SMG work monitoring by DCC and DTO, Doti

By RAP 3 on July 11, 2018


On 5th July 2018 Mr. Ram Bahadur Ayer (DCC coordinator), Mrs. Sashi Sobh (DCC vice coordinator), Ram Chandra Khatri (Chief District Engineer) along with a few DCC members visited Dipayal-Daud-Pathihalne (70DR006) road accompanied by Pranjal Gautam (GE) and Lok Bhat (IoW) to monitor SMG 3 and SMG 4 work. Achieving high volume work at low cost with technical design was highly appreciated by the DCC Coordinator and CDE. GE and IoW explained about the working modality of SMG, members identification and selection, onsite trainings, their work measurement, payment and audit. Although most of the bottleneck sections were covered, the DTA pointed out a few sections that needed proper maintenance, which would make the road passable throughout the seasons. The officials also monitored the work of RMGs and explained the role of RM for further RMG mobilization.

Completion of RMG Public Audit and Refresher Training

By RAP 3 on July 11, 2018


DTA Doti organized and completed public audits and refresher trainings to the RMGs of all RMG working roads. To make the training and public audit effective, the respective RMGs of the RMs were called with their officials from Rural Municipality(RM). 2 groups from Adarsha RM (5th July), 4 groups from KI Singh RM (5th July), 4 groups from Sayal RM (6th July), 2 groups from Bogtan RM (6th July), 5 groups from Dipayal Silghadi Municipality and Purbichauki RM (8th July) and 6 groups from Shikhar Municipality (7th July) were organized. For Dipayal - Silghadi Municipality Mr. Ram Bahadur Ayer (DCC Coordinator) chaired the training while the Mrs. Manju Malasi (Mayor of Dipayal – Silghadi Municipality) was the chief guest. Mr. Krishna Saran Dhungana (RTL) provided a brief about the role of RMGs in making all weather roads. RTL also emphasized the importance of Municipality and Rural Municipality’s role in RMG mobilization after Ashad 2075. Pranjal Gautam (GE) and Rajendra Yadav (IoW) conducted the Public Audit and Refresher Training. Mrs. Manju Malasi (Mayor) expressed the importance of RMGs and expressed her heartful thanks to RMGs for their hardwork.

Public Audit in Doti

By RAP 3 on July 4, 2018


With the end of SMG related works, Public Audit for SMG 4 and SMG 3 was conducted on 21st June 24, 2018 and 22nd June 2018 respectively. The programme was conducted by Lok Bahadur Bhat (IoW) and Rajendra Yadav (IoW) in the presence of the Tej Bahadur Dumrel (RM chairman), Lal Bahadur Bogati (Ward Secretary) and Man Bahadur Bista (Ward Member). It was made clear that all the SMG members received their payment according to the calculations and everyone was satisfied with their payment. It was also made clear about the cost for the materials procured, DTA expenditure and training costs. The transparency of the work was appreciated by RM staff thanking RAP 3,Doti.

Successful completion of GIS/GPS training in Doti

By RAP 3 on June 11, 2018


GIS/GPS training at Doti cluster started on 3rd June 018 which was targeted for technical person from R/Municipalities of Achham, Bajura and Doti districts. On the last day of the training (8th June), a closing ceremony was organised to summarise the outcomes and shortcomings of the training. The ceremony was chaired by RAP3 DPM, Mr. Dilli Prakash Sitaula and anchored by RTL, Mr. Krishna Sharan Dhungana where leading trainer Mr. Binod Dhakal was the chief guest. One participant representing each district briefed their overall view on several aspects of the training. They felt that the training time would be best if it was scheduled either ahead or after the peak working period (last month of fiscal year). Nevertheless, they were of the view that the training was fruitful and they have developed confidence in contributing to infrastructures planning using GIS/GPS to a great extent. The training concluded with distribution of certificate to all participants and closing by the chairperson.

Basic GIS/GPS techniques for Municipal Technical Staff

By RAP 3 on June 4, 2018


As part of its support to the introduction of federalisation in the country, RAP3 is delivering basic Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) training municipal technical staff of Doti, Achham and Bajura from 3rd to 8th June 2018. A total of 30 technical staff are attending the training. RTL, Krishna Saran Dhungana acted as the Master of Ceremonies and welcomed the participants. The opening session of the programme was chaired by the DCC Chief, Doti, Ram Bahadur Ayer and RAP 3 Deputy Programme Manager, Dilli Prakash Sitaula. Ram Bahadur Ayer emphasized the importance to the municipal staff of the training for helping technical staff update road maps for their respective M/RMs. The first day was concluded as per the training schedule.

TMO visit to Doti

By RAP 3 on May 28, 2018


On 26th May,2018, Arjun Poudel, Deputy Programme Manager and Hom Nath Lamsal, LRN Construction Specialist, visited Gopghat – Latamandu (70DR012) to monitor the work of RMGs and SMGs. The work of SMGs, which consists of various gabion structures were monitored. Discussions included effective ways of constructing gabions using proper engineering techniques that result in optimum usage. Both the visitors complimented local teams on the improvement in workmanship which has resulted in workers earning more than the normal district daily wage rate.

RMG Management Handover Training, Doti

By RAP 3 on May 21, 2018


The RMG Management Handover Training was conducted on 18th and 19th May,2018. The main objective of the training was to make the Technical Focal Person aware of the importance of RMGs, its approach, principles and fundamentals, working modality, guidelines and detailed operation with the work evaluation and bill preparation. The training was conducted with practical lessons because all TFP will be responsible for implementing all RMG related works and administration. Along with theoretical and practical lessons the TFPs observed the wage distribution system for RMG members. The DTA also made them aware of the estimation of RMG budget for the next fiscal year for their information.

Orientation of new RMG

By RAP 3 on May 11, 2018


DTA Doti mobilized two new Road Maintenance Group (RMGs) for routine and recurrent Maintenance work at Bagalek (70DR018), Dipayal-Silgadi Municipality. DTA Doti organized an onsite orientation programme on 9th May 2018 which was facilitated by Lok Bhat (IoW) in the presence of Damar Bam (OM), Ward chairperson of Purbichauki and DTO staff. Altogether, ten RMG members participated in the orientation. The participants were provided with a brief introduction of RAP3, its working modality, the process of measurement and payments, use of PPEs and provision of insurance. Similarly, the group were also made aware of workers safety and site safety. A safety officer was nominated in each group and provided with safety cards and whistles. Monthly work plans were assigned to the group for the month of May. Theoretical and practical lesson were included in the training.

CONNECT CDM completes cross cluster monitoring visit

By RAP 3 on April 16, 2018


CONNECT District Manager, Kushal Hamal has completed a cross cluster visit to Achham and Doti, part of our internal monitoring process.  During the visit Kushal met with partners in Achham and Doti, poultry farmers, Ginger producer, Hamri Didis and recipients of support from KUSOM MBA students.

CONNECT partner Shoba Trader & Order Suppliers (STOS) conducts a public meeting

By RAP 3 on April 12, 2018


On April 9, 2018 CONNECT partner Shoba Trader & Order Suppliers (STOS) conducted a public meeting to share information about their business model with up and downstream suppliers, local government and community members.  During the meeting the CONNECT team explained the pilot modality, objectives and areas of support offered to STOS. Mr Gopal Bhat, proprietor of STOS, explained how the financial support received from CONNECT has been utilised, the activities delivered and how STOS is supporting farmers in their supply chain through long term contracts and subsidised inputs.

During the meeting, STOS renewed contracts with 13 downstream suppliers and signed contracts with an additional 24 downstream suppliers.