Causeway Construction at Galphagad- Shreenagar- Kalika, Humla

By RAP 3 on September 17, 2018


Since the Galphagad- Shreenagar- Kalika district road is nearing substantial completion of construction works, the DTA Shreenagar team has started the construction of cross drainage structures i.e. causeways. Initially, field technicians conducted a survey of the requirement and the location of causeway construction. The design/estimate was prepared based on the specification and norms of DoLI, the Department of Local Infrastructure.  The length of the causeway has been designed as 6m, 9m and 12m. Two groups have been trained and mobilized for the construction. Prior to the start of the work, field technicians were trained by EO for the consistency of works as per TMO’s instructions and the RBGs/SBGs attended demonstrations by GE, SAME and IoW at a construction site. As per estimates, 18 causeways will be constructed along the entire road length i.e. 12.17Km. DTA has plans to complete the causeway construction works by November 2018.

Safety Barrier at Galphagad- Shreenagar- Kalika Humla

By RAP 3 on September 14, 2018


As a part of the “Safety First” principle of RAP3, safety barriers have been constructed at Galphagad- Shreenagar- Kalika district road of Humla. Safety barrier construction works totaling 255m in length have been completed at 5 out of 10 hairpin bends, with works ongoing at the remaining five bends. DTA is expecting to complete all barrier construction works by November 2018. The barrier was constructed by using the gabion box of size 2x1x1, through Special Building Groups (SBG). Before construction, members of two groups were trained and attended practical demonstrations by DTA technical staff at which recommendations from Road Safety Audit of Sanighat-Sipkhana District Road in Kalikot have been followed. The people of the Shreenagar, Humla have appreciated such works and the concern for their safety.

Cement Masonry work on SDDR, Humla

By RAP 3 on July 20, 2018


Cement masonry work is about to be finished on the SDDR (Salisalla-Darma District Road) corridor of Humla. The masonry structures were constructed on some sections of the road corridor where constructing gabion structures was not feasible and safe. The masonry works were done at chainage 1+420, 1+585, 1+590 and 1+620 of SDDR. These chainages all lie on the Darvi section of SDDR which also happens to be the critical section of SDDR. Crash barriers were also constructed along with the structures as per the site demand.

EBRW Central team trek to Humla

By RAP 3 on May 25, 2018


The EBRW central team responsible for new road construction in Mugu and Humla, comprising Kirsteen Merrilees, Ram Prasad Thapaliya and Bishnu Ram Bista visited both the new road corridors of Humla namely SDDR and GSKDR from 19 to 22 May 2018. The main purpose of their visit was to check on the progress of both the road corridors and the remaining works that need to expedited in order to achieve the planned completion date. While traveling along the road alignment they recommended immediate actions needed on certain sections of the road and also checked on the use of new type of harnesses provided to groups working on critical sections. The next destination in their 7 day trekking inspection is the Mugu Humla Link Road alignment and Gamgadhi.

Use of Camber Boards in Humla

By RAP 3 on April 23, 2018


RAP3 DTA Humla has trialled a new approach for road surfacing using a Camber Board made from locally available wooden planking. The main purpose of the board is to determine the correct camber for RAP3 roads. In the photo the road has no drains so that when it rains the runoff is channelled across to the roads outer edge by the slope of the camber. As per LRN rule the outward slope of the road surface should be 5% across the roadway width of 4.5m. The board is designed in a format of right angle triangle following the Pythagoras rule and a small spirit level is indented on the upper edge of the board. If the Camber board is made properly it can be used in place of a pipe level.

Bikas Ko Bato Humla

By RAP 3 on March 30, 2018


On 16th of March 2018 OM Padam Bahadur Bayak represented RAP3 DTA Humla in a radio debate programme named “Humla ko Bikas ko Lagi Sadak” which was organized by Karnali F.M with support from RAP3 and Antenna Foundation.

The programme was chaired by Mr. Bire Bhandari-Member of Karnali FM management committee. Mr. Netra Prasad Sharma (CDO, Humla), Mr. Padam Bahadur Lama (Chairman, Simikot RM), Mr. Bishnu Lama (Chairman, Namkha RM), Mr. Karna Rawal (Chairman, Kharpunath RM), Mr. Jivan Rawal (Member, DCC) and other relevant participants were present at the programme.  

OM gave an update on the current status of RAP3 roads in the district and answered questions from participants. The participants were very curious and eager to know more about MHLR which will connect Humla to the rest of Nepal. They questioned the reason for RAP3’s extension from 2017 to 2019; asked about the two roads constructed by RAP3 in Humla; why the roads don’t link with any other roads; queried the phase out of the SED programme in Humla; and about extending GSKDR corridor up to Katwal VDC.

TMO Visit to GSKDR, Humla

By RAP 3 on March 20, 2018


RAP3 TMO LRN Construction Specialist, Hom Nath Lamsal and Social Development Specialist, Shankar Pokharel visited Humla for monitoring and supervision of GSKDR from 6th - 7th March 2018. The TMO team accompanied by DTA visited throughout the alignment (0+000 - 12+160), monitored the work progress at critical sections, the quality of works, mobilisation of RBGs/SBGS, safety at site and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The team made suggestions regarding the repair of an irrigation cannel at 0+060 as soon as possible. The team also suggested improvements in the keeping of good records of attendance and other financial transactions within the groups. The TMO team had a coordination meeting with the DTA staff and shared the overall findings of the visit.

Importance of PPE

By RAP 3 on February 7, 2018


The Galfagad-Shreenagar-Kalika District Road (GSKDR) in Humla is being constructed by RAP3 in mountainous terrain where the construction risks are greater than usual. All workers have been been instructed that it is compulsory to use the safety measures provided by RAP3 to protect them from different climatic conditions and injury. The general public have also been made aware of the risks to themselves while walking near the construction sites along the road and requested to keep domestic animals away from active construction sites.

MHLR Tree Counting Survey Completed

By RAP 3 on January 10, 2018


The survey of trees that will be affected by the construction of MHLR has been completed by members of the District Forest office. The survey team was led by District Forest Officer (DFO)-Humla, One Ranger (DFO), Two Rangers (hired), One GIS expert (hired), One Forestry expert (hired) and other support staff. As per the survey team the total number of trees counted are 13,541 of different girths. According the District Forest Office (Humla) data entry of the survey will be finished in a week and the report will be ready within two weeks. The final report will be submitted by the District Forest Office (Humla) to the relevant Department. GON rules are that for every tree cut down 25 replacements must be planted. Photos shows trees that have been scraped and marked and trees with their sizes written on the trunks.

Second Engagement Workshop, Humla

By RAP 3 on December 26, 2017


RAP 3 DTA Humla conducted second round engagement workshop on 24th December 2017 at Simikot. The workshop was chaired by DCC chairman Dan Bahadur Rawat in the presence of other distinguished guests. The workshop was attended by Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons of rural municipalities, Executive officer, personnel from District Police, Administrative officers and other related people. The main agenda of the workshop was to clarify the district team officials about the support and help that RAP 3 can offer for the development and prosperity of the district. The guests were addressed by RAP 3 Humla team leader Bishnu Prasad Kharel with support from office manager Padam Bahadur Bayak.