Final Payment to Kalikadevi SMG in Achham

By RAP 3 on April 11, 2018


After successful completion of 99% of total construction works, RAP3 DTA Achham has made final payment to Kalikadevi SMG at 69DR011 (Mangalsen -Chitre -Payal-Siudi). Total agreement amount with this group was NRs. 576,592 out of which NRs. 505,695 was allocated for construction cost. This group started their work at the end of December 2017 and completed ahead of the expected completion date. The specific maintenance work included construction of gabion retaining walls, dry stone soling and dry stone wall. Final payment of wages was distributed among all group member in presence of DTA representatives. All SMG members, women in particular, were very glad to receive equal wage payment based on wage rate higher than the district wage rate. Of total 13 members, 5 members were females in this SMG.

CONNECT and SKKGS invest in storage unit for fresh vegetables

By ruth on March 29, 2018


RAP3 CONNECT has co-invested in storage unit with our partner, Shree Kunwar Kirana General Store (SKKGS).

Located between three big markets, Silgadhi-Dipayal, Mangalsen and Martadi, SKKGS has a unique strategic, competitive advantage to channel products, particularly in the off-season, but with limited access to storage has been unable to purchase fresh vegetables during season and hold until prices rise prior to selling to feeder markets.  With higher storage capacity SKKGS can bulk purchase, aggregate and offer single produce supplies at competitive prices, as minimum viable quantities for large buyers is 8 MT i.e. one truck load. 

First Interim Payment to SMG

By RAP 3 on February 23, 2018


DTA Achham has released Interim Payment (IPC-1) to all five Specific Maintenance Groups (SMG) on 18th February 2018. As per the agreement, 80% of construction work completed was included in this payment. The payment was distributed in presence of site-in-charge among all group members. Total payment of NRs. 1,084,765 was released to all SMG groups. On average, 31% of total work in all SMGs has been completed with highest progress of 46% in Devkanya ‘B’ SMG of 69DR003 road.

Skilled women workforce in Achham

By RAP 3 on February 9, 2018


‘Laganshil’ group - a Specific Maintenance Group (SMG) working at 69DR018 – consists of 16 members, out of which 12 members (75%) are females. With the experience gained while working in SMG, most of the female members in this group have gained skills in construction of road infrastructure such as gabion and dry stone retaining wall. This group was formed last year in the first year of SMG piloting. ‘Surja Rawol’ (Chairperson of this SMG) says that initially locals were not convinced they could perform work as skilled manpower. She added her group was highly motivated to complete contracted specific maintenance works last year just to prove that women can also become part of a skilled workforce. Ultimately, they have boosted up their confidence as continued their work in SMG this year.

SMGs in Achham

By RAP 3 on January 26, 2018


Specific Maintenance Group (SMG) – piloting in its second year - is being implemented in Achham district in three DRCNs (69DR003, 69DR0011, 69DR018). All together 5 SMGs with 78 members (49% females) are working on these roads. Among these SMGs, Devkanya’B’ is being implemented at 69DR003  ( Kirthikham – Lungra – Chaurpati ) on an 8km road section (6+000 to 14+000). This newly formed group has completed over 20% of the estimated works within 20 days of its mobilisation. Remaining groups have also made similar progress in other roads. The picture shows gabion retaining wall constructed by Devkanya ‘B’ group at chainage 8+050.  DTA has planned to make advance payment (80% of completed works valuation) as per contract provision by the middle of next month. 

Quality control test at SMGs stone quarry site

By RAP 3 on January 11, 2018


DTA Achham conducted quality control lab tests as well as verifying the stone quarry site for each of the five SMGs group on DRCN003, DRCN011 and DRCN018. A total of nine stone quarry sites were verified. DTA district lab conducted Specific Gravity and Water Absorption Tests at the each quarry and stone samples were taken to verify that these meet the specifications required. We are pleased to report that all nine quarries were found to meet the required specifications.

SMG orientation and refresher training

By RAP 3 on December 29, 2017


DTA Achham conducted Orientation and refresher training to three Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs). Orientation training for newly formed Devkanya(B) SMG was organised on 25th December 2017 and training to existing Kalika Devi and Devkanya SMGs was organised on 26th December 2017.  DTA team described on scope and procedures of SMG works focusing on workers and work site and how possible accidents can be reduced with the use of safety gears provided to them.  Procedures of construction of gabion wall, dry wall and stone soling was explained with the help of work method statement. Additionally, SMG groups were also informed about the payment procedure, Health and Insurance provision of RAP 3 provided to them.

Completion of second phase workshop

By RAP 3 on December 23, 2017


DTA Achham along with program facilitators RTL Krishna Sharan Dhungana and DC Mahendra Shrestha have successfully completed the Second Phase Workshop on December 21, 2017 at DCC hall Mangalsen. 37 participants from Municipalities, Rural Municipalities, DCC/DTO representatives and District Engineers were present at the workshop. DCC chief Narbahadur Kunwar was the chairperson of the program. Krishna Sharan Dhungana discussed about the objectives of the second phase workshop along with recap of the first phase workshop and Mahendra Shrestha presented on Support Strategy for Federalization. The program ended with the vote of thanks from DCC chief and feedback from the Chairperson of the Sanfe Municipality and Vice Chairperson of the Vinayek Municipality.

SMG formation in Achham

By RAP 3 on December 14, 2017


Chourpari Rural Municipality formed a new Specific Maintenance Group (SMG) for 69DR003 on 17th November 2017. Out of five SMGs projects this year, two of them still need to be formed. The meeting led by Chairperson of Chourpari Rural Municipality Mr. Harka Bahadur Saud successfully formed a new SMG at Lungra (ch 6+000 to 14+000) in-line with SMG guideline. RAP 3 DTAs (Jr. IoW and SLT) explained the guideline including the type of work to be done. Another group will be formed on 69DR018 shortly by Mangalsen Municipality to allow SMG works to be started from December.


CONNECT and SKKGS co-invest in short term storage

By RAP 3 on December 8, 2017


CONNECT and SKKGS are co-investing in storage; SKKGS has purchased [xxx insert size of land e.g. ha] of land and CONNECT is providing the prefab storage unit.  Establishing access to storage will enable SKKGS to hold produce and sell in larger quantities thus improving their bargaining power, putting them well on their way to enduring sustainability.