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Future Entrepreneurs' Club members win first prize for Tapari business plan


40 students, including ten RAP3 CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs' Club members from Narayan Campus, Dailekh, participated in a business incubation workshop in Nepalgunj today.  The workshop was delivered by Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) in collaboration with RAP3 CONNECT.

We're delighted to announce that a team of students from Narayan Campus - Hariyo paat, sabai ko sath - won first prize for their business plan for Tapari (leaf plates).  The second team from Narayan Campus developed a business model to empower single women, providing women with the raw materials to make candles and offering a basic salary plus commission. 

YSBC runs the Social Business Challenge, an incubation programme for aspiring student entrepreneurs aimed at encouraging youth to create innovative business ideas and offering incubation, facilitation and financial support.  RAP3 CONNECT has partnered with  YSBC to deliver workshops in the Mid and Far West of Nepal.