ARAMP Report 2073/74


Achham District is located in Seti Zone of the Far-western Development Region of Nepal. It borders with Kalikot and Dailekh district to the East, Doti district to the West, Bajura and Bajhang district to the North and Surkhet of Veri Zone to the South. The district has, 3 municipalities and 56 VDCs, 13 Ilkas and 2 constituency areas. The total area of the district is 1,692 km2. Most of the areas of the district lie on mid hill area and few areas lie on high hill region. The lowest elevation point is 540 meter and the highest elevation point is 3,820 meter from mean sea level. The elevation of district headquarter/Mangalsen is 1362. Subsistence agriculture, mainly small scale livestock, is the main source of occupation and livelihood of the majority of the population, with 61% of the population active in this sector. Due to low level of agricultural production, the majority of the households face acute food shortages for a large part of the year. The district inventory identified a road network of 653.11 km in length, including 154 km of strategic roads, 365.13 km of district road core network and 133.98 km of village roads. The existing DRCN roads link up 3 Municipalities and 48 of the 56 VDC headquarters. 100% of the DRCNs are earthen fair-weather roads.