Reports and Publications List

Report Published Date Locations
Trimester Progress Report March - June 2017 August, 2017 Progress Reports
August 2017 - SMT Review August, 2017 Progress Reports
July 2017 - SMT Review July, 2017 Progress Reports
CONNECT: Delivering Sustainability July, 2017 Programme Documents
Climate Resilience Audit of Sanighat-Phukot-Syuna-Shipkhana District Road Kalikot July, 2017 Programme Documents
A list of field verification reports June, 2017 Progress Reports
RAP 3 CONNECT takes Prabhu Bank Limited to farm gate June, 2017 Press Release
IMC Worldwide wins ACE Collaboration Champion of the Year Award June, 2017 Press Release
Retailing of Jumli Beans - a CONNECT MSME pilot June, 2017 Programme Documents
June 2017 - SMT Review June, 2017 Progress Reports
May 2017 - SMT Review May, 2017 Progress Reports
Audit Schedule April, 2017 Programme Documents
Test Drive and Safety Audit in SSDR April, 2017 Progress Reports
April 2017 - SMT Review April, 2017 Progress Reports
Trimester Report: November 2016 - March 2017 April, 2017 Progress Reports
New Federal System March, 2017 RAP 3 Presentations
March 2017 - SMT Review March, 2017 Progress Reports
Independent Verification of RAP: Round 1 March 2017 March, 2017 Progress Reports
RBG Accident Compensation Procedures March, 2017 Manuals
February 2017 - SMT Review February, 2017 Progress Reports
LRN Manual: 4th update 1st February 2017 February, 2017 Manuals
Implementation Plan Yr3.5 - Logframe February, 2017 Programme Documents
Implementation Plan for Year 3.5 February, 2017 Programme Documents
Proceedings of Annual Progress Review Workshop, January 2017 February, 2017 Progress Reports
Health and Safety Emergency Guidelines for TMO January, 2017 Manuals
IMC Worldwide Ltd Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy Statement January, 2017 Compliance
Organic Mountain Flavor Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Aastha General Store & Suppliers Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Shobha Traders and Order Suppliers Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents
Idea Studio Nepal Fact File January, 2017 Programme Documents