Rapid Condition Survey


RAP3 DTA Doti conducted Rapid Condition Survey on two DRCN, 70DR001 and 70DR006 on 6th November and 9th November respectively for the purpose of preparation of SMGs estimation. In previous year 5 SMGs groups were piloted in these roads corridor under RAP3 direct funding and it is expected to mobilize same groups under same provision this year. Along with that survey team of RTL, GE and IoW also conducted rapid condition survey on 70DR005 and 70DR006 for ARAMP preparation. Gabion wall, toe wall, dry stone causeway and dry-stone soiling were the main maintenance measure identified by the survey team.

Completion of DCC meeting hall


Contract for the construction of Pre-Fabricated Meeting Hall on Roof Top of DCC Building Doti (RAP3/2017/013) was signed with J.R Construction on 2nd July 2017. The total contract amount was NRs. 1,598,696.88 including VAT.  The construction works has been completed and joint monitoring was carried out on 15th October 2017 by DTA Doti, DCC and contractor. The work of contractor is found satisfactory. The final payment certificate is being prepared and will be submitted to TMO for approval.

Handover of DCC meeting hall


The construction of Pre-Fabricated Meeting Hall on Roof Top of DCC Building Doti has been completed. A small program of handover was organized on 31st October 2017 in presence of representatives from DCC, RAP 3 DTA and contractor. The key of the hall was handed to vice president of District Coordination Committee Mrs. Shasi Shob by the RTL Krishna Sharna Dhungana hoping that the hall will be fully utilized for the appropriate work. 

OMF obtains organic certification

By ruth on October 26, 2017


Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF) has obtained organic certification of 133 hectares of land in Surkhet.  The certification, granted by ECOCert, covers land farmed by 366 ginger farmers in OMF's downstream supply chain.  These farmers will receive higher prices from OMF for the ginger they produce as, with organic certification, OMF is able to sell ginger at a premium price.


Payment of RMGs


RMGs payment for the month of August had been made on 22nd September, 2017. Out of 19 RMGs, payment of 8 RMGs were done from DDF and payment of remaining 11 RMGs were done from RAP 3 Direct Funds. The amount of NRs 372,973.00 had been paid from DDF whereas NRs 504,203.00 had been paid from direct account. All RMGs were happy to receive the salary before Dashain festival.

Continual Improvement Matrix (CIM) Assessment


CIM of Doti District had been conducted on 10th September, 2017 in DCC meeting hall, Silgadhi, Doti. Ram Chandra Khatri, Acting LDO/ DE, Khem Gurung (Programme Officer) and DCC/DTO staff were presented in the program. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha, Procurement Specialist TMO, gave short presentation over the CIM and then discussion were made on each category. The CIM team analyzed the current status of DCC and marking were assigned in each category in mutual agreement of all participants. The CIM score of this year is 6.08 which is more than the score of previous year, 5.4.

Payment of first running bill


As the agreement done between RAP 3, Doti  and JR Construction on 2nd July, 2017 for the construction of pre-fab meeting hall on the roof of DCC, contractor has completed more than 80% of work till date. As the total amount of contract package is NRs 1,598,696.88, first Running bill of NRs 1,232,781.41 has been paid to contractor before Dashain. The work has been halted due to festival and will be resumed shortly after the Dashain.

Loans delivered to ginger farmers in Doti

By RAP 3 on September 21, 2017


Prabhu Bank Limited (PBL) continue to go to the farm gate to open accounts and deliver value chain financing (VCF).

PBL’s Dhangadhi Branch have distributed VCF loans totaling NPR 1.6 million to 56 ginger farmers in Sahajpur, Doti in addition to the NPR 2.95 million issued to 117 farmers in June.  PBL’s Surkhet Branch are processing applications from 84 ginger farmers and, to date, have opened accounts and issued cheque books to 30 farmers. 

District Annual Review and Rural/Municipality Engagement Strategy Workshop


RAP3 Doti District Annual Review and Rural/Municipality Engagement Strategy Workshop  was organized on 12th September 2017. The objectives of the workshop was to inform to newly elected Rural/Municipality representatives about RAP3 background, objectives, implementation modality and progress of FY073/74 and how RAP might work together with the new municipalities in the future. DCC chairperson Ram Bahadur Ayer chaired the workshop, Mayors (Mrs. Manju Malasi from Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality and Sita Ram Jaishi from Shikhar Municipality), CDO Kumar Bahadur Khadka, vice Mayors of Rural Municipalities, Mahendra Shrestha (DC) chaired as guests. The workshop was facilitated by DCC Internal Auditor Amar Bahadur Khadka. All participants were warmly welcomed by DCC/acting LDO Khem Gurung.

RTL Krishna Saran Dhungana & GE Shiv Shrestha presented slides on the objective of the programme and presented an overview of RAP3, modality, overall progress of LRN activities, capacity building under CPD/ASP, challenges and lessons learnt. OM Subash Bikram Thapa gave presentation on CONNECT programme. All together 55 participants attended the workshop. DC Mahendra Shrestha gave presentation on rural/municipality engagement strategy, objective of six thematic areas of engagement workshop and briefed on each areas in depth before the participants got involved in group discussion. Five groups were formed from 9 rural/municipality (2-M and 7-RM) of the district. All groups discussed on six thematic areas for finding issues, their probable solutions & presented their conclusions one by one. Closing remarks were given by DCC chairperson Ram Bahadur Ayer.

Radio Talk for Development


GE of Doti had participated in talk program “Radio Talk for Development” organized by Antenna Foundation and Saileshwori FM on 17th August 2017. The program was chaired by Ram Bahadur Ayr, District Coordinator of DCC and Kumar Bahadur Khadka, CDO of Doti was the chief guest. The chairpersons of NGOs, INGOs and stakeholders were the participants. All participants agreed to work effectively for the development of Doti. The effort of RAP3 for developing the district through construction of two main road corridors was discussed and CDO thanked RAP for the continuous support.