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Trevini Municipality sets rules for local Jeep and Tractor Owner


Vehicles are now using two new roads constructed by RAP3 (Maure-Kailsahmandu and Maure-Tili-Chhatara district roads) following a test drive in January 2018. A meeting between representatives of Trevini Municipality and jeep/tractor owners and RAP3 DTA, Bajura, was held on 4th April to discuss traffic management arrangements on these two roads. Decisions reached include:

  •  The need for jeep movement as opposed to tractors for carrying goods to protect the roads from tractor damage. However, the Municipality may allow the use of tractors upon written request for the transport of reinforcement bars for the construction of public infrastructure.
  • Jeeps need to stop at the warning signs kept by the RBGs at worksites and need to move slowly in sections where RBGs are working.
  • Construction material such as stone is the property of the project and should not be used for other purposes until the completion of project when it should be handed over to the municipality.
  • Once across the river jeeps are “captive” until water levels are low. However, jeep owners know that RMGs will continue to work during the monsoon taking care of regular maintenance and that the roads will therefore be pliable despite the rains.