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Environemental Impact Assessment Study of Gamghadi - Chankheli - Darma Road

The Proponent (s) for conducting the “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study of Gamgadhi-Chankheli-Darma Road Project is the Office of District Development Committee of Mugu and Humla. The Rural Access Programme-3 (RAP3) conducted the EIA study of Gamgadhi-Chankheli-Darma Road Project on behalf of the Proponent(s). Recently Mugu district headquarter, Gamgadhi has been connected to Strategic Road Network (SRN) System of Nepal by 93km long earthen road. This road is seasonal in nature. The district has also air transport facility from Talcha Airport (in Mugu). Humla district has still not been connected to the National Road Network. The proposed road helps to connect Humla district with the SRN (i.e. from Gamgadhi-district headquarters of Mugu). 

Study on the Transport Constrains in Western Nepal (Karnali Highway Transport Corridor)

This document is an output from a World Food Programme (WFP) initiated and Department of International Development (DFID), UK funded study. The project has been jointly implemented by IT Transport Ltd (ITT) and Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI). Mr Farhad Ahmed of ITT and Dr Punya Prasad Regmi of NDRI have jointly prepared the report. Ms Lalita Thakali of NDRI has been involved as a Research Associate in this study and took part in data collection. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of DFID or WFP.


Rural roads are the tertiary road system in total road network which provides accessibility for the rural habitations to market and other facility centres. In India, during the last five decades, rural roads are being planned and programmed in the context of overall rural development, and tried to provide allweather connectivity with some level of achievement. The long term road development plans for the country provided policy guidelines and priorities for rural roads, while the funds for rural roads were allocated in the Five Year Plans.