Tree stamping work completed in Chankheli-Deuli Section

By RAP 3 on May 6, 2019


Humla DFO team together with the RAP3 MHLR field team completed the tree stamping work in Chankheli-Deuli section on 28th April 2019. A total of 5061 trees have been stamped in Chankheli-Deuli section in which 2487 trees were stamped from Chankheli National forest, 2337 trees from Kausi community forest, and 237 trees stamped in the Khara National Forest. The tree stamping work was started on 24th April 2019 after the MHLR team re-established the centre line layout and marking and finalised the alignment in Chankheli-Deuli section on 23rd April 2019.  The MHLR team will be mobilising excavators soon to start tree clearance work from Chankheli section.

RAP3 MHLR signed the forest clearance agreement with DFO, Humla

By RAP 3 on March 14, 2019


Social Development Specialist, Shankar Pokharel along with Office Manager, Padam Bayak attended a meeting on behalf of RAP3 MHLR with Divisional Forest Officer with DFO Assistant and Ranger on 24th-25th February 2019 at Simikot. The terms and conditions regarding trees to be felled that falls in MHLR road corridor was discussed in the meeting. DFO, Humla came to an agreement after the discussions and is positive that forest clearance required for the construction of Mugu Humla Link Road will be carried out .  Following the cabinet decision of the Government of Nepal, a formal agreement was signed between the DFO, Humla and RAP3 MHLR. As per the agreement on Humla/Chankheli side, 13,767 trees are to be cut down and plantation to be done at a ratio of 25 new trees for every 1 tree felled within MHLR road corridor in Humla section.

Mr. Toya Nath Poudel signed the agreement on behalf of Division Forest Office (DFO) and Mr. Shankar Pokharel signed on behalf of RAP3 MHLR while Mr. Lok Jung Shahi and Mr. Padam Bayak also signed the agreement as witness from DFO and MHLR respectively.

Furthermore, DFO, Humla has announced to have a short visit to project site and assign their staff at forest clearing area before allowing permission for the collection of timber and firewood.

Handover of SDDR Road to Chankheli RM in Humla

By RAP 3 on February 22, 2019


With 14.5 km of Salisalla Darma District Road under RAP3 in Humla substantially completed, a handover ceremony to Chankheli RM was held on 21st February, 2019 at Piplang. The handover was attended by Mr. Dhana Lal Chaulagain Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality, Chief Guest Laxmi Buda Aidi DCC member Humla and Chief of Health post Kali Bahadur. Also in attendance were Ward chairpersons, representatives of political parties, LRCCs, LRUCs and other stakeholders, who gave speeches thanking the RAP3 programme and the local team. Bishnu Prasad Kharel, DTL presented the handover certificate, design drawings, IEE, and completion report to the Chairperson Dhan Lal Chaulagain who thanked DFID and the RAP3 team for timely completion. In return he presented certificates of appreciation to the RAP team and DFID Nepal.

Final Public Audit of GSKDR, Humla

By RAP 3 on February 7, 2019


RAP3 DTA Shreenagar, Humla successfully completed the final joint Public Audit on 2nd February 2019 of the works carried on Galphagad-Shreenagar-Kalika District Road Corridor of Shreenagar and Shreenagar-Kalika LRUC. The audit was carried out for payments to both LRUCs from 7th running bill of 5th year and final bill of 6th year. The public audit was chaired by Mr. Mohan Fadera (Shreenagar-Kalika LRUC’s chairperson), chief guest Mr. Dansingh Pareyar (DCC member of Humla), special guests Mr. Datta Bista (Acting chairperson of Adanchuli RM) and Mr. Dil Bahadur Fadera (LRCC Chairperson), guest Mr. Ragye Thapa and Dala Budha (ward chairpersons from Wards 1 and 2), Mr. Til Pd Pandey (Acting Chief of Administrative Officer of Adanchuli RM), group facilitators, group members, school teachers, journalists and RAPs DTL, SDO, and IoW. The main objective of the audit was to ensure all payments had followed RAP3 guidelines and that transparency was maintained among group members. Queries raised by the attendees were answered by the DTL, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Kharel and the programme was effectively facilitated by SDO, Mr. Mahesh Prasad Bhattarai.

Handover of tools, safety gear and first aid item in Humla

By RAP 3 on February 4, 2019


With the successful handover of GSK DR road to Adanchuli RM, RAP3 Humla also handed over construction tools, materials, first aid item and safety gear to Adanchuli RM, two LRUCs of GSK DR, Police posts and local schools. The DTA conducted meetings with recipients from 27th to 31st January 2019. All items have been distributed to Adanchuli Rural Municipality, 984 members of 59 road construction groups, 1-health post, 2 police posts, 9 schools, and 1-Radio Shreenagar FM station. All store rooms in Shreenagar have now been closed as of 31st January, 2019.   

Handover of GSKDR Road to Adanchuli RM in Humla

By RAP 3 on January 25, 2019


With the 12.205 km GSK DR under RAP 3 in Humla substantially completed, a hand over ceremony to Adanchuli Rural Municipality was held on 24th January, 2019 at Shreenagar. The handover was attended by Mr. Dala Fadera, Chairperson of Adanchuli Rural Municipality, Vice Chairman Saumati Rawal Aidi and Executive Officer Romakanta Pandey. Also in attendance were ward chairpersons, representatives of different political parties, LRCC and LRUCs and other stakeholders who gave speeches thanking the RAP 3 programme and the local team. Bishnu Prasad Kharel (DTL) presented the handover certificate, design drawings, IEE and completion reports to the Chairperson Fadera who thanked DFID and RAP3 team for timely completion and presented a certificate of appreciation to the RAP team and DFID Nepal and committed to maintain the road from now onwards.

Joint monitoring visit of GSKDR Road in Humla

By RAP 3 on January 22, 2019


The 12.2km Galfagad-Shreenagar-Kalika Distict Road (GSKDR) under RAP3 has been substantially completed. The road was jointly monitored by Mr Dala Fadera Chairman, Vice-Chairperson Mrs. Saumati Rawal Aidi, all ward chairpersons, Executive Officer Mr. Romakanta Pandey, Engineer Mr. Makardhoj Shahi of Adanchuli Rural Municipality & local journalist Mr. Kali Bahadur Thapa of Radio Shreenagar. Mr Mahesh Prasad Bhattarai (SDO) and Mr Dor Bahadur Shrestha (IoW) briefed the team from the road’s starting point to its end point. They visited the whole corridor in two days, 18th to 20th Jan 2019. The team members were happy after visiting whole road length seeing road’s overall standard and safety except for few narrow sections in rocky areas which will be dealt with when equipment can be brought in by MHLR via the army Karnali corridor road now under construction. Therefore the Rural Municipality decided to take over the road on 24th Jan 2019 with a formal programme and committed to mobilize road maintenance groups to prevent any deterioration of road in the future.

Road Safety and Climate Resilient Audit

By RAP 3 on January 3, 2019


The Road Safety and Climate Resilient Audits of SSDR and GSKDR in Humla have been completed by Hom Nath Lamsal (LRN Construction Specialist) and Prabin Khatri (Assistant Engineer). The audits were carried out between 27 December 2018 and 1 January 2019. RAP3 conducts a road safety and climate resilient audit to examine various safety aspects of the road before it is opened to traffic. The purpose of the audit is to detect potential road safety hazards to all road users (including pedestrians, passengers and drivers), resulting from the defects in the road environment such as poor geometric features, absence of and/or inadequate signage and dangerous obstacles.


GSKDR survey works completed

By RAP 3 on December 28, 2018


RAP3 DTA Shreenagar, Humla has successfully completed the total station survey over 12.200 km of Galphaghad-Shreenagar-Kalika District Road corridor. The survey works was carried out from 18th December to 24th December. GEs, Nabin Khatri and Binod Yadav were involved in the handling of machine and IoW, STSs supported them during the survey works. The main purpose of the survey was to take details of road for preparation of final drawing of the completed GSKDR corridor. Various features such as cross-sections at every 200m on longitudinal run, cross-sections at every kholsi’s and loops (at every 5m interval), road edges and center lines at every 20m interval longitudinally, spot heights, drains, houses and other important features lying within the 15m of L/R of center line were recorded. As the survey work is completed, as built drawing will be prepared by Graduate Engineer.

Public Audit Completed in SDDR Humla

By RAP 3 on December 19, 2018


RAP3 DTA Piplang -Humla successfully completed LRUC level Public Audit on 26th and 27th Nov. 2018 of works carried on Sallisallha-Darma District Road Corridor of Mimi and Darma LRUC respectively. The audit was carried out for payments to LRUCs from the 2nd running bill to 7th running bill of IY5. The meeting was attended by 180 members (74 men & 106 women) from Darma LRUC, chaired by Mr. Kanthe Viyel (Darma LRUC Vice-chairperson) and 102 members (63 men & 39 women) from Mimi LRUC, chaired by Mr. Laxmi Prasad Chaulagain (Mimi LRUC Vice-chairperson) along with local body representatives. Likewise, 2 members (SDO and SM) from RAP3 DTA attended the meeting. The main objective of the audit was to discuss and ensure whether the payment has been carried out as per RAP3 guidelines and to check that transparency has been maintained among the group members.