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Active participation of women in road construction, Mugu


Bhume Road Building Group (RBG) comprising of 18 females and 2 males is involved in Gamgadi-Dhaina-Dhulachaur road construction at chainage 2+440 near Gamgadi. The members are local inhabitants of Chattyal Bada, Chhayanath Rara Municipality. Similarly, Chhayanath RBG comprising a majority of women working at chainage 2+100 are involved in the construction of gabion walls. These two RBG's members have been allocated a site a short distance from their homes approximately at half an hour distance. The facilitators (Sahajkarta) of Bhume RBG is Jarma Malla and that of Chhayanath RBG is Ratna Devi Hamal who are both women.