Progress Reports

Trimester Report: November 2014 - February 2015

This progress report covers activities and progress for GoN’s second trimester up to 15 March 2015 and follows the Nepali Financial Year trimesters ending 15 March, 15 November and 15 July the following year. The report includes activities and progress, with additional information provided in annexes, but not the Karnali Employment Programme (KEP) nor the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) components which are contracted to other consulting firms. 

Joint Monitoring Visit with DTICC members of Morang District

The joint monitoring of the DRCN roads by the DTICC members is carried out twice in a year through Annual Support plan of RAP 3. The joint monitoring is done to ensure accountability and transparency in the works done. And that is why it includes representatives from all section of the society like Journalists, Political Party members and local people. This close monitoring also helps in getting important feedbacks from the local people and political parties.