IMC Worldwide Ltd Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy Statement

Publish Date: 
January, 2017

The IMC Worldwide Ltd (IMC) Board of Directors is fully committed to promoting the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout our business. We condemn corrupt and fraudulent practices and require transparency, integrity and honesty in all aspects of our work. We will perform all services with integrity and conduct ourselves with the professionalism expected of a firm with our international standing, reputation and experience. Fundamental to this is the adoption of a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of corruption and a robust Ethics and Anti-Corruption policy within the firm.

The board requires all staff to act according to our ethical principles set out in this Ethics and Anti-Corruption policy. Our policies and codes of conduct translate our principles into practical guidance, empowering IMC and our staff and our business partners and their employees to realise the firm’s aspirations.