RMG works resumed


Routine Maintenance works through RMGs have been restarted after a long stand down from 17th of April, 2017. The works had been stood down in all roads except Chautara-Siphaghat since January. Currently, RMGs are working in 273 Km of 27 District roads. There are 43 groups working for the routine maintenance activities, currently comprised of 153 members. The members include 47% females. The road users have expressed appreciation towards the improved road condition following the commencement of routine and recurrent maintenance activities in different roads where they were questioned.

Feedback on new wage system from RMGs


The road maintenance groups have so far given a positive feedback about the new wage system in Sindhupalchowk that allows wages to be deposited directly to their individual accounts. The feedback was collected during site visits of SAMEs and GE in April and May. This method has been employed for wage distribution in the past four months. The members have particularly appreciated the flexibility and simplicity with which they can withdraw their wages and the reduced travel time.

While this has indeed added some administrative burden for banks and DCC account sections, DTA Sindhupalchowk is currently working to simplify the process further by developing payslips and bulk entry system for easy entry and tracking. The new system was put in place in January, 2017 and has been continued since.

Field verification conducted


The field verification for the month of March was conducted by GE, Animesh Paudel accompanied by SAME Ram Singh Bohara of DTA Sindhupalchowk. The visit was conducted on 14th of March, 2017 on Chautara-Siphaghat road (23DR043). The road is 26.54 Km long and is currently the only road in Sindhupalchowk where RMGs are being mobilized. Currently 2 RMGs with 12 members (6 Male and 6 Female) are mobilized on the road and a new group of RMG with additional 6 members are being deployed. During the site visits, the RMGs were found to be working on clearing debris from shoulders and using it to fill ruts. The team met with a few bus drivers and Bridge construction workers along the road. They were thankful towards the RMGs for resuming the work as the RMGs had helped to clear up a few dangerous sections. Further, it was observed that the condition of road has significantly improved after RMG works were resumed from February.

Quality control and RMG refresher (CPD) training


DTA Sindhupalchowk conducted the second part of Implementation training on 27th February 2017. The training contents included Quality Control and RMG refresher of LRN training. 16 participants, who were all DTO and RAP3 technicians, appeared in the training. The training was delivered by Animesh Paudel, GE, RAP3 and Sujan Bhandari, Engineer of DTO. The training is expected to be fruitful to the participants for understanding how to maintain and control the quality during project implementation in DTO. Further, it is expected to support the RMG implementation through DTO counterpart in coming days.  Chief District Engineer, Madhav Jung Karki finally closed the training session after which an exam was conducted where the participants secured an average 52% marks.

Training for DTO and DDC Sindhupalchowk on Microsoft Excel and CAD drafting


DTA Sindhupalchowk conducted a three-day training for DTO technicians and DDC staff on Microsoft Excel and CAD drafting from 7th to 9th March 2017 as a part of ASP. The training intended to refresh the participants’ knowledge on basic CAD, Excel and provide skills on working with standard templates of GoN. The main goal of the training was to bring uniformity in the formats and documentation of DTO technicians. There were 20, 21 and 22 participants on the first, second and third day of the training respectively which ran each day from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The first day of the training covered basics of CAD. Second day was a workshop on developing rigid templates for billing, estimating and certifications of works to be used by DTO. On the third day, topics on template development in AutoCAD was worked out. The training was delivered by GE, Animesh Paudel of RAP3 and Engineer of DTO Sujan Bhandari as per the directions by Chief District Engineer  Madhav Jung Karki.

The participants found the training to be quite useful and assured to bring uniformity in all the documents prepared by DTO and DDC.

Health & Safety review meeting


Meeting on Health and Safety (H&S) with RMGs of Chautara Siphaghat Road was conducted in Siphaghat on 22rd February 2017. Chautara Siphaghat road is 26.54 Km in length in which three RMGs have been mobilized covering entire road length. Sub-Asset Management Engineer Ram Singh Bohara of DTA, Sindhupalchowk briefed the RMGs about the site safety inspection booklet that had been distributed to each group and explained the use of First Aid kit items. They were also explained about the importance of safety measures at work and safety equipment provided. The RMGs clarified that since they had been carefully following safety precautions, all accidents had been averted so far but working in monsoon could be risky as some sections were prone to landslides. It was added that working in such dangerous sections should be restrained from.

Change to RMG wage distribution system


DTA Sindhupalchowk has successfully set up a new wage distribution system for all RMGs as of February 2017. Previously the wage was collected on group account of each Maintenance group which required them to travel to District headquarter to collect their wages. This also incurred cost of allowances and travel expenses for RMG treasurer and secretary and made the wage distribution tedious. Currently, the system of transferring wages to accounts owned by each RMG member in their most convenient outlet is set up and running. A positive feedback has been received for this system so far and further simplification of the process is being worked out by discussing with RMGs.

Procurement (CPD) Training for DTO Technicians


Procurement training was conducted in Sindhupalchowk on 2nd February as a part of RAP3 CPD programme. The training was conducted in RAP3 office and was delivered by Animesh Paudel, Graduate Engineer of RAP3 and Punya Ram Sulu, Engineer of DTO Sindhupalchowk. A total of 20 participants took part in the training. The one-day training consisted of six presentations: Introduction, Public procurement acts and regulations, Procurement plan, RAP3 Procurement procedures, Bid evaluation and Pre contract award procedures. In addition, an exam was conducted at the end of the training which was appeared by 85% participants securing an average of 53% marks.

LRN Review in Sindhupalchowk


RAP is currently undergoing an LRN Review by DFID. The review is being conducted by British Consultants ITAD, who are responsible for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) component. The team visited Bahrabise-Budhepa road, Melamchi-Tipeni road and Chautara DTA office. During their visit they met with RMGs, RMUC, contractor and local users of the road at site and discussed about benefit and their satisfaction from RAP3 work.

Sindhupalchowk Update - 5th June


Status of Roads in Cluster No. 1:

  • Local users informed us about a blockage of the Gaurishankar Himal road (23VR105). SAME sent to investigate reports that no machines are running in and around the locality.
  • DOR is similarly affected by a lack of machines. Continued efforts are underway.
  • Local users informed us about a blockage of Chaklu-Marming-Chandraku –Deudhunga road (23DR029). SAME will assess the road condition ASAP.

Status of Roads in Cluster No. 2:

  • DTO chief requested RAP to clear the Dhande-Baramchi-Pantang-Dallepokhari-Tapgaun-Pangarpu (Gumba) road. We talked with the contractor preliminarily about the work and per hour rate and they agreed to start work the day after tomorrow.
  • Local has requested clearance of Toribarichaur-Selang School-Manedanda road (23DR017) blockage. SAME to assess the road situation.

Status of Roads in Cluster No. 3:

  • Machine arrangements for clearing blockage of Kiul Bagar Nigale Sermathan road (23DR002 up to 12.0 km) is underway. SAME Ramsing Bohara is trying to hire another machine.
  • Political leaders from cluster 3 are following up/requesting the opening of blocked roads in constituency # 3. SAME is making a field visit to assess the chances of hiring a machine in good condition.
  •  On the DDC’s request, SAMEs are trying to collect road condition status of all 3 clusters.

Payment for RMGs for the month of Chaitra 71 has started today for all three clusters

  • Payment made to the RMGs of 4 roads out of 5 roads in cluster # 1. Four RMGs have already started work and remaining one will start soon.
  • Payment made to the RMGs of 5 roads out of 7 roads in cluster #2. One RMG has already started work. Others will start soon.
  • Payment made to the RMGs of 4 roads out of 6 roads in cluster # 3. Two RMGs already have started maintenance work and remaining will start soon.
  • Payment for remaining RMGs is continuing.
  • Updating of status of existing RMG members is continuing and they have reported they are ready to start the works after they have completed the construction of temporary shed for their shelter.