Handover of Sannighat-Syuna-Sipkhana District Road - SSDR (18 km)

Publish Date: 
February, 2018

The Sannnigaht-Syuna-Shipkhana district road (SSDR) is a newly constructed earthen road forming part of Kalikot’s District Road Core Network.The road construction started in October 2013 and has substantially been completed by December 2017, as standard norms of DoLIDAR. It was taken up by RAP3  based  on  Kalikot’s  5-Year  District  Transport  Master  Plan.  The  former  District  Development Committee  (DDC)  had  prioritized  this  road  mentioning  that  this  road  provides  road  facility to  large number of population in minimum investment. The road is 18 km long and serves the population of 22,824 comprising Phukot, Syuna, Shipkhana, and Mumra villages and 7 schools. The SSDR is now connected  to  Khulalui-Hilsa  (Karnali  corridor)  which  is  an  important  and  strategic  road  of  Nepal government and provides economic opportunities for the people of this area. It obviously increases access to regional and national markets, health and education sector.