Annual Progress Review


With the assistance of RAP3 DTA, DDC Jumla organized RAP3 Annual Progress Review on 25 July 2015. The workshop was participated by 65 participants from line agencies, NGO federation, federation of Journalist, radio FMs, RMUCs, RMGs, contractor association, VDCs and BSPs. Since political parties had strike against DDC they had not participated but they had advised to run the workshop. The workshop was chaired by acting LDO and DTO-Chief, CDE Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma. The session was started with welcome speech of RA3 DTL, Mr. Bakhat Bahadur Shahi. In the workshop, progress of LRN, IG/EI, RET/EI and trail bridges was presented. The session was opened for discussion among participants after presentation of whole RAP3 social audit presentation. Participants from different institutions like federation of journalist, radio FMs, RMUCs, contractor association and others had put their suggestions and queries along with appreciation of RAP3’s best working modality.  The session was closed by chairperson of workshop by highlighting the good impact of maintenance works as indicated by increase in transport operation length by 45%, decrease in vehicle travel time per km by 42%, increase in transport service time by 53%, increase in PCU by 80% and decrease in transport amount per kg per km by 63%.