RAP3 Communications (Film)
by: RAP 3      on: 10th May, 2018

DFID’s Digital Unit has approved a proposal by RAP3 to make 4 short films (2-4 minutes each) about 1) the challenges of building roads in the mountains (Mugu/Kalikot) 2) improving programme/community health and safety (Mugu/Kalikot) 3) Labour based vs equipment based road construction (Mugu) 4) Women of RAP3 (Mugu); also two podcasts on the Graduate Programme and Maintenance and 30 high quality captioned photos for communications purposes.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 4th May, 2018

Episode: 40                Broadcast Date: 6th May 2018

Issue: Development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT for local government)

During local election campaigns for local government, candidates promised to develop ICT in their areas. Many talked about converting their municipalities into “smart cities” This episode examine whether such promises have been fulfilled and what the plans and programs of local government are to fill the ICT gap in Karnali Pradesh 6 and Province No 7.

EBRW pilot project – Excavators are ready for work at site
by: RAP 3      on: 3rd May, 2018

The Equipment Based Road Work (EBRW) Pilot is now underway.  Four excavator owners have signed agreements to participate in the pilot and their excavators have crossed the river.  A skills assessment of the excavator operators and their helpers has been conducted by Alliance for Social Mobilisation.  The assessment included theoretical knowledge and practical skills demonstrations on site.  They will use the findings of this assessment will be used to develop an advanced operators training programme.  The overall aim of the training part of the pilot is to develop skilled operators and helpers in two Municipalities, and to develop and test training and guidance materials for excavator owners and operators.  This should enable Municipalities to be self-sufficient in future road works using locally sourced skills and expertise.  All the Pilot operators are young, energetic, keen to learn and be part of this unprecedented training programme.  After completion of all parts of the new advanced training programme, we should have a group of skilled operators that are capable of working independently to standards and to build roads that the two Municipalities (and RAP3) can be proud of.


PACC renew contract with Regmi Mandi
by: RAP 3      on: 2nd May, 2018

CONNECT’s partner Pawan Agriculture Collection Center (PACC) have renewed their contract with Regmi Mandi for a further 5 years. With CONNECT’s support PACC have agreed to supply Regmi Mandi 865 MT of fresh vegetables annually including 150 MT of cabbages, 100 MT of cauliflower, 180 MT of potatoes, 150 MT of tomatoes, 80 MT of cucumber, 50 MT of onion, 30 MT of beans, 25 MT of bitter-gourd, 20 MT of brinjal, and 30 MT of pumpkin.

Motorbike test drive on new RAP3 road in Mugu
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Apr, 2018

RAP3 DTA Mugu successfully completed a Motorbike test drive to the end of Gamgadhi-Dhaina-Dhulachour District Road of Gamgadhi-Gilaha section on 29th April, 2018. Altogether 6 motorcycles (2 DTA and 4 local peoples) reached the end point at Ch. 22+750. The main objective of Motorbikes test drive is to encourage RBGs/SBGs members to speed up construction works, to give good impression of RAP3 works progress among all district stakeholders and to identify the major bottleneck for 4WD test drive of the GDDDR. Now the local people can believe that the road will be substantially completed by July 2018 and the end of Nepali fiscal year. All RBGs/SBGs, local beneficiaries and VDC level stakeholders heartily welcomed the RAP3 DTA team and local bike owners for this great achievement. The DTA thanked all beneficiaries/ stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involvement in the implementation of the RAP3 programme.

New RMG Mobilization
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Apr, 2018

DTA Dadedlhura mobilized two new Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) each consisting of six members for Routine and Recurrent Maintenance works in Bagarkot-Shirad-Rupaligad-Rupal District Road (73DR0012).  DTA Dadeldhura organized an onsite orientation programme on 24th April 2018 before mobilizing the groups. The orientation programme was facilitated by Janak Kharel (GE). The participants were provided with a brief introduction to RAP3, its working modality, process of measurement and payments, use of PPEs, provision insurance etc. Similarly, the groups were also made aware regarding worker safety and site safety. A Safety Officer was nominated in each group and provided with safety cards and whistles.  At the end, Monthly work plans were assigned to the groups for the month of April.

Student entrepreneurs start copy book business
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Apr, 2018

Students in Dailekh have started a copy book business!!  The student members of Narayan Campus Future Entrepreneurs’ Club, which was established in partnership with RAP3 CONNECT, have started selling Narayan Campus branded copy books on campus.  Students negotiated credit with a local stationery shop, purchased copy books and added Narayan Campus branding before setting up a stall on the campus to sell their product to staff and students.   

The club expects to make 500 NPR profit that they will re-invest to scale the business.

Bikash Ko Bato
by: RAP 3      on: 30th Apr, 2018

Episode: 39  Broadcast Date: 29th April 2018          

Issue: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its benefits to women and girls.

Girls in ICT Day was celebrated worldwide on 26th April and to coincide with this special occasion this week 'Bikash Ko Bato' will explore the scope of ICT and the benefits for women/girls living in rural areas. According to Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA), internet penetration has crossed the 50% of total population whereas mobile sim-card access is reportedly over 100% of the country's population. However the number of women and girls using ICT is reportedly low. So, the BKB will highlight mainly the benefits of ICT sector for women/girls in this episode. To this end BKB has featured a number stories from the field and Kathmandu so that listeners can get messages about the scope and benefits of ICT sector for the betterment of their lives.

Mugu Humla Link Road event in Karnali Pradesh
by: RAP 3      on: 24th Apr, 2018

The construction of the Mugu-Humla Link Road (MHLR) under the UK’s Rural Access Programme Phase 3 (RAP3) was announced at an event organized in Surkhet on April 24, 2018. Humla is not connected by road to the rest of Karnali Province. When completed, this road will link Humla to the rest of the country, helping improve livelihoods and unlock the district’s economic potential.

Present at the event were Karnali Province Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, Karnali Province House Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi, Karnali Province Infrastructure Development Minister Khadka Bahadur Khatri, Chairperson of Humla District Coordination Committee Dan Bahadur Rawat, Chairperson of Mugu DCC Purna Bahadur Rokaya, Mayor of Chhayanath-Rara Municipality Hari Jung Shahi, Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality Dhana Lal Chaulagai and RAP3 Programme Coordinator Jeevan Guragain, Department for Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads.

Speaking at the event, Asia Regional Director of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Richard Montgomery said, “Poor people from some of Nepal’s most isolated villages have built the Rural Access Programme’s roads. These roads belong to the local people and celebrate their efforts to truly bring progress and prosperity to the region for future generations.”

DFID Nepal’s Head of Office Rurik Marsden said, “The UK has a strong partnership with the people of Karnali Province to build rural infrastructure, to improve access to financial services, on critical climate change issues and hydropower. We look forward to a continuing strong partnership in the coming years.”

Both the Mayor and the Chairperson expressed their satisfaction that the road could be completed quickly, thereby cutting local transport costs significantly and boosting the local economy.

(Photo showing the tea house at Chankelli Pass, the highest point of MHLR)

RAP3 EBRW Tractor crosses Mugu Karnali River
by: RAP 3      on: 23rd Apr, 2018

The RAP3 Equipment Based Road Works (EBRW) Pilot is mobilising 5 excavators across the Mugu Karnali to develop an advanced operator training programme and road work guidelines.  To keep these 5 excavators running requires approximately 10,000 litres of fuel every month, equivalent to about 250 mule trips each month – or 10 mule trips per working day.  RAP3 has purchased and mobilised a Tractor with Trailer across the Mugu Karnali river to minimise the distance that the mules need to carry the fuel.  In addition to carrying fuel supplies, the tractor will be used for helping carry supplies, tools and construction materials between the river and sites, and for transporting materials, soil and rocks along the route to support mass balance of cut / fill areas, improving the management of construction spoil to minimise environmental impacts.  The tractor also forms part of the EBRW pilot itself, which will include performance analysis, training and development of best practice guidelines for using tractors to support environmentally sound road construction works.