Safety Gears for RMGs


DCC Jhapa in support of RAP3 DTA are procuring safety gears for RMGs valuing NRs. 0.28 million through direct quotation. After collecting quotations from three different suppliers, the lowest competitor Manokamana Nirman Sewa, Mechinagar Municipality-06, Jhapa was awarded the contract. The contract was signed between DCC and supplier on 6th June 2017. The safety gears consisted shining vest, raincoat and safety gloves. The supplier is provided 2 weeks to supply the materials at District Coordination Committee, Jhapa within the contract.

Bid opening of gravel supply works for RMGs


 DCC Jhapa opened bid of two packages (contract no. - DCC/JHAPA/RAP3/Goods/2017/Gravel supply-01 and DCC/JHAPA/RAP3/Goods/2017/Gravel supply-02) for supply of surface gravels to DRCNs of Jhapa on 28th May 017. Of the total NRs. 6 million budget recently allocated by GoN for RMGs, NRs. 2.78 million budget is allocated for the supply of gravel required for routine and recurrent works. The bid was opened among DCC evaluation committee, RAP3 DTA and bidder representatives.

ASP support to DTO


DTA Jhapa has supported 2 sets of level machines to DTO Jhapa under Annual Support Plan (ASP) for FY 073/74 (2016/17). Every year, RAP3 provides logistic as well as managerial support to DCC/DTO under ASP. In the current situation of insufficient level machines possessed by DTO, the supported machines seemed to be very much helpful to DTO. Each set of level machine consisted of level machine with tripod and 5 meter Levelling staff. The machines were handed over to Chief District Engineer Shusil Shrestha (left) by RAP3 GE on 25th May 017.

Bio-engineering training


In line with RAP3 CPD programme, DTA Jhapa organized 2 days bio-engineering training for DCC/DTO engineers, sub-engineers and assistant sub-engineers on 16th and 17th May 2017. Of the total 12 participants, 7 were  from DCC/DTO. The first day of the training was theoretical session where presentations on following topics were delivered:

  1. Introduction to bio-Engineering
  2. Vegetative systems and grass plantation
  3. Small scale civil engineering structures
  4. Bio-engineering design

GE delivered the entire module in the theoretical session. Participants also wrote exam at the end of the theoretical session. The next day of training was the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge acquired during the training. Before the demonstration of bio-engineering technique, participants assessed the site filling a standard site assessment form. Demonstration of Brush Layering and Fascines was done as a solution measures at 4+500 of 04DR012 (Bhadrapur-Jyamirgadi-Dhulabari-Shantinagar) road.

Improvement works expedited


Gauri-Parbati Nilgiri JV - contractor of Dudhe-Shivagunj Improvement project – has expedited improvement works in recent days. One Grader, one vibrating roller, two water bowsers (5,000 lit. and 20,000 lit capacity), two JCBs, two tippers and one tractor is working daily in the construction site. Since last month contractor has completed embankment filling works from ch 9+230 to 7+350. It has also covered the finished embankment filling works by gravel sub-base from end point to ch 8+110. Moreover, drain cover slab casting works is finished and will place over the drain soon. However, contractor still need to speed up the works in order to complete the project before monsoon.

GoN starts RMG funding


With the allocation of NRs. 6 million budget by GoN for FY 073/74 on 11th April 2017, RMGs of Jhapa are continuing their works for the month of April 2017. Further, since previously allocated budget just sufficed RMGs payment until the month of Mar 017, RMGs works at Jhapa is not halted due to lack of funding. Gravel fill materials, which is inevitable under recurrent works for RMGs, is also been planned to be procured. This proves that GoN has now took over RMGs and can be considered as a positive step towards the sustainability of RMGs.

Asphalt concrete pavement construction and quality control training


DTA Jhapa successfully conducted 2 days (on 11th & 12th Apr 017) training on ‘Asphalt concrete pavement construction and quality control’ for district engineers and sub-engineers. Of the 27 total participants 14 were engineers and 5 were sub-engineers both from government and private sectors (contractor and RAP3).  On theoretical session (Day 1), Dr. Biswa R.S. Shahi (trainer) delivered the entire module presentations except one, which was delivered by Manoj Krishna Shrestha (LRN specialist). Practical session was conducted at Morang, where participants observed automated asphalt concrete plant and learned quality control method during its manufacturing as well as laying works. Participants also observed different A/C test equipment’s in the lab.

The training was formally inaugurated by an engineer from DTO office, which was followed by introduction session. MKS, then cleared the objective of training before handing over the stage to the trainer. The theoretical session can be broadly classified into following different modules:

  1. Tests  requirements  on asphalt concrete ingredients (Bitumen , coarse and fine aggregates)
  2. Choice of surfacing
  3. Asphalt concrete Mix design
  4. Asphalt concrete production
  5. Asphalt concrete laying
  6. Quality control on Asphalt concrete
  7. ‘Key Specification requirements’ / Evaluation of the finished pavement
  8. ‘Stepwise Procedure Checklist (for Assurance)’ & discussion with Participants

RMG works inspection


On 21st March 2 017, DTA team led by DTL conducted inspection of RMG works on 04DR015 (Sagarmatha - Haldibari - Goldhap - Chakchaki – Rajgad) DRCN road. Two RMG groups are being implemented in the 18km road. As per the monthly work plan, RMG members were found to patch the potholes with proper compaction using rammers and spraying water using water cans. They were also using the safety gears, especially shining vest and safety helmets, properly.  Although RMG demanded gravel as a fill material for patching of potholes, DTA could not supply it due to lack of budget. RMG are, however, very happy with the employment that RAP 3 provided for them.

RMG public audit


DTA Jhapa is conducting RMG public audit for payment made after September 2016 in three different clusters planned on 17th, 20th and 22nd of March 2017. On 17th March, public audit at cluster III (RMGs of 04DR010, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 DRCNs) was completed successfully as per schedule.  

The programme started with introduction session where all participants including DTA team and RMG members introduced themselves briefly to others. It was followed by objective session, where DTL cleared the purpose of conducting public audit and its importance. RMG members were then presented with some slide presentations on ‘RMG selection process’, ‘RMG contract’, ‘Implementation procedures’ and ‘RAP 3  10 points workers briefing card’ by GE and IoW.  Under the payment verification session, RMG members verified check amount against the actual paid amount which was displayed in a slide. As a sample, one member from each group was asked to sign on a blank sheet so as to verify it against the signature done in payment certificate sheet. All members were also asked if they are satisfied with the payment received. At the end of the programme, DTL answered on some grievances made by RMG members which were mostly related to insufficient tools and safety gears.

Work progress in road improvement project


On 16th March 2017, DTA Jhapa team conducted field visit to Dudhe-Shivagunj road mprovement project. Contractor has completed 1.5km of embankment filling works from 8+100 to 9+600. DTA also conducted meeting with contractor, where issues regarding progress and lapses incurred in the project was discussed. Contractor was made aware of starting of pre-monsoon period as mentioned by Department of Meteorology, to expedite the progress. Further, contractor has also managed to control dust at the site by spraying water on daily basis by two water bowsers (20,000 liters and 4,000 liters capacity).