Road Safety


The purpose of this Local Road Network, Road Safety initiative is to assist DoLIDAR in the design of a Road Safety Assessment procedure which can be incorporated into the annual road condition survey that supports the production of both the 5 year District Transport Master Plan (DTMP) and the Annual Road Asset Management Plan (ARAMP). The second objective is to support the opening of a Road Safety Unit in DoLIDAR.


The RAP3 Road Safety Forum, started last October during Road Safety Training and currently comprises DTLs from Morang and Dailekh, where safety is being piloted in coordination with a central team comprising of LRN Asset Management Specialist (Manoj) and Graduate Engineers (Niran and Ayasta). Desigade-Mahabu District Road, in Dailekh is one such road where RAP plans to integrate safety into road maintenance using low cost engineering methods. Road safety has been promoted in this road taking into account the history of accidents in the road, identifying accidental black spots in the road alignment and thus implementing low cost safety measures to minimize them.


Road Safety Forum had conducted a meeting on 3rd April 2015 at TMO to update road safety issues and discussed about implantation plan. Road safety rapid road condition survey is planned in May after short orientation to Support Consultant Engineers.