Bikash ko Bato

By RAP 3 on February 9, 2018

Episode 28: Broadcast Date: 11th February 2018

Issue: Impact Story and Feedback Collection of BKB 

This week Bikash ko Bato will include feedback and impact stories of program’s listeners. For the last two weeks, the Bikash ko Bato team were in the field visiting Bikash ko Bato radio listeners in Mugu and Kalikot and collected their feedback, including listeners’ stories and positive changes which are included in this week’s episode. Also the RAP3 road opening in Raskot is included in the news section of the program.

Content Details of the episode are as follows:


S. No





Deuda Song about development by listener Dharma Raj Tamrakar

Reporter : Prem Raj Simkhada


Mugu and Kalikot

Voxpop: What do you like about radio program Bikash ko Bato? BKB Team


Mugu and Kalikot

Voxpop: Do you like the language used in program? Did it help you to understand the content? BKB Team



Monologue: Janma Laxmi Hamal shares how BKB program has helped to minimize child marriage in her area. She wants more information on it. BKB Team



Monologue: Lal Mani Simkhada shares how he came to know the disadvantages of Chaupadi and how he changed his way of thinking after listening the program. BKB Team



Interview: Bharat Sunar shares he got to know about self employment and was encouraged to do something in his own area. He shares how these days’ youths of his area are searching employment opportunities in their own native place. BKB Team



Interview: Samjhana Shah shares innovative ideas she got from BKB. She says she and her female friends have made a small womens group and have also asked her students to make small group for extra activities. BKB Team