Importance of PPE

By RAP 3 on February 7, 2018


The Galfagad-Shreenagar-Kalika District Road (GSKDR) in Humla is being constructed by RAP3 in mountainous terrain where the construction risks are greater than usual. All workers have been been instructed that it is compulsory to use the safety measures provided by RAP3 to protect them from different climatic conditions and injury. The general public have also been made aware of the risks to themselves while walking near the construction sites along the road and requested to keep domestic animals away from active construction sites.

MHLR Tree Counting Survey Completed

By RAP 3 on January 10, 2018


The survey of trees that will be affected by the construction of MHLR has been completed by members of the District Forest office. The survey team was led by District Forest Officer (DFO)-Humla, One Ranger (DFO), Two Rangers (hired), One GIS expert (hired), One Forestry expert (hired) and other support staff. As per the survey team the total number of trees counted are 13,541 of different girths. According the District Forest Office (Humla) data entry of the survey will be finished in a week and the report will be ready within two weeks. The final report will be submitted by the District Forest Office (Humla) to the relevant Department. GON rules are that for every tree cut down 25 replacements must be planted. Photos shows trees that have been scraped and marked and trees with their sizes written on the trunks.

Second Engagement Workshop, Humla

By RAP 3 on December 26, 2017


RAP 3 DTA Humla conducted second round engagement workshop on 24th December 2017 at Simikot. The workshop was chaired by DCC chairman Dan Bahadur Rawat in the presence of other distinguished guests. The workshop was attended by Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons of rural municipalities, Executive officer, personnel from District Police, Administrative officers and other related people. The main agenda of the workshop was to clarify the district team officials about the support and help that RAP 3 can offer for the development and prosperity of the district. The guests were addressed by RAP 3 Humla team leader Bishnu Prasad Kharel with support from office manager Padam Bahadur Bayak.

Success story


Man Bahadur Mahatara, a wheelbarrow mechanics is working for GSKDR, Humla from the start of the road construction. He performs his duty by travelling Gulfagard and Kalika sites of 11.6 km road. Before working in RAP, it was difficult for him to run his daily life as he did not have any source of income. Now he has become more independent and is able to provide higher education for his son with sufficient bank balance for health care and other activities. He said that “he is very happy to work in RAP3 till the project lasts”.

Wage payment


Fourth year third IPC payment was successfully completed in Humla recently. All the RBG, SBG, Drill and Boulder groups who were involved in road construction from May 2017 received payment. The members of respective groups thanked RAP 3 for creating such a local employment opportunity to construct their own road. This in turn has allowed group members to get involved in saving and credit activities and invest in productive sectors and education of their children.

Health and Safety


On 6th July 2017, RAP3 Humla organised a meeting with the SBGs Group facilitators (Sahajrkartas) of SSDR. SDO had notified some health and safety related issues at the working site and SBGs camp. Mahesh Prasad Bhattarai, SDO instructed Sahajkartas to work with full safety equipment, manage proper drinking water, toilet, health & sanitation in camp and site. DTA needs to analyse the situation before mobilising RBGs/SBGs in cliff area or critical section as landslide and rock fall have been reported and the frequency is expected to increase as monsoon is active in this region.

A significant progress on Darvi Vir


There has been a significant progress on Darvi vir, the most critical and challenging section of SalliSalla - Darma District Road (SDDR), Humla by a drill group lead by drill mechanic Bal Bd Tamang and boulder group. Within more than a month the drill group was able to open the passable track almost 50 percent on the section of 250 m (Chainage 1+400 to 1+650).The drill group also used splitter at that section. As the drill group was mobilized to Darvi Vir, the local people used that route for passing and now the passing through Darvi Vir has been checked to avoid the disturbance and the safety of both drill group members and the local people. Also, the mule track which was just 100-200 m above was checked and provision for passing of people only was made for the safety of groups working on the road at that section.

Bio-engineering training


Bio-engineering training was conducted by RAP 3 DTA, Humla on the 30th and 31st May 2017. The training was conducted for DCC, DTO  staff for their Continual Professional Development (CPD). On the first day theoretical modules of the bio-engineering were presented by DTL Dipendra Adhikari  and Graduate Engineer Balkrishna Dahal whereas on the second day trainees participated in the practical aspects of bio-engineering including brush layering, grass and tree plantation.

Distribution of wage payment to Road Building Groups


RAP 3 DTA Humla released an amount of NRs. 34,916,324.63 as a wage payment to road building groups and special building groups (RBGs/SBGs) of Salisalla-Darma (SD) and Galfagaad-Shreenagar-Kalika (GSK) district road corridor for the month of February and April. All groups had conducted RBGs level public audits and collected saving, loan mobilized too. The wage payment was done under the close monitoring of DTA Humla

Completion of fencing work in Shreenagar store


As a mandatory part of RAP3 store management guidelines, RAP3 DTA Humla completed the fencing work of Galfagaad-Shreenagar distrct road project in Shreeagar.  Wooden poles are fixed at a regular interval and 2m height gabion boxes is provided to fence the store. Material within the store are arranged in a well organised way and has free walking space for easy transportation of any goods. The fencing work now restricts the entry of unconcerned personel within the store and has reduced the risk of any possible thefts.