CONNECT and SKKGS co-invest in short term storage

By RAP 3 on December 8, 2017


CONNECT and SKKGS are co-investing in storage; SKKGS has purchased [xxx insert size of land e.g. ha] of land and CONNECT is providing the prefab storage unit.  Establishing access to storage will enable SKKGS to hold produce and sell in larger quantities thus improving their bargaining power, putting them well on their way to enduring sustainability.

Rapid Condition Survey orientation


Prior to RCS survey on all DRCN road corridors, DTA Achham conducted brief orientation training to survey teams including sub-engineers and assistant sub-engineers from DCC/DTO and RAP3 on 15th November 2017. Presentation on module 1D related to RCS survey was delivered by GE Chetan Neupane. He also explained the types and criteria of maintenance measures to be recorded and explained about survey formats used for RCS survey in detail. Following the orientation, the team moved to RCS survey of 9 DRCN roads which is expected to be completed in three days

Rapid Condition Survey


RAP 3 DTA Achham completed RCS survey on three DRCN road corridors (69DR003, 69DR011, 69DR018 from 30th October to 2nd Novemebr 2017. The team was led by Graduate Engineer. RCS of 69DR018 was also observed by RTL where he provided valuable suggestions while selecting maintenance measures identifying the cause of defects at road sections. Major maintenance measures identified under specific maintenance were dry stone pitching, gabion retaining, toe and breast wall and dry stone wall. The surveyed road is expected to have Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) mobilise under RAP 3 direct funding later this year.

New Graduate Engineer


Graduate Engineer Chetan Neupane has joined RAP 3 DTA Achham on 27th October 2017. In line with annual graduate’s rotation, Neupane has been transferred to Achham from Jhapa. Achham team welcomed and wished him for his successful tenure at Achham. DTA staff meeting regarding district status was also conducted following the welcome programme. Achham district is led by Graduate Engineer with support from Regional Team Leader.

Gabion wire test


RAP 3 DTA Achham performed the quality control test on machine made Gabion box wire of second consignment for SMGs work.  Sampling and testing were performed to examine if the quality of gabion box wire which are as per the contractual standard technical specification. DTA conducted uniformity mass of zinc coating test and actual diameter check on all sizes of gabion box wire and observed the satisfactory result on mass of zinc coating test. The tests were conducted in accompany with RAP 3 SLT at DCC laboratory.

Hamri Didis continue trading during the monsoon thanks to credit from Unilever

By ruth on October 27, 2017


Earlier this year 69 Hamri Didis received monsoon credit of NPR 945,000 from Unilever Nepal Limited. The short term credit enabled the Hamri Didis to stock-up and continue trading during the monsoon without being affected by access related disruptions in supply. 

This is the first time UNL has offered monsoon credit to Hamri Didis in the Mid & Far West and we’re delighted to confirm that all 69 women have successfully repaid their loans within the agreed credit period.

District Annual Review & Engagement Strategy Workshop


Held on 11th Sep 2017 in Achham, one objective of the workshop was to inform newly elected Municipality/Rural-Municipality representatives about RAP3 and seek to understand development related issues and potential collaboration with RAP in the current context of new federal system. DCC chairperson Mr. Nar Bahadur Kunwar chaired the workshop and CDO Mr. Kishor Kumar Chaudhari was chief guest. DCC Social Development Officer Mr. Khadga Bahadur Bista facilitated the programme. Municipality Mayors/Vice-Mayors, Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson of rural municipalities, executive officers, officials of DCC, other stakeholders, beneficiaries and journalists were present in the programme. Altogether 61 participants attended the programme

GIS training


As a part of Annual Support Plan (ASP) to DCC, RAP3 DTA Achham successfully conducted 5 days training on Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) to DCC/DTO & RAP DTA staff form 13th – 17th August 2017. Training was delivered by GIS expert from Naxa Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu.  Altogether 14 participants were trained, 9 from DCC and 5 from RAP3 DTA. The program was inaugurated by Chairperson of DCC and LDO in the meeting hall of DCC. Certificate of completion was provided to all participants at the end of program.

Annual review of fiscal Year 2073/74


District Coordination Committee (DCC) Achham conducted an annual review of the activities and progress achievements of fiscal year 2073/74 on 11th  August 2017. The program was chaired by chief of District Coordination Committee Nar Bahadur Kunwar. Vice president of DCC, Chief District Officer, Local Development Officer, Mayor of Mangalsen Municipality, members of District Coordination Committee, district level political leaders, officials of government and non- government office, representatives of FNCCI, journalist and other stakeholders were present in the program.  The program was concluded with valuable feedbacks and suggestions for proper execution of the developments activities in the context of restructured local bodies in coming year.

RMGs refresher training


RAP 3 DTA Achham conducted one day RMGs refresher training on 29th - 30th July 2017 & 01st -  02nd August  2017 at four different locations. RMGs were refreshed about the objectives of RAP 3, various processes and activities of road maintenance, performance standards of various road elements, various technical and non-technical points to be noted during road maintenance, seasonal road maintenance requirements, payment procedure etc. and made clear their confusions. RMGs were further informed about possible RMGs implementation modality in line with new government structures. Altogether 83 RMGs members were trained among 255 members with 1-3 participants from each group. Training was delivered by GE & IoW. Respective municipality’s representatives were also present during training.