Bikash Ko Bato

By RAP 3 on September 14, 2018

Episode: 18/05                                   Broadcast Date: 16th September 2018

 Issue: Road Safety - Situation of road these days and things to be careful about


Roads in Nepal are unsafe. Many data support this fact. According to the Nepal Police every day around 7 persons die in road accidents. In the last fiscal year, 2,541 people died in 10,964 road accidents. In Karnali Province alone, 94 people died and 249 were injured in 81 road accidents. And in Province 7 a total of 166 people died and 338 were injured in 164 road accidents. This data is alarming. Is it only the fault of drivers? What are the reasons behind such huge numbers of road accidents and what are the things to be careful about while travelling on roads? This week Bikash ko Bato will discuss these questions.