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Public Audit of Salisalla-Darma District Road Corridor


Rural Access Programme (RAP3) is a UK funded project, it has developed partnership with government and private sector actors for implementation of the programme. RAP3 now intends to provide social mobilization service to the groups and committees formed and mobilization to them. RAP3 has been working in Humla district under the district coordination committee (DCC) (former DDC). Humla DCC-RAP3 has been constructing 14.4 km Salisalla-Darma and Galfagad-Shreenagar-Kalika 12.160 km district road since Oct 2013. Five Local Road Coordination Committees (LRCCs), 6 Local Road Users Committees (LRUCs), 72 Road Building Groups (RBGs), 23 special building group SBGs, 1 Boulder Breaking Group and 3 Drills Groups are formed for project implementation. About 1,848 nos. of people are regularly engaged in construction work.