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Young Entrepreneurs in Dailekh start tapari business


The Future Entrepreneurs' Club (FEC) at Narayan Campus, Dailekh has started a new business -  “Hariyo Paat Sabaiko Saath”. FEC members collected sal leaves (shorea robusta) and bamboo sticks from nearby forest areas to start making Tapari.

Three young entrepreneurs, members of the CONNECT Future Entrepreneurs’ Club (FEC) in Dailekh, were among participants at the YUNUS Social Business Challenge 2018 and were awarded investment of NPR 50,000 under thematic area “Food and Women” for their business plan “Hariyo Paat Sabaiko Saath”. 

The FEC members started this business with a hope to support Dailekh Bazar to become plastic free and they have big ambitons; once they have tested the market and built demand the FEC is planning to invest the prize money in a machine to scale up production.