Reports and Publications List

Report Published Date Locations
August 2017 - SMT Review August, 2017 Progress Reports
Trimester Progress Report March - June 2017 August, 2017 Progress Reports
July 2017 - SMT Review July, 2017 Progress Reports
CONNECT: Delivering Sustainability July, 2017 Programme Documents
Climate Resilience Audit of Sanighat-Phukot-Syuna-Shipkhana District Road Kalikot July, 2017 Programme Documents
RAP 3 CONNECT takes Prabhu Bank Limited to farm gate June, 2017 Press Release
IMC Worldwide wins ACE Collaboration Champion of the Year Award June, 2017 Press Release
A list of field verification reports June, 2017 Progress Reports
Retailing of Jumli Beans - a CONNECT MSME pilot June, 2017 Programme Documents
June 2017 - SMT Review June, 2017 Progress Reports
May 2017 - SMT Review May, 2017 Progress Reports
Test Drive and Safety Audit in SSDR April, 2017 Progress Reports
April 2017 - SMT Review April, 2017 Progress Reports
Audit Schedule April, 2017 Programme Documents
Trimester Report: November 2016 - March 2017 April, 2017 Progress Reports
New Federal System March, 2017 RAP 3 Presentations
RBG Accident Compensation Procedures March, 2017 Manuals
March 2017 - SMT Review March, 2017 Progress Reports
Independent Verification of RAP: Round 1 March 2017 March, 2017 Progress Reports
LRN Manual: 4th update 1st February 2017 February, 2017 Manuals
Implementation Plan for Year 3.5 February, 2017 Programme Documents
Implementation Plan Yr3.5 - Logframe February, 2017 Programme Documents
Proceedings of Annual Progress Review Workshop, January 2017 February, 2017 Progress Reports
February 2017 - SMT Review February, 2017 Progress Reports
IMC Worldwide Ltd Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy Statement January, 2017 Compliance
Organic Mountain Flavor Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Aastha General Store & Suppliers Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Idea Studio Nepal Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Janaury 2017 - SMT Review January, 2017 Progress Reports