Bikash ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Jun, 2018

Episode: 47                                                 Broadcast Date: 24th June 2018

Issue: What have female Dalit members done to uplift Dalit females and the Dalit community in their wards?

Following the provisions of Nepal's 2072 constitution, every local level ward has a local female representatives from the Dalit community and provides a good opportunity for local representatives of the Dalit community to prove themselves and work for their community. A year later Bikash ko Bato will discuss this initiative to find out what progress has been made and what representatives have been able to achieve so far.

RBGs Mobilized on EBRW
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Jun, 2018

RBG's were officially mobilised in Rugamasta on 17th June 2018 and Luma gaun on 20th June 2018 .In both sections, mobilisation began with a short speech by Mr Bishnu Ram Bista of RAP3 on work priority and safety procedures.

In Ruga, the formal programme included the cutting of a red ribbon jointly by Chayanath Rara Municipality 13 no ward chairperson Mr Chakra Saud and the most senior person of the village. Similarly in Luma, the formal programme was carried out by LRUC head and the main Dhami of the village. In both places Mr Gopal Saud, aged 78 and the elder citizen of Ruga, participated. Altogether three RBGs were mobilised employing a total of 60 workers whose first job was to remove stones above the road alignment to make it safe for excavators to continue to move forward.

Bishnu writes that “It was quiet a scene to see happy faces of youths, men and women working hand in hand for their new source of income and new possibility of access. Colorful helmets and boots on heads and feet of RBG's added even more shine to the existing hustle and bustle of RBG's.”

International Women in Engineering Day 2018
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Jun, 2018

You all are invited to celebrate “International Women in Engineering Day” on coming Saturday 23rd June starting from 10.30am at NEA building Harihar Bhawan / Pulchowk (Nepal Engineer’s Association). Please find the invitation link as below.

Operation of Material Laboratory in DCC, Dailekh
by: RAP 3      on: 20th Jun, 2018

Jay Prakash Mandal, the senior lab technician from RAP3 Dailekh has been involved in the orientation and capacity building of the DCC appointed new lab technician Puskar Sharma from June. The orientation began with familiarization of lab equipment like cube testing machines, sieves etc. Recently, 7 and 28 days compressive strength of concrete cube samples from the DCC/DTO building which is currently under construction was also done. The DCC LT and DTA SLT have been regularly carrying out materials testing in the laboratory. Currently, samples from construction works being done under LRBP, DTO and R/Municipalities have been received for testing. Tests done in the laboratory mainly include sieve analysis, zinc coat test and compressive strength test. DCC is very positive with this joint effort and has highly appreciated the efforts shown by RAP3 SLT to aid in the capacity building of the newly appointed DCC lab technician.

RMG public audit and refresher training at Achham
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jun, 2018

DTA Achham has successfully completed cluster level RMG Public Audit and refresher training at three different clusters. Audits at Sanfebagar, Mangalsen and Kamalbazar clusters were conducted on 14th, 15th and 17th June 2018 respectively. Representatives from DCC/DTO and Technical Focal Person from respective R/RMs were present at the programme. The first part of the programme was refresher training about group formation, monthly work plan were delivered. RMGs were also informed about the ongoing handover of RMGs to local levels. The next session of the programme was a public audit session where wages received by RMGs in FY 074-75 were audited. The Chairperson of each RMGs presented the amount of received wages while the rest of the members were asked if they had any grievances. No major grievances were identified and the audit finished a vote of thanks by the participants and closing speech by the chairperson.

NAST Future Entrepreneurs Club appoint new Executive Committee
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jun, 2018

The CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club in Dhangadhi, established in partnership with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, has appointed a new Executive Committee.

In addition to appointing a 33 member Executive Committee including President, Thirendra Gadshila, Vice President, Sweta Thapa, Treasurer, Rajesh Kapadi and Secretary, Dev Raj Kandel 30 new members joined the club.  The Committee's first task will be to lead members to re-activate the club run business and produce a calendar ready to sell to Acamdeny staff and students at the start of the new financial year.

Successful 4 Wheel Test Drive on Gamgadhi-Dhaina-Dhulachour DRCN, Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jun, 2018

RAP3 DTA in Mugu successfully carried out a 4 wheel test drive up to Kachchhe of Gamgadhi-Dhaina-Dhulachour District Road Core Network (up to 17+00 Km) on 15th June 2018. DCC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, CDO, Mayor of Municipality, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of Rural Municipality, Chief administrative officers and journalist participated in the event. Eight jeeps, 3 tractors and 5 motorbikes took part in the event. The main objectives of the 4 wheel test drive was to encourage RBGs/SBGs members to speed up construction works, to give a good impression of RAP 3 works to all district stakeholders and to give a clear idea of the progress of the road.

Warm Welcome to EBRW Pilot Team
by: RAP 3      on: 18th Jun, 2018

People of Ruga and Luma had seen bikes and tractors in Nepalgunj, Surkhet and Gamgadhi, but they hadn’t expected one would arrive on their door steps and villages said 78 years Mr Umar Bahadur Thapa. He added that RAP3 was making their dreams come true. He expressed hearty gratitude to the RAP3 EBRW Pilot team when it reached for the first time ever to Ruga & Neta on a motorcycle and tractor on 14th June 2018. Now the local population are confident about RAP works and the commitment that RAP made for construction of 67km Mugu-Humla Link Road.

CONNECT partners HSPC and PACC sign 5 year agreement for the supply of vegetable seed
by: ruth      on: 18th Jun, 2018

CONNECT business partners, Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC) and Pawan Agriculture Cooperative (PACC) have renewed their agreement for the supply of vegetable seed (onion, pea, cucumber, radish, bean, spinach, tomato, lady’s finger and bitter guard) for a further five years. The agreement makes reliable, high quality seeds readily available to small farmers in PACC's supply chain and the steady demand enables HSPC to plan for future expansion with confidence. 

PACC will purchase 203.5 kg of seed from HSPC annually over the course of five years, at a total value of 103,500 NPR per year.  Long term contracts like this one are benefiting hundreds of farmers in both PACC and HSPC’s downstream supply chains. 

Bikash ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 15th Jun, 2018

Episode: 46                                                    Broadcast Date: 17th June 2018

Issue: What have local level members elected through female reserved seats been able to achieve to uplift females in their wards?


Under the new federal structure there are 756 local level Palikas, and between them they have 13 thousand five hundred female ward members, usually in the position of deputy head. This has not only ensured female participation but has also given them more responsibility in an attempt to promote women’s participation in government at the local level. This week’s episode looks at how this participation and responsibility has benefitted females of rural communities. It also has a short piece by AFN about the local level planning process to inform all listeners about their rights to participate in the new planning and budgeting process introduced by the federal system of government.