Machine Fabricated Gabions – Nepal

Publish Date: 
July, 2016

New road construction projects have been commenced in 4 core districts – Humla, Mugu, Bajura and Kalikot, prioritised as per DoLIDAR’s DTMP procedures. For these new construction roads huge quantities of gabion boxes are required. As planned, procurement of gabion boxes and its delivery were performed in Yr-I and Yr-II. However, during February 2016 on a DC field visit note (Refer Annex1: FIELD VISIT REPORTs) to Kalikot (03rd - 15th January 2016) and later to Bajura (12th -19th February 2016), some quality issues had been raised regarding gabion boxes supplied by Hulas Wire Industries Ltd. The quality issues were: mechanical connections of end panels to main body and size of diaphragms and end panels of the gabion boxes.