LRN Review in Bajura


RAP is currently undergoing an LRN Review by DFID. The review is being conducted by British Consultants ITAD, who are responsible for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) component. The Terms of Reference are to analyse the current RAP3 LRN approach to deliver results and value for money; in terms of strategy, processes, technical design and implementation. The review is also tasked with providing advice on future approaches for implementing the RAP3 LRN component. Photo shows LRN Review meeting with local community members in Bajura

 The objectives of the LRN review are:

 Review Scope:

The review will cover RAP3 LRN component, and also connected aspects of RAP3 capacity building component. The review will seek answers to the specific questions in the table below:





Review objective

Review Scope

Review questions

Analyse the current RAP3 LRN approaches

Strategic coherence

How important are RAP3 LRN interventions in districts? Do RAP3’s interventions in constructing and maintaining rural roads form a coherent package?  Is RMG approach delivering quality and sustainable road maintenance?


How effective DTMP and ARAMP processes have been in last two years, in particular for a well prioritized network/participatory approach of road asset management?

Technical design

Are LRN activities adequately evidenced (surveyed)? Are the designs for LRN maintenance and new construction adequate in terms of local standards/ conditions? Are the LRN- activities adequately costed, do unit rates represent good value for money?


Are the technology choice/ implementation modalities optimal and pragmatic in terms of longer term management of the LRN networks? Are the specific maintenance works adequately packaged and scheduled for implementation? What are the quantitative impacts (in time/ cost for delivery etc.) of procurement and other risks and district capacities in delivering RAP3 LRN results?

Future approaches for implementing RAP3 LRN component


What are other additionalities that would bring improved performance of LRN activities, i.e. covering the opportunities of -

·         Complementary activities to LRN maintenance

·         Intra-district or regional approach

·         Changes in GoN policies and financing for LRN maintenance and construction

·         Innovations in measuring improvements in LRN network quality due to RAP3

New District Team Leader


As per the rotation of RAP3 staff in core districts new District team leader Er. Ramesh Neupane   arrived in Bajura and organised a meeting with staff. After the successful completion of two  years tenure  in Daduldhura he arrived to Bajura. Similarly  the district  Engineer Officer,   Er. Mohan  Ruwali  also arrived  to  Bajura  after  completion of  his 2 years  term  in  Kalikot.

Public Audit organised at LRUC level Toli Chhatara road


In order to maintain the transparency in the programme the public audits are organised by Dhawalpuri Local road user comitte.  All the Incomes and expenditure made by LRUC, all other activities carried out by the RBG and progress and issues of the programme are shared  in the meeting. In addition of these all other activities carried out  by the SED programme  and their impact as well as  shortcoming  are  also shared by the implementer and beneficiary   and find out further  way  out for the betterment in future.  All the relevant issue raised and feed backs received are recorded and reported   that to incorporated in future plan. Participants of the events are local stakeholders, RBG members, social dignitaries, political parties, VDC officials, DDC representatives.

Bio-engineering Works in Roadside in Completed Section


During the monsoon the Bio –engineering works takes place in the side of completed section of road in new road construction district.  In Bajura after the second years works in phase wise construction approach, some of RBG were engaged in the bio-engineering works. The CTEVT intern who has gained theoretical knowledge   in the LRN training organised by RAP and gained hands on experience at field works now confidently giving instruction to RBG members for the bio- works. This technology   became   a new know how to the Road building groups to  protect  the environment while  constructing the  roads   in  hills. Local  people  have appreciated  the  phaseiwse approach as well as  the protecting the environment.

Annual Progress Review


With the assistance of RAP3 DTA, DDC Bajura organized Annual Progress Review and Social Audit of the RAP3 Bajura on 22 July 2015 in DDC hall. The meeting was participated by 86 persons from different key stakeholders  including representatives of political parties, journalists, LDO, DTO, CDO, FNCCI, CAN, NGO Federation District Chapters, members form Local Road User Committee, members of Local Road Coordination Committees, VDC secretaries,  secretaries of producers networks at road corridors, local business service providers(BSPs), RAP3’s INGO partners, RAP3 TMO and district team. LDO Yub Raj Poudel chaired the meeting and welcome speech was given by DTO engineer Devi Prasad Pandey. DTL and other team members made presentations. Queries were clarified by of RAP district team and Shankar Pokharel from TMO. The programme was wrapped up with the closing remark by LDO Yub Raj Poudel.

RAP3 PM and DPM visit


RAP3 PM Michael Green and DPM Dilli Praksah Sitaula visited Bajura on 25th  and 26th of April. The purpose of the visit was to  assess the progress of SED and LRN programmers,  A meeting  with LDO and acting DTO was organized  at Martadi to discuss the progress and issues. The plan to visit the RBG works and their community could not be materialized as it became urgent to PM and DPM to be back to KTM due to destructive earthquake of 25th April.