Field Visit to RMGs mobilised in Bajura

By RAP 3 on May 6, 2019


On 4th and 5th April, 2019, GE visited DRCNs of Bajura to supervise ongoing work of RMGs and to solve any issues and problems arising within the groups. It was observed that one of the members of Barhabise-Dhanalta-Delta-Lamagaun Road (67DR002), Kuldevmandu RMGs of Budhinanda Municipality had traveled about 2 hours to work. This member was swapped with another one recommended from Budhinanda Municipality and arrangements made that workers travel times have been reduced. The group complained that it has not been provided with PPEs and other tools. GE recommended members of groups to use closed shoes while working in the site. This matter was discussed with IDO chief and he initiated the process for procurement of tools and safety gears. Further, a meeting was held with the chiefs of Ward Office 3 & 7 of Budhinanda Municipality, Bajura for the formation of new RMGs. GE explained the procedure for selection of RMGs members and it was agreed to send newly selected members to sign their contracts. The quality of works by RMGs on the road corridors visited was observed to be good and positive feedback was received from local people.

Completion of As-built Drawings of Kalikot

By RAP 3 on April 10, 2019


The construction of new roads,  Sanighat-Phukot-Syuna-Shipkhana district road (SSDR) and Jarkot-Ramnakot district road (JRDR) have been completed and handed over to local government. The road has been constructed adopting labour based environmentally friendly and participatory (LEP) approach. The road is earthen surface and is designed and constructed following Nepal Rural Road Standard 1998 (1st revision in 2012).  RAP 3, Kalikot has completed the post construction survey and has produced a set of as-built drawing of both roads.  They reflect the actual construction of road, and show the exact dimensions, geometry, and location of all road elements that have been constructed.

Joint monitoring visit of SDDR Road in Humla

By RAP 3 on February 22, 2019


A joint monitoring field visit by RAP3 along the whole length of Salisalla Darma District Road DRCN was done on 20th February 2019. The visit was organized by DTA Humla and accompanied by Mr. Dhana Lal Chaulagain Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality, Chief Guest Laxmi Buda Aidi DCC member, Humla, ward chairpersons, engineer Mr. Kushal Chaulagain of the rural municipality, LRCC, LRUC, DTL Bishnu Prasad Kharel and OM Padam Bahadur Bayak from RAP3. The main purpose of visit was to confirm the condition of the road before handover. DTL Bishnu Prasad Kharel and OM Padam Bahadur Bayak accompanied the team. The team was very much impressed by RAP3 work and expressed their eagerness to take over the road.

Road constructed under UK govt programme handed over

By RAP 3 on February 21, 2019


Himalayan Times, February 19, 2019













BAJURA: The Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara road sections — constructed under the United Kingdom’s Rural Access Programme (RAP) in Triveni Municipality of Bajura district — were handed over to the local government at an event organised here on Monday.


Construction of the 29.68-kilometre road project that began from January 2014, under the management of IMC Worldwide Ltd appointed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), was completed at the cost of around Rs 605.6 million, informed RAP District Team Leader Ramesh Neupane.


After completion of the project, all wards of the municipality have access to the road, said Triveni Municipality mayor Ram S Rawal.


Former State Minister Janak Raj Giri, former member of the constituent assembly Maha Nepal, District Coordination Committee chairperson Narendra Rokaya, Triveni Municipality mayor Ram S Rawal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration representative Lilaraj Kafle, Simon Lucas from DFID and Michael Green from RAP among others, were present in the road handover programme yesterday.


The project had employed locals of the municipality for the construction, which supported them in earning a total of Rs 507 million in wages over the whole duration of the project.


Preference was given to the underprivileged and marginalised communities with 44 per cent of them being women during the road project, according to municipality Deputy Mayor Radhika Sunar.

Handover of Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara district roads, Bajura (Total 29.68 KM)

By RAP 3 on February 20, 2019


Maure-Kailashmandu and Maure-Toli-Chhatara district roads of Triveni Municipality, Bajura (Total 29.68 km) have been constructed by Rural Access Programme (RAP3), a joint programme between Government of Nepal and Government of UK and were formally handed over on 18th February 2019. Mr. Lila Raj Kafle representative from MoFAGA and Dr. Simon Lucas, IGR Team leader of DFID jointly handed over these roads to Mr. Ram Singh Rawal, Mayor of Triveni Municipality in the presence of Mr. Janak Raj Giri, former Minister, Mr. Maha Nepali former Member of Parliament, Mr. Narendra Rokaya, DCC chief, Er. Bed Raj Regmi representative from DoLI, Dr. Suman Baidya, Surya Rana, Utsav Shakya, Smita Shrestha Bajracharya from DFID Nepal, Michael Green, Hom Nath Lamsal from RAP3/TMO along with representatives of district level GoN office, NGO officials, Journalists, general public and stakeholders.

Following an inspection of the roads a formal handover and inauguration ceremony was conducted at Maure of Triveni Municipality, Bajura. The chief guest, special guest and DCC chief, Mayor of Budiganga municipality gave speeches and thanked the Nepal and UK Government for this great achievement and support. They all appreciated the working modality and transparency maintained by RAP3. Similarly Mr. Lila Raj Kafle from MoFAGA, Er. Bed Raj Regmi from DoLI, Dr. Simon Lucas from DFID, Mr. Michael Green from RAP3 TMO, Mr. Bhim Thapa from LRCC and Mr. Narendra Saud from LRUC had given speeches. All the speakers admired the quality of road constructed by RAP3 and urged locals to generate economic opportunities by optimum use of the road. The speakers also appreciated the Mayor for taking ownership of the road and believed that the Municipality will take care the road. Mr. Ramesh Neupane-DTL, Bajura presented the overview of the project and activities carried out in the district.

Bajura and Humla under snow grip

By RAP 3 on January 22, 2019


As reported in RATOPATI, January 22, 2019

Bajura has seen heavy snowfall for the third time since last week of December. Normal life has been affected and whitened human settlement and mountains in the area, including Rugin, Bichchhaya, Gaumul. Khaptad Chhededaha, Triveni and Budhinanda. The forest areas nearby the district headquarters have seen a pile-up of around half-foot snow. Life in high altitude areas has been badly affected. 

Travel to and from Simkot has been badly affected following the snowfall with people unable to go outside their homes and two-feet of snow reported outside the town with freezing temperatures recorded in many northern villages. 

Internal Audit on Store Physical Verification

By RAP 3 on January 21, 2019


RAP3 TMO Internal Auditor Mr. Tika Chandra Maden conducted store physical verification audit from 09-11 January 2019 in Bajura. The main objective of audit was to investigate the effectiveness of the RAP store management system adopted at the district level. The audit covere the following aspects of the store verification:

  • Record keeping systems adopted in the store
  • Cross verification of physical quantities of store items
  • Risk management relating to the store management system

The TMO audit examined the updated store inventory of construction tools and materials, individual RBGs/SBGs inventories and issued stock together with supporting documentation.

External Financial Audit of RAP 3 Bajura

By RAP 3 on December 28, 2018


The external financial audit of Bajura DTA conducted as per planned schedule on 12-14 December 2018 by Mr. Sagar Bahadur Acharya and Mr. Sushil Parajuli from TR Upadhaya and Co. accompanied by RAP 3 TMO Senior Accounts Manager Mr. Purushotam Sharma. Financial audit covered period from July 2017 to mid-December 2018. The audit team carried out programme expenditure verification audit (payment vouchers, bills, receipts, contracts, RBGs/SBGs bills/measurement sheet/attendance/payrolls) along with logbooks, asset/non-asset inventory and construction tools/materials inventory.

LRUCs Level Public Audit at MK, MTC and MKE of Bajura

By RAP 3 on December 28, 2018


RAP3 DTA Bajura successfully organized LRUCs level Public Audit on 20-21 December 2018 of Maure-Kailashmandu (MK) District Road, Maure-Kailashmandu Entry Section (MKE) and Maure-Toli-Chhatara (MTC) district road. The public audit carried out for payment period from April-November 2018 along with till date LRUCs payments status, saving status and safeguard status. The main objective of the public audit was to ensure LRUCs payment has been made as per RAP3 guidelines and transparency has been maintained among the RBGs/SBGs group members. The programme attended by 218 participants from MK road and 288 participants from MTC/MKE road along with political parties representatives, municipality representative, representative of government/non-government stakeholders and other beneficiaries. The chief guest and other spoke person appreciated and thanks to RAP 3 for successful implementation of the project.