Programme Documents

Performance Management and Verification Strategy

RAP3 is a large and complex programme that requires an efficient management system. The performance management component includes general programme management; quality management; financial management; risk management; and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). 

RAP3 is managed according to the principles and requirements of the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Internal Audits are a key aspect of the management system and apply to all aspects of RAP3, including implementation through other partners or Government.


Implementation Plan for Year 2

 The Year 2 Implementation Plan was endorsed by the RAP Steering Committee on 29th January and allows a number of initiatives to kick off. These include a new communications strategy, road safety forum, development of M&E section of RAPID (RAP Integrated Database), a review of the SED Programme, launch of a Continual Professional Development (CPD) programme for engineers and launch of District sections on the website.