Land Dispute site visit in Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 15th Jan, 2018

DTA Mugu conducted a one day field monitoring visit to Gamgadhi-Dhaina-Dhulachaur road with DCC and Municipality representatives to try and solve a land dispute issue at the intersection at the zero point and two loops at Ch. 1+100 of entry section. DCC Chief Purna Bahadur Rokaya, Mayor Hari Jung Shahi, Acting DCC Officer Khadag Raj Malla, Acting chief administrative officer of Chhayanath-Rara Municipality, Lalit Jung Malla, President of Civil Society Chitra Bahadur Malla, Ward Chairpersons of wards 1 & 3 and DTA team members participated in the visit. The Municipality will organise a meeting with land owners in presence of DTA within a week to try and solve the land disputes.

CONNECT advocates for increased seats for women on DCCI Executive Committees
by: RAP 3      on: 15th Jan, 2018

CONNECT is working with District Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) to encourage women to join DCCI Executive Committees, advocating for policy reform to increase the number of reserved seats for women to a minimum 33%.  To date, Dailekh, Dadeldhura and Doti have passed the policy reform. 

To help raise awareness of the policy reform and the increased number of seats reserved for women Bikash Ko Bato broadcast an episode focusing on women in business.  In the episode you will hear DCCI members and women in business talk about the experiences of women in business and what they think can be done to increase female participation in DCCI Executive Committees.

You can listen to the episode here:

Bikash ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Jan, 2018

Episode 24: Broadcast Date: 14th January 2018

Issue: Role of DCCI and RAP3 CONNECT to encourage business women


In this week's episode, we will discuss how RAP3 CONNECT is working in collaboration with DCCIs to encourage business women to join DCCI executive committees. We will hear about the experiences of business women concerning the current situation of their participation in DCCI activities and what they think can be done to increase their participation. From this week onwards we will be airing five continuous episodes about RAP3 CONNECT and will also include contact details of CONNECT for any further queries.  BKB Scheduled Broadcasts

Details of episode 24 are as follows:


S. No:






Voxpop of business women where they will share what business they are doing and its advantages.

Taj Bahadur Oli



Feature of Achham DCCI. Female members and General Secretary of DCCI, will share current status and challenges of female participation in executive committee.

Tekraj Bhandari



Details of Dailekh DCCI are included. Narration will give information about coming February 8 DCCI election. And four interviews of current and past DCCI members will highlight how connect and they are ensuring 33% reserved seats for business women in coming election.

Bishal Sunar


Interviewees are:

1) Shanti Prasad Sharma, Chairperson, DCCI, Dailekh.



2) Radha Gyawali, Female Advisor, DCCI, Dailekh.



3) Kul Bahadur B.K, Vice-Chariperson and Election Candidate, DCCI, Dailekh.



4) Yam Bahadur Malla, Former President, DCCI, Dailekh.


New Use for Old RAP Laptops
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Jan, 2018

Rather than dispose of its old laptops, RAP 3 is providing a new lease of life to 12 old, but still working, RAP laptops to 12 government primary schools sited along the new RAP road corridors in the DCCs of Kalikot, Humla, Mugu and Bajura.  LibreOffice, a free office suite software, along with videos of Nepali stories have been installed on the laptops. Once the schools have finished using them, the intention is to recycle the laptops here in KTM through Doko Recyclers, which became operational in 2017 and is the first recycling business in Nepal.

Yuva Vayus in Dailekh attend pest management training
by: RAP 3      on: 12th Jan, 2018

CONNECT partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Cooperative (HSPC) has been delivering training to Yuva Vayus in their supply chain.  HSPC delivered training on seed and vegetable production best practice, disease and pest management and vegetable seed management.  Yuva Vayus are expected to lead by example, implementing their new learning and sharing best practices with seed producers in the farmer groups they represent.

Read more about Yuva Vayus.

Quality control test at SMGs stone quarry site
by: RAP 3      on: 11th Jan, 2018

DTA Achham conducted quality control lab tests as well as verifying the stone quarry site for each of the five SMGs group on DRCN003, DRCN011 and DRCN018. A total of nine stone quarry sites were verified. DTA district lab conducted Specific Gravity and Water Absorption Tests at the each quarry and stone samples were taken to verify that these meet the specifications required. We are pleased to report that all nine quarries were found to meet the required specifications.

Field demonstration for construction of Dry Walls
by: RAP 3      on: 11th Jan, 2018

DTA Mugu conducted one day of field demonstration training for dry wall construction on 3rd January 2018 to IE, IoWs, STS, IoW intern and skilled labourers. The training was conducted at ch.13+650 of GDDR. The main focus of the demonstration was to make field staff able to construct dry wall as per design. EO described the process of identifying the location of structural works with respect to approved design conducting site assessment. He also explained the step-by-step procedure of fixing the centerline of the road, calculating height and bottom width of the required structure, keeping the top width of minimum 0.60m, making minimum foundation depth 0.50m and foundation deep of 1:3 (V:H), keeping front and back batters 3:1(V:H) and 10:1 (V:H) respectively by using guiding ropes.

SMGs formation completed in Dadeldhura
by: RAP 3      on: 10th Jan, 2018

DTA Dadedlhura completed formation of 5 Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) for piloting works in 3 DRCNs.  These groups were formed from the mass meetings at the community level through mutual consent based on standard procedure in presence of public representatives and stakeholders. Two SMGs were formed on the Bagbazar-Bagarkot-Bhageshor District Road (73DR001), two more on the Dungri-Seragad-Dewal District Road (73DR010) and one SMG was for the Pokhara-Belapur District Road (73DR002). Group names and leadership were also finalized. Altogether 75 members were selected from poorest and most disadvantaged families, 15 members in each 5 groups. Among them 47 are male and 28 are female. SMG groups will be provided with construction materials, tools and safety gear and start work after the orientation and training.

MHLR Tree Counting Survey Completed
by: RAP 3      on: 10th Jan, 2018

The survey of trees that will be affected by the construction of MHLR has been completed by members of the District Forest office. The survey team was led by District Forest Officer (DFO)-Humla, One Ranger (DFO), Two Rangers (hired), One GIS expert (hired), One Forestry expert (hired) and other support staff. As per the survey team the total number of trees counted are 13,541 of different girths. According the District Forest Office (Humla) data entry of the survey will be finished in a week and the report will be ready within two weeks. The final report will be submitted by the District Forest Office (Humla) to the relevant Department. GON rules are that for every tree cut down 25 replacements must be planted. Photos shows trees that have been scraped and marked and trees with their sizes written on the trunks.

MBA student consultants attend orientation session
by: RAP 3      on: 9th Jan, 2018

Yesterday, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) students that will undertake their Rural Enterprise Service (RES) placements in partnership with RAP3 CONNECT attended an orientation session.  All KUSOM MBA students are required to complete a three-week RES placement, offering consultancy services to rural businesses, as part of their course and CONNECT is delighted to partner with KUSOM and facilitate placements for a second year.  This year, 12 students will work with 15 businesses across three districts, Dadeldhura, Dailekh and Doti. During the orientation session students learned more about the districts in which they will be working and the businesses they will be working with.