“RMGs Management Handover to Local Levels” to Technical Focal Persons of R/Municipalities

Publish Date: 
March, 2018

Following the signing of a bi-lateral agreement between the Government of Nepal (GoN) and the Department for International Development (DFID), the Rural Access Programme Phase 3 (RAP 3) is being implemented in 14 districtsof Nepal since 2013.  After the introduction of a Federal Government established through local elections, House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections in 2017, an important activity for RAP3 remains to handover Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) management to local levels. This follows GoN’s move to fully fund RAP3 RMG implementation costs from November 2016. To better equip them, RAP3 is providing training to DTO technical persons and technical focal persons of all municipalities/rural municipalities of the District where RAP3 RMGs are active. The purpose of this event is to make technical representatives clear about RMGs and their working procedure, RMG maintenance activities, tools and safety equipment, work plan template, timing of maintenance activities, inspection formats and contract templates as well as providing guidance on supervision and monitoring techniques. Accordingly, as a part of capacity enhancement of R/Municipalities and DTO technical personnel, two days training on “RMGs Management Handover to Local Levels” has been conducted by DTA, Sankhuwasabha.