Ginger farmer in Doti claims compensation from Shikhar Insurance

By ruth on February 15, 2019


160 ginger farmers in Doti had insured their crops with Shikhar Insurance, facilitated by RAP3 CONNECT partner Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF).  The farmers invested NPR xxxx to purchase insurance policies that provided cover against a variety of risks including fire, lightning, flood, landslide, subsidence, storm, hailstorm, snow, frost, infestations and diseases.

Ms. Tulsi Devi Bucha Magar invested NPR 905 to insurance x ropani of ginger crops and personal accident insurance.  The crops were damaged due to frost and she submitted a claim to Shikhar Insurance Dhangadhi Branch.  She has received 100% compensation as per the policy, 90% of the insured crop value. 

Farewell to RAP3 CONNECT, Doti staff

By RAP 3 on January 4, 2019


As a part of RAP3 exit plan, RAP3 CONNECT, DOTI bid farewell to its outgoing staff including AT- Chandra Kala Rai, Office Assistant - Ganesh K.C., Messenger - Buddi Ram Chaudhary, SCDM - Sher Bahadur Bohara (transferred to Regional Office, Nepalgunj) and Driver Narayan Magar (transferred to cluster office, Achham) on 29th December 2018. Their contribution to the successful implementation of CONNECT project activities are much appreciated by RAP3 Management and their own colleagues in the CONNECT team. All at RAP3 CONNECT would like wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.

Remobilization of RMGs through IDO

By RAP 3 on December 24, 2018


Following the agreement held at Silghadi,Doti between Infrastructure Development Office (IDO) and RMGs on 21st December 2018, all RMGs are asked to continue work from 21st Dec 2018 from IDO chief, Mr. Ram Chandra Khatri. The contract signed between RMGs and IDO have the following main points:

a)    Their work to continue till Asad 2076 starting from Poush 2075.

b)    Details of cost are included in the contract.

c)    Regarding their work, RMGs to consult IDO.

Before signing the contract, Mr. Khatri talked about their work, billing, payment, insurance and tools and equipment for their work. He also told the groups that he is constantly trying to make the payments for the previous few months and he is waiting for a decision from DoLI. Also, Mr. Khatri asked RMGs to put in their best effort like they have done in the past years. He is also eager to learn from the upcoming graduate engineer who is to be placed at Infrastructure Development Office (IDO), Dadeldhura.

External Audit of RAP3 CONNECT, Doti completed

By RAP 3 on December 21, 2018


The external audit team from TR Upadhaya and Co. Sagar Acharya and Sushil Parajuli arrived in Doti accompnaied by Purushotam Sharma, RAP3 Senior Accounts Manager on 18 December 2018 to undertake a scheduled audit of RAP3 CONNECT financial and administrative activities for the period of July 2017 to November 2018. The audit was carried out over 2 days on 19 & 20 December 2018.  The team reviewed financial activities including programme payments & expenses, the expenditure of CONNECT, CONNECT partner invoices, attendance registers & staff time sheets, motorbike & vehicle logbooks and programme reports. The audit team also verified the asset & non-asset inventory.

After completion of the audit all financial vouchers and related documents for the period July 2017 to November 2018 are being sent to RAP3 Regional Office, Nepalgunj.

Farmers in Sahajpur register with Badikedar Municipality

By ruth on December 19, 2018


11 farmer groups in Organic Mountain Flavor's (OMF) downstream supply chain have completed the registration process.  With registration completed, ginger farmers can now request financial and technical support from Badikedar Municipality. 

Earlier in the month CONNECT and OMF provided Badikedar Municipality Officers with an update on our partnership and join activities in Sahajpur, Doti.


CONNECT team meet with Doti DCCI members

By RAP 3 on November 27, 2018


Members of the CONNECT team were in Doti this week to meet with members of the District Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Earlier this year the District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in Doti elected six women to their Executive Committee.  Yesterday one woman and one man were appointed to the Committee under the reservation quota.  In total there are now seven (41%) female members on the Executive Committee.  This exceeds the 33% minimum reservation for women Executive Committee members recently adopted by the DCCI. 

Wayal Rural Municipality, Doti is implementing the same minimum reservation in their Municipal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), the first MCCI to be established in Doti.  A 13 member pre-election committee has been formed, including 5 female (38%) members, and the constitution which is being drafted will include a 33% minimum reservation for women Executive Committee members.   

The CONNECT team met with DCCI members and DCCI Executive Committee members to understand training and support needs of female Executive Committee members.  

RTL field visit in Doti

By RAP 3 on November 26, 2018


Krishna Saran Dhungana (RTL), Pranjal Gautam (GE) along with Rajendra Yadav (IoW) visited one of the nearby DRCN roads named Shantinager – Latagada – Dang – Tikhatar (70DR009) on 26th November 2018. The objective of this visit was to study the impact of RMGs work. Based on general observation, it was found out that the road has shown significant deterioration. The size of potholes has increased and as per locals the passengers are feeling uncomfortable because of the jolts due to surface damage. It is seen that RMG needs to continue the work as soon as possible to make the road pliable all weathers. Since the payment for RMGs is not done for the month of Shrawan and Bhadra 2075, RTL suggested GE and IoW to consult Dipayal - Silghadi Municipality regarding budget.  Dipayal – Silghadi Municipality issued a formal letter to all 4 groups to halt their work for some time until the funds from the province are sorted out.

Ginger farmers insure their crops

By RAP 3 on October 23, 2018


Ginger farmers in Doti are insuring their crops with Shikhar Insurance, facilitated by RAP3 CONNECT partner Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF).  

OMF staff have travelled to the farm gate to help farmers complete application forms and collect premiums.  Completed forms and payments were then submitted to the Shikhar Insurance branch in Dhangadhi for processing.

Farmers are investing to purchase insurance policies, benefitting from the 75% subsidy available from the Government of Nepal.

The policy insures ginger crops against a variety of risks including fire, lightning, flood, landslide, subsidence, storm, hailstorm, snow, frost, infestations and diseases.

To date, 72 policies have been issued and further applications are in process.