing to supply small quantities of goods to Hamri Didis in remote areas.

Prabhu Bank Limited is one of the fastest growing private sector banks in Nepal with deep rural market penetration and has committed to directly provide loans for start-up capital, thus reducing the initial costs for the Hamri Didis. This is a significant step forward by a private sector bank in Nepal to support micro and small enterprises.

Listen to interviews with Hamri Didis in Achham and Doti.



IMC Worldwide wins ACE Collaboration Champion of the Year Award
Press Release

IMC Worldwide wins Collaboration Champion of the Year Award for UKaid funded RAP3 CONNECT partnership with Unilever Nepal Limited
a public private initiative to promote female entrepreneurs.

Press Release: Unilever Nepal, RAP3 CONNECT and Prabhu Bank investing to promote Women Entrepreneurs
Press Release

Three organizations from the development, banking and private sectors are joining hands to launch a Programme in partnership to enable 100 high potential women in the Mid Western and Far Western Development Regions of Nepal to set-up small businesses.

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400 women micro-entrepreneurs receive training from Unilever, Bottlers Nepal and Prabhu Bank
by: RAP 3      on: 20 May, 2018

Unilever Nepal Limited, Bottlers Nepal Limited and Prabhu Bank Limited have come together to deliver training to 400 women entrepreneurs.

To date, 400 women in six districts in the Mid and Far Western Development Regions have been appointed as Unilever Hamri Didis, in partnership with RAP3 CONNECT.   The ‘Hamri Didi’ initiative appoints women as direct-to-consumer sales agents, aiming to empower underprivileged women as change agents within their communities by providing them with knowledge on health and sanitation and sustainable income generating opportunities. 

Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL), authorised bottler of The Coca-Cola Company, has joined the partnership to sell their products through his vibrant network of women micro-entrepreneurs.  In addition, BNL has provided all 400 Hamri Didis with 5by20 training - 5by20 is the Coca-Cola Company's global commitment to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entpreneurs by 2020.

200 women from RAP3 core districts Dailekh and Jumla attended training in Nepalgunj last week, receiving a certificate of completion from Director, Nepalgunj NRB on 11 May and 200 women from RAP3 core districts Achham, Bajura, Dadeldhura and Doti are in Dhangadhi from 16 to 17 May, participating in a graduation ceremony on 18 May.

The women received UNL and BNL product and sales training, BNL 5by20 training, financial literacy training and guidance on business registration. 

CONNECT's partnership with Unilever features in latest Bikash ko Bato episode
by: RAP 3      on: 22 Jan, 2018

The latest Bikash Ko Bato episode focuses on RAP3 CONNECT's partnership with Unilever Nepal Limited to establish a network of rural sales agents.  Read more about the Hamri Didi programme

Listen to the episode online:

Unilever Nepal Limited continues to appoint Hamri Didis in the Mid and Far West
by: RAP 3      on: 08 Dec, 2017

RAP3 CONNECT is partnering with Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) to provide income generating opportunites to women in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.  To date 393 women have been appointed as Hamri Didis, 286 of them are trading with a combined billed value to date of NPR 5,153,312.

Hamri Didis continue trading during the monsoon thanks to credit from Unilever
by: ruth      on: 27 Oct, 2017

Earlier this year 69 Hamri Didis received monsoon credit of NPR 945,000 from Unilever Nepal Limited. The short term credit enabled the Hamri Didis to stock-up and continue trading during the monsoon without being affected by access related disruptions in supply. 

This is the first time UNL has offered monsoon credit to Hamri Didis in the Mid & Far West and we’re delighted to confirm that all 69 women have successfully repaid their loans within the agreed credit period.