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RBGs and SRBGs received payment


Wage payment has been distributed to Panidhara Local Road User Committee (LRUCs) and Bama Special Road Building Groups (SRBGs) at Bama on 2nd May2019. LRUCs and SRBGs were invited to Himodaya Lower Secondary School to receive their payment. MHLR project field Manager and field staff successfully led the payment programme. There were altogether 10 Road Building Groups (RBGs) in Panidhara LRUC in which 104 were women and 96 were men.  They received the First Interim Payment Certificate (IPC), totalling NPR 33, 27,158.88. Similarly, Bama SRBGs received their second Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) of total amount of NPR. 536,951.96. Our RBGs and SRBGs were happy with the equal payment and appreciated the transparent payment system of RAP3 MHLR. Our workers are being paid equal wage for equal work irrespective of their gender which has been adopted by the programme from the beginning.