School level Road Safety Awareness Program in Bajura

By RAP 3 on April 11, 2018


Vehicles are now using two new roads constructed by RAP3 (Maure-Kailsahmandu and Maure-Tili-Chhatara district roads) following a test drive in January 2018.  In order to reduce the chance of accidents, DTA Bajura organized a 2 hour school level road safety program on 1st April, 2018 at Nar Singh Adharbhut School, Saldanda, Bajura. One hundred and eleven students of classes one to eight participated in the program. Shankar Pokharel, SDS, elaborated the importance of awareness programme and oriented the participants about the road safety. In the last session, students were asked what they learned from the programme and finally Ramesh Neupane, DTL, thanked the participants and teachers for assisting in the organization of the awareness programme.

Trevini Municipality sets rules for local Jeep and Tractor Owner

By RAP 3 on April 10, 2018


Vehicles are now using two new roads constructed by RAP3 (Maure-Kailsahmandu and Maure-Tili-Chhatara district roads) following a test drive in January 2018. A meeting between representatives of Trevini Municipality and jeep/tractor owners and RAP3 DTA, Bajura, was held on 4th April to discuss traffic management arrangements on these two roads. Decisions reached include:

  •  The need for jeep movement as opposed to tractors for carrying goods to protect the roads from tractor damage. However, the Municipality may allow the use of tractors upon written request for the transport of reinforcement bars for the construction of public infrastructure.
  • Jeeps need to stop at the warning signs kept by the RBGs at worksites and need to move slowly in sections where RBGs are working.
  • Construction material such as stone is the property of the project and should not be used for other purposes until the completion of project when it should be handed over to the municipality.
  • Once across the river jeeps are “captive” until water levels are low. However, jeep owners know that RMGs will continue to work during the monsoon taking care of regular maintenance and that the roads will therefore be pliable despite the rains.

Bajura DCCI to increase number of women on their Executive Committee

By RAP 3 on March 29, 2018


The Bajura District Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has committed to increasing the minimum number of reserved seats for women on their Executive Committee to 33%.

The DCCI tabled and agreed to pass RAP3 CONNECT’s policy reform “Female Representation on DCCI Executive Committees’ recommending a minimum reservation of 33% for women members at their Annual General Meeting.

Last year the DCCI’s in Dadeldhura, Dailekh and Doti passed the same reform.

RBG producer groups get Municipality support

By RAP 3 on February 16, 2018


Sixty four RBG formed producer groups are registered and listed with Tribeni Municipality, Bajura DCC. The Municipality Agriculture Section distributed vegetable seeds to these producer groups in February 2018 such as cucumber, and bitter gourd. RBG members have now divided the seeds among their members for planting and are benefiting from their links activities being supported by RAP3 and its new construction projects.

Successfully completion of Resilience Audit in Bajura

By RAP 3 on February 15, 2018


Resilience audit of two under-construction DRCN roads viz. Maure-Toli-Chhatara (16.6 km) and Maure-Kailashmandu (11.3 km) has been undertaken by Bill Seal, Chiranjivi Sharma, Bishnu Ram Bista and Geologist Prakash Das Ulak from 7 to 10 February, 2018 by walking from end point throughout the entire alignment. The road has been constructed adopting labour based environmentally friendly and participatory (LEP) approach. The road is earthen surface and is designed and constructed following Nepal Rural Road Standard 1998.The main objectives of the resilience audit are to examine the adequacy of the current new-built civil engineering structures particularly water management structures, bio-engineering techniques, and propose opportunities for missing structures, assess the maintenance approach and provide plan of action including intervention measures to improve climate resilience of the road infrastructure as far as possible.

Road safety audit in Bajura

By RAP 3 on February 7, 2018


RAP3 has been undertaking construction of two district roads viz. Maure-Toli-Chhatara (16 km) and Maure-Kailashmandu (11 km) in Bajura since Mar 2014. Construction has now been substantially completed on both roads. The entire lengths have now become vehicle passable. RAP conducts a road safety audit to examine various safety aspects of the road before it is opened to traffic. The purpose of the audit is to detect potential road safety hazards to all road users (including pedestrians, passengers and drivers), resulting from the defects in road environment such as poor geometric features, absence of and/or inadequate signage, dangerous obstacles. A TMO team consisting of Mitra Shrestha, Hom Nath Lamsal and Niran Sunwar performed safety audits for both roads from 20 to 21 Jan 2018 by driving a jeep throughout the entire alignment.  Various safety related aspects of the roads were observed and possible areas of safety hazards were identified, primarily based on the safety checklists developed by DoR. During the road visit, the whole alignment of both roads were videotaped using GoPro camera fixed onto the vehicle’s windshield  to extract further information about the roads later in office. The team shall produce a report with recommendations for remedying the defects identified during the audit.

Reduction of transportation cost in Triveni Municipality

By RAP 3 on February 5, 2018


Traditionally, mules and porters were to carry goods in Triveni Municipality, Bajura. The situation has changed after vehicles started to move on the newly constructed RAP3 roads in particular the cost of transportation.

Following observations are noted in term of transportation cost:

In Maure-Kailashmandu District Road (11.3 km)

Transportation cost up to Kailashmandu Danda by Mule: Rs 7 per kg

Transportation cost Kailashmandu Danda by Jeep:  Rs 2 per Kg

Cost Reduction: Rs 5 per kg or 70%

In Maure-Toli-Chhata District Road (16.6 km)

Transportation cost up to Simla by Mule: 8 Rs/Kg
Transportation cost up to Simla by Jeep: 3 Rs/Kg

Cost reduction: Rs 5 per kg or 62%

Laptops handed over to government schools in Bajura

By RAP 3 on February 1, 2018



Rather than dispose of its old laptops, RAP 3 DTA Bajura handed over three laptops to three government schools on 31st January 2018. Once the schools have finished using them, the intention is to recycle the laptops here in KTM through Doko Recyclers, which became operational in 2017 and is the first recycling business in Nepal. The following schools have received the laptops:

  1. Janashakti Primary School, Toli-6, Piplasen
  2. Narasingh Adharbhut School, Triveni Municipality-6, Kalapani
  3. Janta Adharbhut School, Triveni Municipality-2, Simla

The representatives of the schools were invited to DTA Office, Maure and an orientation was given to each representative on the proper use of laptop.

Organized cooperative management training

By RAP 3 on January 31, 2018


Most of the RBG members working on two DRCN roads in Bajura are affiliated with thirteen existing cooperatives and a new cooperative. Two days of cooperative management training was organized for forty-two functionaries (chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary) on 31 December 2017 to 1 January 2018 and 9 -10 January 2018 at MK and MTC road corridors. Participants learned about cooperative concepts, importance and value, acts, rules and by laws, operational procedures, registration, renewal and affiliation, SWOT analysis, action plan preparation, implementation, monitoring, coordination and review

Organized account/saving & credit training to RBG formed producer group

By RAP 3 on January 30, 2018


Seventy two mobilized RBGs formed 64 producer groups and registered with DADO, DLSO and Tribeni Municipality in Bajura. Two days account/saving and credit training was organized to producer group’s main functionaries (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) at five LRUC level from 28 December 2017 to 8 January 2018. One Hundred ninety participants learned about group management, saving mobilization, DADO/DLSO/municipality support, account management, posting on ledger, loan system, interest calculation, profit and loss analysis, public auditing and reporting.