Public Audit


First year public audit was conducted at Shreenagar and RARA VDC on different Local Road User Committee (LRUC). Three local user committee members, road beneficiaries group and others stakeholders participated in the public audit on different dates. Karnali Rajamarga Bhawani Local Road User Committee conducted on 2071/04/27 at Chaina, Mugu, Karnali Krishi Gramin Local Road User Committee conducted on 2071/05/06 at Gamgadhi, Mugu and Kachhekot Local User Committee conducted on 2071/08/08 at Rara, Mugu. As per the submitted report they discussed:

  1. Tools details
  2. safety materials
  3. First aid kit
  4. 10 % saving
  5.  monthly  saving
  6.  Loan Investment
  7.  Income Generation
  8.  Seed production cultivation
  9. Group Capacity building training
  10. Issues and challenges
  11. Solution