Annual Review and Engagement Workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 25th Sep, 2017

RAP 3 Sindhupalchowk successfully completed the annual review programme and engagement workshop on 18th September 2017. The programme was organized to inform newly elected representatives about the RAP3 background, objectives, implementation modality and progress of FY073/74 and how RAP might work with new (rural) municipalities in future. DCC chairperson, vice chairperson, CDO, elected chiefs, deputy chiefs and executive officers from new elected local levels of the district were attended as guests. Harihar Bhandari, LRNMC gave presentation about RAP 3 objectives and overall programme progress, after welcome note presented by Madhav Jung Karki, CDE/DTO. Pratik Paudel, GE presented the district project progress and activities and achievements of ASP/CPD programme. Gopi Chandra Upreti, M&E Specialist gave presentation on rural/municipality engagement strategy, and participants were facilitated for the brainstorming session for finding the difficulties in six thematic areas and suggesting the possible measure to address those issues. Participants worked in three groups and listed out their concerned issued which were presented on the same floor. With the delivery of closing speech by  Gopal Tamang, DCC chairperson, the programme came to an end.

Annual Review and Engagement Workshop, Bajura
by: RAP 3      on: 22nd Sep, 2017

One day district level annual review for the year 2073/074 (2016-017) and engagement workshop was organized on 20th September 2017 at District Headquarets Martadi on the chairmanship of DCC chairperson Narendra Kumar Rokaya. Altogether 53 persons including mayor and deputy mayor of municipalities, chairperson and vice chairperson from rural municipalities, executive officers of both local bodies, CDO/LDO/DE with other DTCC members, representatives from district level political parties, LRUCs, LRCCs and RAP3 DTA participated in the workshop. The programme was hosted by DCC coordination officer Chakra Raj Joshi. DE Junga Bahadur Thapa delivered the welcome speech and LDO Prakash Raj Paudel highlighted the objectives of the workshop. RAP 3 DTL Ramesh Neupane presented the slides on overall activities of RAP3. Sher Bahadur Bohara gave presentation on CONNECT programme. DTL presented on rural/municipality engagement strategy, objective of six thematic areas of engagement workshop and briefed on each areas in depth before the group discussion. Altogether 3 groups were formed from 9 rural/municipality to discuss on six thematic areas under new local government system. The programme was closed by DCC chairperson with closing remarks.

Loans delivered to ginger farmers in Doti
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Sep, 2017

Prabhu Bank Limited (PBL) continue to go to the farm gate to open accounts and deliver value chain financing (VCF).

PBL’s Dhangadhi Branch have distributed VCF loans totaling NPR 1.6 million to 56 ginger farmers in Sahajpur, Doti in addition to the NPR 2.95 million issued to 117 farmers in June.  PBL’s Surkhet Branch are processing applications from 84 ginger farmers and, to date, have opened accounts and issued cheque books to 30 farmers. 

The CONNECT team continues to grow, and welcomes three new Interns: Manoranjan Regmi, Asmita Poudel and Ashesh Karki.
by: ruth      on: 21st Sep, 2017

CONNECT’s newest recruits completed their induction today, delighted to welcome them to the team.

Manoranjan recently completed his Bachelors in Agriculture, focusing on climate change; Asmita recently completed a masters in Resource Management at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Ashesh is an MBA graduate who moves from the Agro Enterprise Centre at FNCCI to join us. They are an energetic group with a questioning spirit and craving for knowledge.

We look forward to watching them learn as they grow with us!!

New buyers added to HSPC’s supply chain
by: RAP 3      on: 21st Sep, 2017

Our partner Hatemalo Seed Promotion Centre (HSPC) have signed a new contract with their existing supplier SEAN Seed Service Centre with CONNECT’s support, HSPC successfully negotiated a contract for 7,500 kg including 6,000 kg pea, 1,000 kg onion and 500 kg cress, convincing SEAN that their expanded supply chain could meet demand. Additionally, they have signed with two new buyers, Everest Agro Seed Centre and Kathmandu Agro Concern for 2,400 kg and 300 kg respectively. With these vegetable seed contracts in place, HSPC can continue to grow their downstream supply chain with confidence.

Annual Review and Rural/Municipality Engagement Strategy Workshop, Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Sep, 2017

One day District Annual Review and Rural/Municipality Engagement Strategy workshop was organised on 15th September 2017. The objectives of the workshop was to inform to newly elected Rural/Municipality representatives about RAP3 background, objectives, implementation modality and how RAP might work together with the new municipalities in the future. DCC chairperson Purna Bahadur Rokaya chaired the workshop. The program was attended by the representatives from Chhyanath Rara Municipality, Khatyad Rural Municipality, Soru Rural Municipality, Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality, Acting CDO, various stakeholders, LRUCs RMGs, Journalist Federation and facilitator for RAP3 TMO Bishnu Ram Bista . The workshop was facilitated by  SDO Guru Datta Dhakal. DTL Mohan Ruwali presented about LRN and social components. TMO representative Bishnu Ram Bista gave presentation on Municipal Engagement Strategy Workshop. Two groups were formed from four Rural/Municipalities for group discussion on six thematic areas for finding issues, reasons behind them and their possible solutions and presented their conclusions after discussing on each thematic area.

External Financial Audit, Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Sep, 2017

Financial audit was conducted in RAP3 DTA Jumla office by an external audit team on 2-4 September 2017. The audit started with the Audit Entrance Meeting with RAP3 DTA Jumla staff, two external auditors and finance and Admin officer, Sandip Khanal (TMO/RAP3). The objective of the audit was to investigate the RAP3 labor management and wage payment practices on the district and also to provide the assurance to UKaid, DFID, GoN, DCCs and the local communities regarding the financial management process and financial statements. The Audit team performed the audits on accounting records from February 2016 to July 2017 and whether proper procedures have been followed or not. The audit team presented their initial findings and suggestions to the RAP 3 DTA Jumla.

Annual Review Workshop, Jumla
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Sep, 2017

On September 12, 2017 Annual Review Workshop and discussion for municipal engagement strategy was conducted at Hotel Mansarowar, Jumla. The program was initiated by nomination of Chairperson and Chief Guest, DCC Chairperson Lal Bahadur Sharki, Vice-chairperson Karma Buda, CDO Bishnu Prasad Kharal and heads of all Municipalities/Rural Municipalities. Acting LDO/DE Raj Kumar Goit delivered short welcome speech along with the clarification of the objectives of the review program. RAP 3 RTL Rajendra Kumar Shrestha enlightened the RAP 3 overview and financial and physical progress of maintenance work in the district. Hom Nath Lamsal highlighted the possibilities of future involvement of RAP 3 in Jumla district. All participants were enlightened with the need for maintenance in the road sector. The budget and finances of the RAP3 maintenance work for fiscal year 073/74 was also made transparent to the participants.

Annual Review and Municipal Engagement Strategy Workshop
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Sep, 2017

RAP3 Dailekh organized one day annual review and municipal engagement strategy workshop on 15th September 2017 in Narayan Municipality Hall, Dailekh. The program was chaired by DCC chairperson and there were total 80 participants including DCC Vice-Chairperson, Honorable MPs, DCC members, CDO, LDO, Finance officers, DTO Engineers, elected local bodies from different municipality, journalists, representatives from different political parties, DC Laxman Bhakta Dahi Shrestha from TMO, Engineer Binod Shakya from DoLIDAR and RAP3 team. The main objective of this workshop was to inform the newly elected representatives of municipalities about RAP3 program, its objectives, working modality and review the performance and progress made during past year. The workshop was facilitated by Program Officer Padam Sapkota. RTL Rajendra Kumar Shrestha presented about LRN component, CDM Kushal Hamal presented about CONNECT component, DC Laxman Bhakta Dahi Shrestha gave presentation on Municipal Engagement Strategy Workshop and Engineer Binod Shakya briefed about the future strategies for RMGs. Total four groups were formed from eleven rural/municipalities for group discussion on six thematic areas for finding issues, reasons behind them and their possible solutions and presented their conclusions after discussing on each thematic areas. The program ended with closing remarks by DCC chairperson.

16 Roads of Morang are to be maintained
by: RAP 3      on: 19th Sep, 2017

This is an unofficial translation of news article published in Nagariknews Daily on 12 September 2017. 16 roads of Morang are to be maintained by Rural Access Programme in this fiscal year. This information was shared in a program organized in Biratnagar with an objective to orient the newly elected Chief and Deputy Chiefs of local levels about Rural Access Programme. According to Chief District Engineer Rewati Raman Parajuli, though RAP was working in co-ordination with District Development Committee in the past, however from this fiscal year it is going to work with co-ordination of local levels. According to him, this programme is working in its third phase in Morang. In this fiscal year Sundarpur-Yangsila-Dharan road, Nimuwa-Hattimuda -Kohalpur road, Rani-Budhnagar-Tarigama road, Belbari-Lokhara-Bhogateni-Aaitabare, Bhahunne-Aamtola road will be maintained. Likewise, Laxmimarga-Babiyabirta-Amahi, Kanepokhari-6 no. Budhabare, Pathari-JaNte, Aamgachhi-Takuwa, Jhapartal-Bardanga, Kishanchowk-Miklajung, Kadupada-Jhurkiya and Pathari- Sikti roads are also to be maintained. Last year RAP has maintained 26 main roads of Morang. According to Local Road Network Maintenance Coordinator Harihar Bhandari, last year those roads were maintained at cost of NRs. 35.7 million, in which DFID provided NRs. 17.7 million and GoN provided NRs. 18 million. He added that RAP has been operational in Morang since 6 years. RAP has been implementing update of District Transport Master Plan, Rapid Condition Survey, formation of RMGs, preparation of Annual Road Asset Management Plan, conducting different capacity building training, etc. in the district.