Development progress of Pachkhapan Municipality

By RAP 3 on February 15, 2018


Jaljala-Behabare-Wanna (09A00DR) located in Pachkhapan Municipality is one of the nine DRCNs in Sankhuwasabha for which RAP3 is providing technical support. The municipality has started the infrastructure development work after the election of local and province.  The municipality has allocated a Rs. ten million budget for widening, gradient works and gravelling of the road.  The technical focal person has mentioned that the municipality is preparing a perspective plan of interventions of services and facilities as per the accessibility analysis.

Rapid Condition Survey in Sankhuwasabha

By RAP 3 on December 23, 2017


RAP 3 DTA SAN has completed Rapid Condition Survey of four DRCN roads 09A012DR, 09A018DR, 09A003DR, and 09A008DR in presence of technical representatives from each municipality and rural municipality.  The main purpose of RCS was to make aware of M/RM for SMG/RMG estimation and ARAMP preparation in next year. The team identified and proposed different structures such as gabion wall, toe wall, causeway, stone soling, dry wall etc. and informed to respective M/RM chairperson.  

SAN second workshop

By RAP 3 on December 18, 2017


DTA SAN successfully completed its second round workshop on 18th December 2017. The program was presented by LRNMC Harihar Bhandari from TMO and facilitated by DTA team SAN. The main objective of the workshop was to clarify about RAP 3 strategy and its working period as well as taking feedback from the representatives and possibility of work to be carried out in SAN during 2018. Various queries and suggestions were discussed during the workshop. In the program, there was presence of DTO chief Suman Shakya, Acting LDO Mitra Lal Lamsal, District Engineer Ramesh Kumar Shrestha and representatives from each municipality and rural municipality.

RMG refresher training


The training was organized in each of the road corridors. The training was conducted for one day despite the guidelines recommending it for 2 days. The difficulty of movement during the monsoon and the poor condition of the roads made it difficult for RMG movement. The training however covered all the components in the RMG guideline. Both theory and practical classes were conducted. The training was conducted for two days with the first day in theory and the second day for the practicals.


Venue                   : Chainpur, Chichila, Wana and Mulkharka

Workshop Date    : 1st – 8th August 2017

 The training was conducted by the GE and the SAME of Sankhuwasabha DTA. The RMG members were given a brief introduction on the program and the program schedule was explained to them. After the brief introduction of the program to be conducted there was a introduction session where all those present in the training introduced themselves. The formal training sessions began after the introduction program. The training had the same sequence of sessions in all the road corridors. The theoretical section of the training was carried out by the GE, Aadit Pathak followed by the practical sessions being carried out by SAME, Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.

RAP 3 DTA-R/Municipality coordination meeting


Coordination meeting with the respective R/Municipality and DTA was held from the 16th to 23rd August 2017. The meeting was aided by DCC as the LDO issued a letter to all the R/Municipalities to aid the monitoring of RMG. The main agenda of the meeting was the same in all the R/Municipality. The meeting was organised at the following venues.

  1. Chainpur Municipality-Chainpur
  2. Chichila Rural Municipality- Chichila
  3. Num Rural Municipality- Num
  4. Pachkhapan Municipality- Wana
  5. Dharmadevi Municipality- Mude

Out of the 10 R/Municipalities in the district the 9 road corridors fall in the above 5 R/Municipalities. The meeting was conducted in the presence of the RMG chairperson, Municipal Head, technician, Chairperson of the R/Municipality , GE, OM, SAME from RAP 3 DTA and other staff members present at the Municipal office. The agendas of the meeting were as follows in all the R/Municipalities.

  1. Monitoring of the RMG works by R/Municipalities
  2. Preparation of workplan of the RMG along with DTA
  3. Address problems faced by the RMG
  4. Communicate between the locals and RMG for effective results
  5. Proceed towards technical handover in the coming months.

The participants in the meeting in all the R/Municipalities were very positive on the work being carried out by the RMGs and have committed to monitoring their works and slowly proceeding towards a technical handover of the RMG in the long run.

Landslide at Kitingdada-Bihibare road


The DTA team carried out field visit to Kitingdada-Bihibare road corridor on the 31st July 2017. The road has been affected by landslide in multiple places. Some of the highlights of the road status can be summarised by the points below.

  • The road is 10 km long and connects Bihibare market to the SRN at Kitingdada.
  • The soil is a mixture of red clayey soil and boulder mixed soil with hard soil and hard rock at some places( CH 6+000+)
  • There are areas that are highly affected (CH 2+500, CH 3+500, CH 6+500) by landslides. There is active mass movement in those areas and in CH 6+500 the road section is narrow (3m ).
  • Slide at 3+500 is huge (exceeding 100m3 ) and the RMG have been instructed to clear the slide after the rain stops. The members have cleared a 2m wide section so that vehicle movement is unhindered
  • The slide at 2+500 has stopped moving and is currently stable.

DTA field Visit


DTA Sankhuwasabha visited Okharbote-Mulkharka-Manglabare to carry out the RMG monthly plan for the month of the Shrawan and measure works for the month of Ashad. The team comprised of the SAME and GE. The team visited the road on the 20th of July 2017. On our way to Okharbote we had to pass through Rammandir-Okharbote road section which is 11km in length. The road has recently undergone specific maintenance in some places but doesn’t have RMG members carrying out routine –recurrent maintenance. The 11km road was in a very poor condition and it took us almost 3-4 hours to cover the distance. We had to literally carry our bike in places. On reaching okharbote we compared the road that is being looked after the RMG members and the road left uncared.

RMG contract extension


RAP 3 DTA and the DCC Sankhuwasabha had a meeting to finalise the RMG contract period for the fiscal year 2074/75. With reference to the letter from DoLIDAR, RAP 3 DTA and DCC came to an agreement that the DCC will sign the RMG contracts for upto 3 months i.e upto the Nepali month of Ashwin. The meeting was held on the 16th July and following the meeting the DTA started contract signing of the RMG members. The signing went on from the 16th to the 22nd of July.

Tools distribution to RMGs


RAP3 DTA along with the DCC jointly distributed raincoats and tools to all the RMG members in their respective roads in the month of June-July.  Tools procured in the month of June (1st week) and the second lot in the last week of June were distributed along with the raincoats that the DCC received in the first week of July. The 59 members of the RMG each received raincoats. Tools, boots, safety goggles and masks were distributed as per the need of RMG members. Sankhuwasabha has RMGs in 9 roads under RAP3 TA.

DTA field visit


Pokhari-Pyangkot road corridor connects Pokhari bazaar to  Pyangkot. The road is 14 km long and has 10 RMG members comprising of 4 female and 6 male members. They are subdivided into 4 groups based on their place of residence along the road corridor. Pokhari-Pyangkot road corridor is pliable up to CH 2+800. The road from 2+800 to 3+000 has heavy ruts that are beyond the capacity of the RMG members. Even if the ruts are levelled the excessive rain will only increase their severity. The current road level is around 1m below the formation level in places. Specific maintenance is ongoing and hopefully by the end of this fiscal year the critical areas will be maintained. Payments for the RMG have yet to be made for the Nepali months of Chaitra and Baisakh. Talks with the DCC accounts are underway and we are currently following up with the Accounts department on a regular basis. The payments are likely to be made in the 2nd week of Jestha. According to accounts department. The RMG members have shown commitment to work despite the delay in payment. They have ensured the DTA that work during the monsoon will not be affected because of the delayed payments.