Ginger farmers insure their crops

By RAP 3 on October 23, 2018


Ginger farmers in Doti are insuring their crops with Shikhar Insurance, facilitated by RAP3 CONNECT partner Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF).  

OMF staff have travelled to the farm gate to help farmers complete application forms and collect premiums.  Completed forms and payments were then submitted to the Shikhar Insurance branch in Dhangadhi for processing.

Farmers are investing to purchase insurance policies, benefitting from the 75% subsidy available from the Government of Nepal.

The policy insures ginger crops against a variety of risks including fire, lightning, flood, landslide, subsidence, storm, hailstorm, snow, frost, infestations and diseases.

To date, 72 policies have been issued and further applications are in process. 

150 ginger farmers in Doti to receive loans from Prabhu Bank

By RAP 3 on October 23, 2018


Prabhu Bank Limited's Dhangadhi Branch has credited 150 ginger farmers' loan accounts, on the recommendation of CONNECT partner Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF).

OMF have facilitated loan applications for farmers to strengthen their supply chain. 

A further 45 farmers in Sahajpur, Doti and 117 farmers in Surkhet, all ginger producers in OMF's down stream supply chain, have submitted loan applications to PBL. 


Rapid Condition Survey started

By RAP 3 on September 25, 2018


RAP 3 DTA, Doti started Rapid Condition Survey (RCS) on one of the nearby roads (Silgadi- Kalena -Mellekh DR, 70DR008) on 20th September 2018. Due to heavy work schedule, the focal person could not join however, but the focal person to carry out the survey with support from DTA during the next visit. The team will be mobilized from 23rd September 2018 for carrying out surveys of all DRCNs with focal persons or technical persons from M/RM. The data from the RCS can be used in the preparation of ARAMP. ARAMP preparation will be explained to M/RM for their necessary action. The importance of RCS (through ARAMP) is that it allows M/RM teams to prioritize different kinds of maintenance works.

DCCI Doti exceeds 33% target for women Executive Committee members

By ruth on September 10, 2018


The District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) Doti held its first Executive Committee election since amending their constitution to include a reservation of 33% seats for women on the Executive Committee.   

1114 members voted in the election on 8th September 2018, electing six women and nine men.  At the first meeting the outgoing President and two further Committee members, one male and one female, will be appointed. 

The newly formed committee will have 18 members,  39% of them women, exceeding the minimum reservation.


Doti DCCI encourages membership of women business owners

By RAP 3 on August 30, 2018


RAP 3 CONNECT is working with Doti District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to increase female membership and female representation on the DCCI's Executive Committee. 

During CONNECT's first year of implementation, Doti DCCI passed our policy reform paper “Female Representation on DCCI Executive Committees” which recommends a minimum reservation of 33% for women members.

Doti DCCI are encouraging women business owners to join and promoting the 33% reserved seats for women ahead of the upcoming DCCI Executive Committe election to be held on 8th September 2018.

RCS and ARAMP training in Doti

By RAP 3 on August 29, 2018


DTA Doti with the support of Mr. Mahendra Shrestha (DC) conducted Road Condition Survey (RCS) and Annual Road Asset Management Plan (ARAMP) training for technical staff on 27th August, 2018. Altogether 12 participants from M/RM were present at the training. The training was aimed to strengthen the technical manpower of M/RM about the RCS and ARAMP. The training sessions included content from the LRN engineering course. Various sessions were distributed among DC, RTL, GE and IoW. RTL started the training explaining the importance of RCS and ARAMP. GE explained about ARAMP, its importance, principles, guideline and procedure for preparation. Similarly, DC explained the importance of RCS and its relation to ARAMP. During practical sessions, participants were requested to conduct RCS of their respective roads from M/RM and fill out the RCS forms.

Internal Audit – RMG Handover

By RAP 3 on August 13, 2018


Mr. Tika Maden and Mr. Tulsi Neupane, Internal Auditors of RAP 3 visited DTA, Doti to observe the effectiveness of RAP3 approaches applied for handing over RMGs works to the local bodies. On 23rd July 2018, DTA team, internal auditors in the presence of Chairperson of KI Singh Rural Municipality Mr. Lokendra Shahi and Chairperson of Ward 4 of KI Singh RM, Mr. Jay Bahadur Dhami discussed RMG related works and RMs capability to manage and takeover related works. The chairperson of KI Singh RM added that he was interested in mobilizing new RMGs in Bagnatte - Deurad and Rajpur - Bhumirajmaundau municipal roads. The DTA provided RMG guidelines translated in Nepali and will provide full technical support until the new RMGs are formed.

Ginger farmers in Doti renew loans

By ruth on July 25, 2018


CONNECT and our partner Organic Mountain Flavor Private Limited (OMF) are once again working with Prabhu Bank Limited (PBL) to offer small loans to ginger farmers in Surkhet, Kailali and Sahajpur, Doti.

CONNECT’s intervention, linking OMF, PBL and Shikhar Insurance with hundreds of farmers is strengthening OMF's supply chain, increasing financial inclusion and offering pathways to sustainable incomes.

Last year, 163 ginger farmers in received loans totalling NPR 4,390,000.

Learn more about how small loans and long term contracts help farmers increase their incomes.


SMG work monitoring by DCC and DTO, Doti

By RAP 3 on July 11, 2018


On 5th July 2018 Mr. Ram Bahadur Ayer (DCC coordinator), Mrs. Sashi Sobh (DCC vice coordinator), Ram Chandra Khatri (Chief District Engineer) along with a few DCC members visited Dipayal-Daud-Pathihalne (70DR006) road accompanied by Pranjal Gautam (GE) and Lok Bhat (IoW) to monitor SMG 3 and SMG 4 work. Achieving high volume work at low cost with technical design was highly appreciated by the DCC Coordinator and CDE. GE and IoW explained about the working modality of SMG, members identification and selection, onsite trainings, their work measurement, payment and audit. Although most of the bottleneck sections were covered, the DTA pointed out a few sections that needed proper maintenance, which would make the road passable throughout the seasons. The officials also monitored the work of RMGs and explained the role of RM for further RMG mobilization.

Completion of RMG Public Audit and Refresher Training

By RAP 3 on July 11, 2018


DTA Doti organized and completed public audits and refresher trainings to the RMGs of all RMG working roads. To make the training and public audit effective, the respective RMGs of the RMs were called with their officials from Rural Municipality(RM). 2 groups from Adarsha RM (5th July), 4 groups from KI Singh RM (5th July), 4 groups from Sayal RM (6th July), 2 groups from Bogtan RM (6th July), 5 groups from Dipayal Silghadi Municipality and Purbichauki RM (8th July) and 6 groups from Shikhar Municipality (7th July) were organized. For Dipayal - Silghadi Municipality Mr. Ram Bahadur Ayer (DCC Coordinator) chaired the training while the Mrs. Manju Malasi (Mayor of Dipayal – Silghadi Municipality) was the chief guest. Mr. Krishna Saran Dhungana (RTL) provided a brief about the role of RMGs in making all weather roads. RTL also emphasized the importance of Municipality and Rural Municipality’s role in RMG mobilization after Ashad 2075. Pranjal Gautam (GE) and Rajendra Yadav (IoW) conducted the Public Audit and Refresher Training. Mrs. Manju Malasi (Mayor) expressed the importance of RMGs and expressed her heartful thanks to RMGs for their hardwork.