KUSOM students arrive in Dailekh and Achham to complete rural enterprise service

By RAP 3 on September 25, 2018


Eight MBA students from Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) have travelled to the Mid and Far West of Nepal to complete their three week Rural Enterprise Service (RES) placecments, facilitated by RAP3 CONNECT. The students will work with eight businesses in two districts, Dailekh and Achham, providing business consultancy services tailored to each business' needs.  

KUSOM MBA students are required to complete a three week RES placement as part of their MBA course.  This is the third batch of students to complete their RES placements with CONNECT.  To date, 25 businesses have received support from 22 students.  CONNECT identifies businesses and, in collaboration with KUSOM, matches the students to each business based on needs and students' areas of specialism or interest.

RMG supervision by Mangalsen municipality

By RAP 3 on September 19, 2018


In line with the gradual handover of Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) to local levels, Mangalsen municipality at Achham is being fully involved in the supervision of RMGs. 6 RMGs consisting of 52 members are working on 63 km roads within this municipality. RAP3 provided RMG management and handover training to Technical focal persons (TFPs) of local levels of Achham in May 2018. After receiving the training, TFP of Mangalsen municipality are regularly monitoring RMG’s works and providing monthly work plans and coordinating with RMGs. Mangalsen municipality has also decided to make RMG payments of 2 months prior to the festival using the internal funds of the municipality. Further, DTA is providing guidance on bill preparation and other contract management procedures. The picture shows TFP of Mangalsen municipality verifying attendance and other documents with the chairperson of Mangalakali RMG prior to preparation of RMG bills. This RMG works at 12.34 km road section of 69DR0017.

GPS handed over to local levels of Achham

By RAP 3 on September 5, 2018


To enhance the capacity of local levels, RAP3 organized 6 days GIS/GPS training to technical persons of local levels from Achham, Bajura and Doti at Punna, Doti in June 2018. Engineers and technicians from 9 R/Municipalities from Achham participated in the training. Now, to further enhance their capacity, DTA Achham has handed over one brand new Garmin Oregon 750 GPS to all R/Municipalities. This GPS device has in-built camera with touch screen facility. This device is expected to help planners and engineers of local levels not only in the field of the road sector but also in other sectors such as water supply and irrigation. Mayor/Chairperson of local levels thanked RAP3 very much for providing such an essential tool. The given picture shows a snapshot of handover of GPS by RAP3 AE to vice chairperson of Chaurpati RM (on far right) with RM’s Engineer (on far left) and Chief Administrative Officer (second from the left) .  

RCS/ARAMP training to local levels

By RAP 3 on August 29, 2018


DTA Achham conducted Rapid Condition Survey/Annual Road Asset Management Plan training on 24th August 2018. Engineers and technical focal person from each R/Municipalities including representatives from DCC/DTO were invited to the training. A total of 29 participants, including 18 from M/RMs, were present at the training. DC, RTL and AE delivered six different modules related to RCS/ARAMP preparation and its importance. After receiving the training, engineers and technicians from M/RMs are expected to know how to conduct road condition surveys following the monsoon and how to prepare of ARAMP of respective M/RMs. DCC vice chairperson Mr. Top Bahadur Rawal thanked RAP 3 for providing such beneficial training which will certainly help in planning annual asset of each M/RMs in their road sector.

RMG works continued by local levels in Achham

By RAP 3 on August 22, 2018


Road Maintenance Groups (RMG) which were funded by GoN last FY are now being implemented by respective R/Municipalities. 37 RMGs are working on 22 district roads in Achham in all 10 M/RMs. Despite delays in budgetary provision through the province, 34 out of 37 RMGs are working under the direct supervision of R/Municipalities till 21 August 2018. 3 RMGs which lie in Bannigadhi-Jaygadh Rural Municipality have been reformed including formation of 1 RMG at 69DR014 road where work will start soon. Chaurpati RM has also formed one RMG on the road which links to RM office on 69DR003 and continued other RMGs within the RM. All other M/RMs are continuing their work in this FY. The picture shows RMGs of Ramaroshan RM working under supervision of chairperson and TFP of the RM. RAP3 is now in a position to back support local levels to implement RMGs till December 2018.

RMG public audit and refresher training at Achham

By RAP 3 on June 18, 2018


DTA Achham has successfully completed cluster level RMG Public Audit and refresher training at three different clusters. Audits at Sanfebagar, Mangalsen and Kamalbazar clusters were conducted on 14th, 15th and 17th June 2018 respectively. Representatives from DCC/DTO and Technical Focal Person from respective R/RMs were present at the programme. The first part of the programme was refresher training about group formation, monthly work plan were delivered. RMGs were also informed about the ongoing handover of RMGs to local levels. The next session of the programme was a public audit session where wages received by RMGs in FY 074-75 were audited. The Chairperson of each RMGs presented the amount of received wages while the rest of the members were asked if they had any grievances. No major grievances were identified and the audit finished a vote of thanks by the participants and closing speech by the chairperson.

RMG management Handover Training to local levels

By RAP 3 on May 18, 2018


DTA Achham successfully conducted RMGs management handover training to Technical focal person (TFP) of Municipalities/Rural municipalities on 15th and 16th May 2018. The first day of training was the theoretical session where nine modules such as RMG formation and contracting system, RMG Guideline and detail operation and RMG perspective from GoN were covered. The modules were delivered by DTO, DC, RTL, GE and Jr. IoW. Next day of the training was the practical session where TFPs inspected the work of previous month’s work plan of nearby RMG (69DR011) and provided the work plan for next month. At the end of the training, TFPs presented on their understandings of RMG formation, inspection and payment process. TFPs are expected to conduct supervision of RMGs works and certify their bills which is considered to be a vital step towards handover of RMGs to local levels.

Final Payment to Kalikadevi SMG in Achham

By RAP 3 on April 11, 2018


After successful completion of 99% of total construction works, RAP3 DTA Achham has made final payment to Kalikadevi SMG at 69DR011 (Mangalsen -Chitre -Payal-Siudi). Total agreement amount with this group was NRs. 576,592 out of which NRs. 505,695 was allocated for construction cost. This group started their work at the end of December 2017 and completed ahead of the expected completion date. The specific maintenance work included construction of gabion retaining walls, dry stone soling and dry stone wall. Final payment of wages was distributed among all group member in presence of DTA representatives. All SMG members, women in particular, were very glad to receive equal wage payment based on wage rate higher than the district wage rate. Of total 13 members, 5 members were females in this SMG.

First Interim Payment to SMG

By RAP 3 on February 23, 2018


DTA Achham has released Interim Payment (IPC-1) to all five Specific Maintenance Groups (SMG) on 18th February 2018. As per the agreement, 80% of construction work completed was included in this payment. The payment was distributed in presence of site-in-charge among all group members. Total payment of NRs. 1,084,765 was released to all SMG groups. On average, 31% of total work in all SMGs has been completed with highest progress of 46% in Devkanya ‘B’ SMG of 69DR003 road.

Skilled women workforce in Achham

By RAP 3 on February 9, 2018


‘Laganshil’ group - a Specific Maintenance Group (SMG) working at 69DR018 – consists of 16 members, out of which 12 members (75%) are females. With the experience gained while working in SMG, most of the female members in this group have gained skills in construction of road infrastructure such as gabion and dry stone retaining wall. This group was formed last year in the first year of SMG piloting. ‘Surja Rawol’ (Chairperson of this SMG) says that initially locals were not convinced they could perform work as skilled manpower. She added her group was highly motivated to complete contracted specific maintenance works last year just to prove that women can also become part of a skilled workforce. Ultimately, they have boosted up their confidence as continued their work in SMG this year.