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Joint supervision of RMG


As per RAP3 exit strategy and handover of RMG work to Municipalities and Rural Municipalities, Badimalika Municipality, Bajura has taken over the responsibilities of RMGs mobilized on the DRCN (067DR005) (MajhiGoun- Pinalekh – Attichaur) and DRCN (067DR012) Manakot-Dahakot. As a concept of technology transfer to local bodies joint supervision by RAP3 DTA along with the representative from Badimalika Municipality was held on July 31 2018. The supervision was done by GE (Manish Regmi) and IOW (Jagadish Awasthi) from RAP3 DTA accompanied by Sub-engineer (Umesh Baduwal) from Bajura Municipality. Monsoon damage was inspected. Jointly RMG workplan for the month of August was given to the RMG groups. Similarly, status of tools, equipment and first aid kit box was assessed.