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Bridge Construction over Luma River


RAP3 MHLR recently constructed a temporary wooden bridge over Luma River in Mugu to allow construction vehicles (people and mule trains) to cross easily. The 30-metre-long bridge has been constructed by the Road Building Groups (RBGs) of Luma Guru Dev Local Road Users Committee (LRUCs).    Locals of Luma and Bama village requested the bridge as they  were facing difficulty to cross the river during monsoon season.  They will benefit after the operation of this bridge as it allows easy passage for locals, livestock and pedestrians.  In previous monsoon, 3 mules were swept away while crossing the river.  Infrastructure Adviser of DFID Nepal, Dr. Suman Baidya and Team Leader of RAP3 MHLR, Kirsteen Merrilees inaugurated the 30m long bridge on 7th May 2019.  Now, the bridge has enabled locals of Luma and Bama all-season access.  Although the structure is temporary, it should last 5 years or more if well maintained.