Bikash ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Dec, 2017

Episode: 20 Broadcast Date: 17th December 2017

Issue: Struggles of working woman and advantage when woman comes out of home to earn

In this week's episode, we will discuss with working women from different backgrounds. Four working women from four districts will be interviewed and their experience with their pre and post struggle will be discussed. The motive of this episode is to encourage females to work. This episode falls under Women Enablement plan. Females will share what jobs they are doing and they will encourage females, family and society to create an environment for females to go out, work and earn for their family.

MHLR survey
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Dec, 2017

Following the restarting of the Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR) survey on 1st November from Chankeli pass, the survey works have progressed despite difficult conditions and some disputes over the proposed alignment.  The main dispute arises over how the road should pass betweem Rimigaun and Bohorabada settlements – with each settlement wanting the road to pass nearer to their village, and both villages preventing the survey work to continue in that area.  Mr Bishnu Ram Bishnu (Acting Deputy Team Leader) and Mr Shankhar Pokharel (Safeguards Advisor) both visited the site to help settle the dispute.  After several formal and informal meetings with the rural municipality representatives, political parties and local people over several days, the dispute was resolved.  The agreed alignment follows the originally proposed alignment, which provides the best technical and fairest access solution.  The survey work is continuing, though with slow progress due to simmering local conflicts, cold weather and snowfall.  The most difficult section through the dense forest on steep slopes at high altitude between Chankheli and Jaache.  There are two detailed survey teams still working to complete two remaining sections near Bohorabada, with expected completion in the coming week. Photo shows the survey team, led by Mr Tika Maden, and Bohorabada villagers celebrating agreement of the alignment.

RAP 3 initiates crop insurance
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Dec, 2017

RAP 3 CONNECT, Dailekh has introduced the concept of crop insurance for the first time in the district. The insurance comes under the Enabling Environment component of CONNECT. This initiative from RAP 3 has been warmly welcomed by the farming community. At present MSME#9: Hatemalo Cooperative has begun the insuring at its MBC (Micro Business Cluster) level from the 29th of November 2017. 2 out of the 7 DSS (Downstream Supplier) have already insured their crops whilst the remaining are in line to do the same. Currently the insurance covers drought, heavy rain, hail, insects and pests. The remaining MBC’s are closely behind on the insurance. The initiative was with the combined cooperation of the  DADO and RAP 3 CONNECT via Everest Insurance Company. At present the insurance is covering pea and potato seeds for farmlands over 9 ropanis.  

Seed producers in Dailekh insure their crops
by: RAP 3      on: 8th Dec, 2017

Seed prodcuers in Dailekh plan to insure their crops, benefiting from the Government of Nepal subsidised scheme.  CONNECT is supporting farmers to submit applictations to Everest Insurance and expects reaching subsidised insurance to farmers to reduce risks significantly and further encourage them to increase production.

RCS in full swing
by: RAP 3      on: 1st Dec, 2017

Rapid Condition Survey of 34 DRCN road links has been going smoothly in Dailekh since 13th November 2017. The entire road network has been divided into three clusters namely “western part”, “northern and central part” and “southern part”. The DTA team members in groups of two have been assigned each of the clusters. The IOW, SAME, SLT, MD, IE and GE have been mobilized throughout the district. Twenty four out of the 34 roads have been surveyed.

Newly appointed Yuva Vayus in Dullu receive training
by: RAP 3      on: 1st Dec, 2017

The CONNECT team in Dailekh, Kushal Hamal and Birsha Nepali alongside Bhawana Dairy Chairperson, Tulsi Regmi delivered training on cost of production, price setting, sales strategy and RAP3's Code of Conduct to 6 Yuva Vayus (YV) in Dullu. 

Read more about Yuva Vayus

CONNECT's partner Belpata Dairy Co-operative (BDC) has recently expanded their downstream supply chain to Dullu, in partnership with Bhawana Dairy.  The newly appointed Yuva Vayus are in-community volunteers that will lead the farmer groups within BDC's expanded supply chain.

Causeway on 63DR008a by DCC
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Nov, 2017

DCC Jumla has constructed a causeway on a small stream crossing of 63DR008a. It had been difficult for vehicles to pass through that section during the monsoon as continuous water flow with stones and debris had increased the depth of the water channel causing disturbance to traffic movement. DTA on request of vice chairperson of DCC planned to install HDPE pipe during the monsoon using RMGs to control the flow but due to width of the section and large debris flow the installation process was terminated. Smooth traffic movement had been observed after construction of the causeway.

Rapid Condition Survey
by: RAP 3      on: 29th Nov, 2017

RAP3 DTA Jumla conducted a rapid condition survey of all DRCN roads in first and second week of November. The survey was done for the preparation of ARAMP and SMGs estimation. DTA has planned to implement SMGs on three DRCN roads (63DR007, 63DR008 and 63DR009). These are the same DRCNs where specific maintenance activities were conducted last year. RTL, GE, Intern Engineer, SAME and IOW were actively involved in the survey. Gabion wall, toe wall, dry stone wall and stone soiling were the main maintenance activities identified by the survey team.

UNL Senior Management in Mid and Far West to assess Hamri Didi Programme
by: RAP 3      on: 23rd Nov, 2017

The CONNECT team are in the field to facilitate Unilever Nepal Senior Manager, Mr Bharat Prasain’s visit to the Mid and Far West to meet Hamri Didis (HD) and assess the HD programme’s progress over the last year.  Mr Prasain will meet with HDs in Dadeldhura, Doti and Achham.

While in Doti Mr Prasain met Hamri Didi, Ms Sapana Auji (pictured) at her home at Bhagthata. Sapana started working as a HD in August 2017 and to date has billed NPR 7,500. She discussed the difficulties of collecting and transporting products with Mr Prasain.

Narayan Campus FEC members met local businessman, Mr Jhabiraj Khatri yesterday
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Nov, 2017

Narayan Campus' Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) invited local businessman, Mr Jhabiraj Khatri to share his experience of doing business in Dailekh with members. Mr Khatri, the owner of Gadi Spice and Vice President of the Dailekh DCCI spoke with FEC members about the challenges and difficulties he has faced and the commitment and hard work needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.  He also led a discussion on the importance of markets and the resources needed to do business.