Amazing skills of Boulder Breaking

By RAP 3 on January 7, 2018


Hasta Bam, age 29, a permanent resident of Baskot - 5, Pachaljharana Rural Municipality is working in RAP 3 road since September 2017 at JRDR as a member of Jarkot Boulder Breaking Group (BBG) under Palata LRUC. His confidence and amazing skill of stone breaking makes us to write about him.  He breaks and splits the rock cliffs and big boulders incredibly by using simple handmade tools like plugs and wedge.  He had learnt these techniques from India when he used to go for work in hill area.  He is very dedicated in assigned works and has broken more than 250 m3 of stone at ch 2+350, 2+360, 3+630 & 3+660. He is working at 3+675 to 3+690 to break 137.13 m3 of boulders to complete in 30 days.

LRUC level Public Audit in Kalikot

By RAP 3 on December 30, 2017


On 26th December 2017, joint LRUC level public audit of SSDR was organized at the premise of Raskot Municipality in the presence of Raskot Municipality’s  Mayor, Deputy Mayor, ward Chairpersons, representatives of LRCC, LRUC, journalist from local radio and more than 400 RBGs/SBGs. The audit program was chaired by Charcha Bd Shahi. The 3rd and 4th running bills of June to September 2017 including bioengineering and EMP works were audited. Similarly on 27th December 2017, the 3rd running bills of June to September 2017 and bioengineering works were audited at Jarkot by Palata LRUC- JRDR working in the presence of ward chairpersons, LRCC/LRUC representatives, and journalist from local radio. The audit program was chaired by Deepraj Bam. More than 500 RBGs/SBGs actively participated in the event. Local Deuda Nach, dance and performance from local and national singers made the event more interesting.

Second engagement workshop, Kalikot

By RAP 3 on December 25, 2017


RAP 3 DTA Kalikot organized second Municipality and Rural Municipality engagement workshop on 24December 2017 at Manma, Kalikot. DCC Chief Anipal Shahi chaired the programme and the participants were from DCC, Municipalities and Rural Municipalities. The programme was anchored by DCC program officer, Prabal Jung Shahi and welcome speech and objective was delivered by SDO, Sunil Babu Shrestha. MHLR Acting Deputy Team Leader, Bishnu Ram Bista gave the presentation in detail. The main objective of workshop was to deliver RAP 3 support to Municipality/Rural Municipality on the different thematic areas summarized from first engagement workshop and scoping of RAP 4.

TMO visit to Kalikot

By RAP 3 on December 21, 2017


RAP 3 TMO Engineering Team Leader - Bill Seal, District Coordinator/LRN Specialist - Hom Nath Lamsal and Internal Auditor - Dasarath Moktan visited Kalikot for monitoring and supervision of  SSDR and JRDR corridors from 14th to 17th December 2017. The team visited throughout the alignment of JRDR and monitored the existing work progress at critical sections, quality of works, RBGs/SBGs mobilization, workers’ PPEs and site safety. The team suggested to add more groups at JRDR critical section, mitigate the extent of damage made to the cultivable land by falling of debris and install more warning signs at construction sites. The team also met with Khadga Raj Sejuwal, chairperson of Pachaljharna Rural Municipality and ward chairperson at Rural Municipality Office, Jarkot. On 16th December, the team visited SSDR with the objectives to monitor the work progress, road condition and RMG mobilization. The team drove throughout the alignment and suggested to complete all on-going works prior to inauguration. The team conducted a brief meeting with Head of DCC, Anipal Shahi at Manma. Internal Auditor performed the audit work on method of employment day’s calculation, its generation, record keeping by SMs and DTA.

Completion of Health and Safety Audit in Kalikot


The Health and Safety Audit has been accomplished by Tulsi Neupane, Internal Auditor RAP3 in both SSDR and JRDR corridors of Kalikot. The audit was focused on Health and Safety condition among the Road Building Groups (RBG), Special Building Groups (SBG), Drill Group, Boulder Breaking Groups (BBG) and Road Maintenance Groups (RMG). The audit was carried out from 11th-13th November and 13th-14th November,  2017 at JRDR and SSDR corridor respectively. The Audit also observed the health and safety condition in RMG deployed at SSDR corridor which is currently almost completed and open to public vehicles. The audit was facilitated/assisted by Sunil Babu Shrestha, SDO and Ramesh Khatakho, SEO.  Internal Auditor made a courtesy visit with Mayor of Raskot Municipality, Mr. Kashi Chandra Baral and Head of DCC, Mr. Anipal Shahi to gather their opinions and views on RAP3. He also shared the road inauguration and hand over programme of SSDR scheduled on 15 January 2018.

Visit of SSDR (RAP 3) and Jitey-Hilsa road (Nepal Army) by Kalikot stakeholders


A team led by Badri Nath Gaire (CDO, Kalikot) together with Tarik Chandra Chaudhary (DSP, APF), Samir Shrestha (Captain), Sunil Singh (CAO), Kashi Chandra Baral (Mayor, Raskot Municipality), Tara Upadhyay (Vice President, Pachal Jharna R/Municipality) as well as representatives from other district offices and staff from Raskot Municipality visited RAP 3 road Sanighat - Sipkhana (64DR007) and Jitey- Hilsa Road, under construction by Nepal Army on 28th October 2017. EO RAP’s Ramesh Khatakho and GE Nisha Basnet joined the team. The team from Manma was arranged by Rara - Karnali Transportation Committee to extend route permit to Jarkot from Jitey.

District Annual Review 2017


Kalikot RAP3 District Annual Review and Rural/Municipal Engagement Strategy workshop 2016/17 was organized on 8th September 2017. The objectives of the workshop was to inform to newly elected Rural/Municipality representatives about RAP3 background, objectives, implementation modality progress for FY073/74 and how RAP might work together with the new municipalities in the future. DCC chairperson Mr Anipal Shahi chaired the workshop, Mayors (Mr. Jashi Pandy and Kashi Baral), CDO Badri Nath Gaire, vice Mayors of Rural Municipalities, Hom Nath Lamsal (DC) chaired as guests. The workshop was facilitated by DCC Programme Officer, Prabal Jung Shahi. All participants were warmly welcomed by DTO/acting LDO Mr Charka Bahadur Shahi.

DTL Mr. Bishnu Ram Bista gives a short speech on objective of the programme and presented an over view of RAP3, modality, overall progress of LRN activities, capacity building under CPD/ASP, challenges, lesson learnt etc. All together 67 participants attended the workshop. DC Hom Nath Lamsal gave presentation on rural/municipality engagement strategy, objective of six thematic areas of engagement workshop and briefed on each areas in depth before the participants got involved in group discussion. Three groups were formed from nine rural/municipals of district. All three groups discussed on six thematic areas for finding issues, their probable solutions & presented their conclusions one by one. Closing remarks were given by DCC chairperson Mr Anipal Shahi.

External audit team visits Kalikot


On 6th Sept 017 the external audit team from TR Updhaya Audit Firm, visited Kalikot for conducting audit of RAP’s financial activities carried out from Feb 017 to June 017. Auditors Mr. Sandesh Oli and Mr. Gokul Dahalare, conducted the audit from 7-10th Sept 2017 and included reviews of financial expenditure documents of LRUCs on both new road corridors, RMGs on three corridors and the agreements made between RAP Kalikot and LRUCs and RMGs. The team also audited the expenditures made by RAP Kalikot office, including employer’s payments, store records, employer’s attendance register, logbook of bikes etc. After completion of the audit, a closing meeting was held between DTA and Audit team and discussions were made on the results of their audit. Audit team thanked DTA for support and they were impressed by record keeping system of DTA.

CIM assessment meeting


DTA Kalikot organized a CIM review meeting on 1st September 2017 in DTO’s chamber. The meeting was chaired by LDO and involved nine participants including LDO, DTO Chief, DCC Programme Officer, DTO sub-engineers and DTAs.  DTL Bishnu Ram Bista highlighted the importance and objectives of CIM. Each key element of CIM was reviewed, analyzed and scoring updated in consensus based on overall scenario of the DCC/DTO. Overall CIM score of this year was slightly higher than in the previous year.

Procurement training


RAP3 DTA Kalikot had organized two days procurement training on 16 -  17  August 2017 under Annual support Plan to DCC, DTO, SC & RAP3 technical staff. Programme was chaired by DTO Engineer Ratna Bhandari and EO Ramesh Khatakho welcomed to all participants and shared the objective and importance of training. The training was divided into general procurement and E-bidding process. The procurement modules were presented by DTL Bishnu Ram Bista, EO Ramesh Khatakho, GE Prabin Khatri and IE Gautam Khadka. The E-bidding process was presented by Bishnu Ram Bista and DCC Sub-Engineer  Kamber Bam. Jay Kumar Katwal, Chief of District Treasures & Comptroller Office presented basic information on PPA/PPR and  recent amendments, procurement processand  difference between Act and Regulation.