RMGs Mobilisation in Sindhupalchowk

By RAP 3 on February 22, 2019


With the initiation of Infrastructure Development Office (IDO), Sindhupalchowk and RAP3 TMO ‘helpdesk’ support, RAP RMGs were remobilized in DRCNs of Sindhupalchowk from February 2019. The routine and recurrent maintenance work of the district roads was halted from mid July 2018 due to logistics of the budget authority which was finally assigned to IDO under Provincial Government. IDO, Sindhupalchowk appointed Mr. Ram Singh Bohora (Ex-RAP3 SAME) to look after RMGs which eased the remobilization of RMGs. Further, AE Janak Kharel from RAP TMO ‘helpdesk’ visited the district to support orientation to IDO about RMGs implementation and finalization of estimate, contract documents, etc. All RMGs are now remobilized in their respective road section.

Setting Milestones in Road Maintenance

By RAP 3 on April 11, 2018


Lisankhupakahar Municipal office is located 7 km from the DRCN in Sindhupalchowk district. The village road leading to the municipal office is so deteriorated that even a four wheeler vehicle fails to make its way. Interestingly the nearby DRCN road is maintained by RAP3 and fully functioning all year round. As a result and in consultation with RAP3 the municipality decided to launch routine/recurrent maintenance intervention using its own funds. The municipality is currently maintaining 7 km length. This is an important milestone and an exemplary setup for the municipality. They are now in the process adopting the RMG framework of DoLIDAR. RAP3 has planned to support them with personal protective equipment like safety helmets, reflective jackets, gum boots and etc. within the coming month. Photo shows recent RMG management training in the DCC.

Orientation/Training on ‘RMGs Management Handover to Local Levels’

By RAP 3 on April 10, 2018


DTA Sindhupalchowk had successfully completed the two day training/orientation on ‘RMGs Management Handover to Local Levels’ to the nominated focal persons and other technicians from the Rural Municipalities within the district on 29-30 March, 2018. The participants were from the eleven R/Municipalities and the district technical office. The first day covered theoretical sessions followed by practical sessions on the next day. The programme was chaired by DTO Chief Madhav Jung Karki and Damodar Khanal, GE offered a welcome speech with an overview and objectives of the training programme. DTO chief presented the modules on GoN/DoLIDAR perspective on routine maintenance. The training modules were presented by Pratik Paudel and Damodar Khanal, with facilitation in group exercise by Ram Singh Bohara and Birlal Niraula, SAMEs. The second day of training programme was done in Melchaur-Bhaise DR. DTO chief thanked RAP3 for organizing this event with the objective to continue RMG management at local levels following the complete handover planned for July 2018.

RMG supervision handover process

By RAP 3 on March 9, 2018


Sindhupalchowk DTA has initiated the handover process of RMG work supervision to the local level. During the recent RMG supervision works, DTA technicians were accompanied by the focal persons from the respective R/Municipalities. The DTA team will enhance further the involvement of focal persons and counter-parting in RMG supervision all through this FY and complete handover of RMG supervision works to local levels by June 2018.

Second round Engagement Strategy Workshop

By RAP 3 on December 29, 2017


Sindhupalchowk DTA successfully completed the second round Engagement Workshop on 28th December, 2017. The programme was chaired by the District Co-ordination Officer and Vice-Chairperson of DCC was the chief guest of the programme. Mayors/vice-mayors, Chairpersons/Vice-Chairpersons and Chief Administrative Officers from 12 R/Municipalities participated in the programme. The programme was facilitated by Pratik Paudel, RAP 3 Graduate Engineer. The workshop programme was begun with the warm welcome speech by Madhav Jung Karki, Chief District Engineer requesting for active participation to all the participants. Main objective of the workshop was to discuss about first workshop’s findings and support strategy of RAP 3 for newly formed federal system. Mitra Shrestha, facilitator from RAP3/TMO, presented the issues of first level engagement workshop and the support RAP3 can provide to the local bodies during the remaining project period and responded to the queries raised by the participants. Later on, the priority issues of the local levels were discussed in groups and presented in the forum, which could be incorporated in scoping of RAP 4.  The programme was formally closed with the closing speech by District Co-ordination Officer.

Study team from Laos


A team of consisting of eight prominent members from the Laos Poverty Reduction Fund and Ministry of Public Works and Transport visited Sindhuplachowk on 7th- 8th November 2017. The chief district engineer of DTO welcomed the team and made a presentation on RMG maintenance interventions in the district. The team was mainly focused on the implementation of RMG for routine and recurrent maintenance activities and showed interest in learning about the implementation modality adopted by RAP3 and other projects such as SNRTP. The government of Laos is particularly interested in developing the concept of community contracting not only for roads but other types of social infrastructure. The study team visited two roads Naubise-Chautara-Melamchi (23DR013) and Melchaur(F31) - Bhaise(H03) (23DR040) and talked with the RMG working there.   

Completed external audit


The external financial audit team consisting of Sakar Koirala and Sushil Parajuli visited Sindhupalchowk from 5th-7th November 2017 to conduct this year’s audit. The team was accompanied by Rakesh Khadka (Contract and Finance Officer) from TMO. The team audited the financial activities from February 2016 to July 2017 of the RMG funds from DFID and GoN, including the expenditure of ASP, CPD and DTA accounts, staff attendance and vehicle logbook. After completion of the audit, a review meeting was conducted on 7th November, where the auditors shared their findings and suggestions with the DTA team. DTA was thanked by the audit team for the good co-operation that made completion of the audit programme possible.

Road Maintenance Group (RMG) payment through RAP 3


RAP 3 Sindhupalchowk made the payment to road maintenance groups for the month of Shrawan and Bhadra 2074, since October 2016, the financial responsibility was taken up by GoN, assuring their fund for routine and recurrent maintenance work through RMG. Aftermath of the recent local level elections and restructuring has delayed the delegation of authority towards the financial management of GoN budget. So, RAP3 has extended its delivery from TA to GoN engaged RMGs’ wage payment of two months, considering the upcoming the major festivals and assuring they are paid ahead of Dashain.

Annual Review and Engagement Workshop


RAP 3 Sindhupalchowk successfully completed the annual review programme and engagement workshop on 18th September 2017. The programme was organized to inform newly elected representatives about the RAP3 background, objectives, implementation modality and progress of FY073/74 and how RAP might work with new (rural) municipalities in future. DCC chairperson, vice chairperson, CDO, elected chiefs, deputy chiefs and executive officers from new elected local levels of the district were attended as guests. Harihar Bhandari, LRNMC gave presentation about RAP 3 objectives and overall programme progress, after welcome note presented by Madhav Jung Karki, CDE/DTO. Pratik Paudel, GE presented the district project progress and activities and achievements of ASP/CPD programme. Gopi Chandra Upreti, M&E Specialist gave presentation on rural/municipality engagement strategy, and participants were facilitated for the brainstorming session for finding the difficulties in six thematic areas and suggesting the possible measure to address those issues. Participants worked in three groups and listed out their concerned issued which were presented on the same floor. With the delivery of closing speech by  Gopal Tamang, DCC chairperson, the programme came to an end.

Continual Improvement Matrix (CIM) Assessment


RAP 3 Sindhupalchowk completed the CIM assessment of DCC/DTO for this year on 17th of September 2017 to evaluate Planning, Implementation, Financial and Institutional competency of DCC/DTO against SWAp compliance. The programme was chaired by LDO, and facilitated by RAP 3 LRNMC, TMO and GE. Total 12 participants were present in the programme including Chief District Engineer, DTO engineers, DCC section officer, DCC Account Officer and DTA staff. After the positive debate and self-evaluation the scores were awarded to the different sub sections with consent of all the participants. The average score of this year is 6.95 which ascended the previous year score by 0.52. The district has achieved the SWAp compliance score on Asset Management Implementation and MCPM.