DFID Annual Review team visit Dailekh


Nina Schuler, Gareth Weir, Raj Kumar Rai and June Shrestha from DFID Nepal, Vishal Gadhavi from MEL and Christopher Tomlinson from KEP visited the RAP3 office in Dailekh on 5th June 2017. DTL Rajendra Kumar Shrestha held a joint meeting with the DCC, DTO, DFID, MEL, KEP and RAP3. On 6th June, the team visited the Mathillo-Dungeshwor-Dadaparajul District Road (60DR031) to observe maintenance activities implemented by RMGs and SMGs assigned to that road. On the way to Kalikot, the team conducted a meeting with Hatemalo Cooperative (MSME#9) at contact office of Hatemalo Cooperative.

On 8th June 2017, the team visited Belpata diary (MSME#3) and interacted with Executive Committee of the Dairy, farmers, trade hub, DLSO, Prabhu Bank, Insurance Company and buyers of dairy supplies. Then after AR visit team left Dailekh for Nepalgunj completing field visit.

Payment (IPC-01) to SMGs


Interim payment has been made to all six SMGs on 30th May 2017.  SMG payment was done on the basis of attendance at 60% of district rate without exceeding the value of actual work completed as per SMG guideline. There was delay in the payment due to local election. SMGs were relieved after the payment was done. SMG-1, SMG-2, SMG-3 of Dailekh-Naumule Road (60DR010) were paid Rs.211,500 , Rs.126,000, & Rs.279,000 respectively. Similarly, SMG-1, SMG-2 of Mathillo Dungreswor-Dadaparajul Road (60DR031) were paid Rs.187,800 & Rs.211,500 respectively. SMG of Agodhuwaune-Goganpani Road (60DR033) was paid Rs.189,000. Including all these, total payment of Rs.1,204,800 was done to SMGs.

Auditor’s visit to Dailekh


Audit Team visited Dailekh from 22May to 26 May 2017 to interact with partners of RAP3 CONNECT. CONNECT Team Leader Subhasisni Chandran also accompanied the visit. On 23rd May TR Upadhyaya &Co. delivered training on Accounting and Book-keeping to the staff of MSME#3, MSME#4 & MSME#9. After training, partner wise office management and business accountability was checked and 360 audit was carried out. Team also visited offices of MSME#3, MSME#4 & MSME#9, newly established TH and interacted with YVs and HDs.

Job card issued to SMG


Job card has been distributed to all six groups of SMG in Dailekh. It contains information about SMG member, daily attendance sheet and other useful information for them. With the issue of job card, it has been easier for them to keep their daily records. This card provides details of the time taken by SMG to do the assigned work and can be used to track the progress of their work. SMG became very happy after receiving the job card. ” Now this card verifies that I am a SMG member”, said one of the members happily showing her card.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) training


On 22nd April  2017, one day HRIS Training for DTA Staff was held at RAP3 Office Dailekh by Finance and Admin Officer Sandip Khanal. The training commenced with general introduction to HRIS application system and its importance in record keeping. Later it moved on, practical session of requesting field work, leave, updating movement, updating month planner and generating time sheet on basis of those activities. He also explained in detail about method of viewing personal profile, leave records, roundtrips, RAP3 holidays (compulsory or optional) and other reverent information of HR manual. All staff updated their information during the practical session and gave necessary suggestions and feedback to him regarding HRIS application. All unclear issues of staff are addressed by him and the training session was considered as fruitful and advantageous for future reference.

SMG started working in Dailekh


After the successful orientation to SMG conducted by RAP 3 DTA team, six groups of SMG have been mobilized in three different DRCN roads in Dailekh. There are three groups of SMG working in Dailekh-Naumule Road (60DR010), two groups in Mathillo Dungreshwar-Dadaparajul Road (60DR031) and one group in Agodhuwane-Goganpani Road (60DR033). SMGs are mainly involved in stone collection, earthwork, soling and construction of gabion wall and dry wall. Gumboots and other Safety equipment have been provided to them.  Also, first aid kit, gabion boxes, construction tools, wheel barrow, geotextiles and binding wires have been distributed to all groups. It has been suggested to SMGs to use their PPEs in regular basis. Monitoring visits is being carried out by the DTA staff to ensure the quality and safety of the SMG’s work.

Orientation to Special Maintenance Group (SMG)


RAP 3 DTA Dailekh, organized an orientation program for different newly formed maintenance group on 19th, 20th and 21st March 2017. The objective of the orientation was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of SMG members to maintain the road in the good condition as mentioned in performance standard. The training was conducted in Goganpani  on 19th March and followed by Dandaparajul and Naumule on 20th and 21st March respectively. Various queries/suggestion related to maintenance works were discussed during the orientation session. Initially, the theoretical session was conducted in first half and later followed by practical session in second half. Total 120 members were formed to maintain road pliable in all season and protecting road assets being further damage with participation of 49 women which contributes 40.83% of female membership. The program was chaired by Local Development Officer Dilliram Panthi and facilitated by District Engineer Megraj Gawali, Programme Officer Padam Sapkota, DTL (RAP 3) Rajendra Kumar Shrestha, SAME Prakash Bikram Shahi, IE Balkrishna Dahal and OM Kamal Prashad Adhikari.

DFID field visit to Dailekh


Dr. Suman Baidya, Infrastructure Advisor DFID Nepal and Mr Arjun Poudel, Deputy Programme Manager from Rural Access programme along with two journalists had visited Dailekh on 2nd  - 3rd March 2017. The RAP 3 being one of the exemplary amongst the delivery partners of DFID is selected for the scrutiny in regular basis from its Nepal office. Acting DTL Manoj Baral held composite meeting with  DDC, DFID and RAP 3, Dailekh. The team visited Bel Pata Dairy and had an interaction with local community regarding RAP3 CONNECT activities. The team also observed the Mathillo Dungeshwar Dadaparajuli Road and routine/recurrent maintenance works undergone through the DRCN Road Maintenance Groups.  

Women entrepreneur


RAP3 CONNECT, a component of UK aid funded Rural Access Programme 3, has initiated women entrepreneurship in Dailekh district through one of the project component name ‘Hamri Didi’ in collaboration with Unilever Nepal Ltd in order to empower underprivileged women in communities by providing graduation training of business development and benefits of products. UNL manufactures detergents, soaps, and other cosmetic products that deeply believes roots in local culture and market around the world.

The main aim to initiate women entrepreneurship is to develop vibrant network of women entrepreneurs in Dailekh and create sustainable income generating opportunities.

To accomplish the objective of project, 29 Hamri Didi of Dailekh have been activated the component till date. They have started to sell Unilever’s product with seed money starting from five thousand to sixteen thousand individually. Up to now within a period of one month of starting their business they have achieved a sale volume of amount one lakhs forty-one thousand six hundred and forty-eight rupees participating with high enthusiasm in the campaign. Consumers may also get benefit from the business package since if one buys same product from market he has to pay more amount than MRP and also the products are delivered door to door by Hamri Didi. Hence it is increasing its popularity and demand in the locality at Dailekh day by day. As a result ‘Hamri Didi’ who are selected from poor and unprivileged rural society have self-employed and generated the income for their better livelihood.

Laboratory opened


This was established with the support of the Rural Access Program Phase 3 and handed over to DDC in September by the Support Consultant after its contract termination. Various tests can be carried out at this lab such as; gradation of sand and gravel, normal consistency of cement, setting time of cement, Liquid limit and Plastic limit test, compressive strength of concrete cube, field density test for sub-grade, sub-base and base course, standard proctor test, specific gravity of sand, gravel and soil, determination of in situ density, and zinc coating test for GI wire. RAP3 has now appointed an SLT for the operation of lab and to train a DDC Lab Technician. For the sustainability of lab in the future charges for various tests have been fixed jointly by RAP3 DTL, DTO Chief and LDO on the basis of rates of DOR central lab. The revenue received from the lab may be supportive for the running cost and salary of lab technician and also may be a contribution to add DDC income also sometimes.