District Profile


Kalikot District is located in Karnali Zone of the Mid-western Development Region of Nepal. It borders with Jajarkot and Dailekh district to the South, Kalikot district to the West, Bajura and Mugu district at North and Jumla district to the East. The district is divided into one electoral constituency level, nine Ilakas, and thirty Village Development Committees. The district headquarter, Manma is recently linked with road network and passenger bus service is available.

The total area of the district is 1741 km2. Geographically the district is divided into three distinct regions from north to south, viz Himalayan, Higher Mountain and Mid Mountains. The elevation of the district ranges from 738 m to 4790m from the mean sea level. The major rivers in the district are Tila and Karnali.

The main economic activity of the Kalikot is agriculture and livelihood, where, more than 90% of the district population depends on the agriculture. Paddy, maize, millet, wheat and barley are the usual cereal crops and apple, potato, bean, oil seed and herbal products  are cash crops.

 The district inventory identified just over 83.5 km of roads, including 78km of strategic roads and 5.5 km of rural roads. In coordination with the DTICC and DDC, 11 rural roads with a length of 319.5 km were identified as making up the district road core network (DRCN), and the remaining 150km were classified as village roads. The existing SRN roads link passes through 14 VDCs although it serves only for 3 VDC headquarters. All of the DRCN and SRN roads are earthen fair-weather roads.

Within the DTMP period 58.44km (5.5km existing and 52.94km new) of roads will be gravelled (100%) being brought to a maintainable all-weather standard. VDC headquarters with access to all-weather DRCN roads or the SRN will 0 to 11; among them 3 VDCs will be served by SRN. In existing condition the SRN is also fair weather and it is supposed that within 5 years period it will be all weather. While the percentage of district population with such access will increase from 0 to 26%.