Progress Reports

Trimester Report: March - June 2015

This progress report covers activities and progress for GON’s third trimester from 16 March to 15 July 2015 and follows the Nepali Financial Year trimesters ending 15 November, 15 March and 15 July. The report includes activities and progress, with additional information provided in annexes, but not the Karnali Employment Programme (KEP) nor the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) components which are contracted to other consulting firms.

Annual Report – Second Year Results

The results presented here are derived from the Trimesterly Report for July 2015 which completes the second year of the RAP3 implementation according to the LogFrame. The results are grouped by LogFrame Outcomes and Outputs including 1) Employment, 2) LRN, 3) SED and 4) Capacity Building and compared with targets for May 2015 and trajectories to May 2016 and 2017.

Annual Review 2014

This review takes place during the early phases of implementation of RAP3. The contract with IMC, the service provider for the main component of the project, was signed in May 2013 and the inception document was submitted to DFID in October 2013. The inception period detailed the design of the work programme, including the indentificaiton of Annual Road Asset Management Plans which priroitised maintainence and roads building activities, and social and economic development ‘clusters’.