Public Audit


In Sallisalla Darma District Road corridor, public audit were organised by LRUCs Darma, Mimi, Melchham and Shreemastha on 10th June 2015 and 11th June 2015 respectively. Darma LRUC conducted the public audit on first half of 10th June followed by Mimi on second half. Similarly, LRUCs Melchham and Shreemastha followed the same schedule respectively on 11th June. The chairperson of respective LRCC had chaired the programme and LRUC secretary/treasurer had welcomed the participants. Representatives who were present in the programme were local political parties, VDC, school teachers, health post, police in-charge, local service centres and social and non-government organisations, construction supervision consultant, SED staffs and DTAs. The objective of public audit was presented by DTL and also briefed on steps of event to be carried on a sequential manner; (1) presentation by LRUC about RBGs payments status including LRUC management cost (2) cross verification by DTAs about payment to each RBG, and (3) question/answer session. Total 633 people had participated in the public audit programme i.e. in Darma 298 (W 98, M 202), Mimi 116 (W 34, M 82), Melchham 92 (W 15, M 77) and Shreemastha 127 (W 34, M 82). The women participants were 28%.