CONNECT Yuva Vayu secures paid employment with local NGO
by: RAP 3      on: 17th Oct, 2017

Tara Rawal, a Yuva Vayu in our partner HSPC’s downstream supply chain has found employment with a local NGO, Adaption for Smallholders in Hilly Areas (ASHA).  Yuva Vayus are in-community volunteers that have chosen to take on leadership roles mobilising, energising and shepherding the commercial farmer clusters they belong to.  We are delighted that Tara has now secured paid employment as a Social Mobiliser at ASHA - a climate change adaptation project that builds communities’ capacity to tackle the consequences of climate change. This is a fantastic opportunity for Tara and CONNECT wishes her well as she builds her own career while continuing to support her community.

Rapid Condition Survey
by: RAP 3      on: 16th Oct, 2017

With the assistance of RTL, Krishna Sharan Dhungana, RAP 3 DTA Dadeldhura carried out Rapid Condition Survey (RCS) at DRCN (73DR002) Pokhara-Belapur road on 12th October 2017. The main purpose was to update the current status of visited DRCN and to work out valuation and estimation work for Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs). Along with this, RMGs work plan was given and inspection of work was carried out. The Specific Maintenance work will start soon after the formation of SMGs.

Arrival of new Graduate Engineer (GE) in Parbat
by: RAP 3      on: 11th Oct, 2017

As according to GEs rotation Ms. Neelam Thapa has been rotated to TMO effective from 8th October 2017. Ms. Binita Poudel joined Parbat RAP 3 DTA from 8th October 2017. She was introduced with LDO, DE, planning officer and other members of DCC/DTO.

RMGs payment in Parbat
by: RAP 3      on: 11th Oct, 2017

Payment for the work done by RMG has been completed for the month of September immediately after the Dashain festival through direct budget of RAP 3. Similarly, work plan for the month of October has been given along with the supervision by respective site in-charge. Measurement and payment of this work would be carried out after Tihar festival.

Completion of external audit in Morang
by: RAP 3      on: 9th Oct, 2017

The external audit team comprising Sakar Koirala and Nishan Bhatta visited Morang district from 6th - 8th September 2017 to carry out audit on RAP 3’s financial and other related activities. The team reviewed the financial activities including TA, ASP, RAP 3 GoN fund, RMGs payments, expenditure of RAP’s office, attendance register, logbook, and Public Audit reports. The audit team performed the audits on different accounting records whether proper procedures have been followed or not. After the completion of audit, closing meeting was held on 8th of September to share about initial findings and suggestions of Audit to the DTA. Audit team thanked DTA team for their support and discussed on the results of their audit.

CIM assessment meeting in Morang
by: RAP 3      on: 9th Oct, 2017

The CIM (Continual Improvement Matrix) Assessment meeting was conducted on 11th September 2017 under the chairmanship of Shobhakhar Regmi, LDO, DCC Morang. Overall nine participants attended the program including LDO/DCC, Planning Officer, DTO chief, DCC/DTO officials, M&E Specialist RAP 3 TMO, RAP 3 DC, and RAP 3 staff. Gopi Chandra Upreti explained the objectives of the program. The discussion was done on each subtitle. Average scores were discussed amongst the participants and upon agreement of all it was used as the official score. The program concluded with the announcement of overall average score of 8.25. The increase in the CIM score is credited to the increase of the realization of the need of regular maintenance of the road sector and an increased investment in DRCN.

76 fresh vegetable farmers benefit from CONNECT’s partnership with HVAP
by: RAP 3      on: 9th Oct, 2017

CONNECT joined hands with IFAD funded High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP) to scale-up commercial production of off-season vegetables by Pawan Agriculture Collection Centre’s downstream suppliers. With CONNECT’s technical support and HVAP’s financial support, construction of 76 polyhouses with drip irrigation has been completed. This initiative will enable farmers to increase production of high value, off-season vegetables .

Annual Review & Engagement Workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 9th Oct, 2017

DTA Morang successfully completed the Annual review and engagement workshop on 12th September at Hotel Eastern Star, Biratnagar. The review program was run by Nandi Keshar Kafle, Nayab Subba, DCC under the chairmanship of LDO, Shobhakhar Regmi with Chief Guest being Naresh Prasad Pokharel, DCC Chief and newly elected representatives from the 14 R/Municipalities. The executive members of the respective R/Municipalities too were present as participants. LDO/DCC, Planning Officer/DCC, DTO chief, DCC/DTO officials, Engineers/DTO, RAP 3 TMO, RMG, media persons and RAP 3 staff participated in the annual review workshop. Gopi Chandra Upreti, M&E Specialist RAP 3 shared his slides of RAP 3 - Introduction and program achievements till date. CDE delivered slides on Types of Maintenance and their importance in LRN including Improvement & Upgrading interventions. GE Roshan Yadav had presentation on annual progress of FY 073/74. The engagement workshop succeeded the district annual review program. Participants were briefed about the workshop at the end of the annual review program. The workshop chairperson Naresh Prasad Pokharel, Chairperson of DCC Morang closed the engagement workshop expressing heartfelt thanks to RAP 3 for providing a common platform to all R/Municipalities.  

RMG payment
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Sep, 2017

RMGs of Jhapa thanked DTA for making payment ahead of Dashain festival. They received 2 months payments (Shrawan and Bhadra 074) on 22nd September 2017. With the change in local government structure, RMGs were doubtful if they will receive payments of completed works ahead of Dashain. Since GoN was unable to disburse RMG payment due to ongoing transition between local government, RAP 3 made direct payment for DCC-contracted RMGs for 2 calendar months.

Payment of first running bill
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Sep, 2017

As the agreement done between RAP 3, Doti  and JR Construction on 2nd July, 2017 for the construction of pre-fab meeting hall on the roof of DCC, contractor has completed more than 80% of work till date. As the total amount of contract package is NRs 1,598,696.88, first Running bill of NRs 1,232,781.41 has been paid to contractor before Dashain. The work has been halted due to festival and will be resumed shortly after the Dashain.