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Progress Reports

Climate Resilience Audit of Sanighat- Phukot-Syuna- Shipkhana District Road Kalikot

The Sanighat-Phukot-Syuna-Sipkhana District Road (SPSSDR, 17.650 Km), Kalikot lies in the higher Himalayan Zone of Province 6 of Nepal. The road has been constructed adopting labour based environmentally friendly and participatory (LEP) approach. The road is earthen surface and is designed and constructed following Nepal Rural Road Standard 1998 (1st revision in 2012). All constructed structures are flexible, and no permanent bridges and culverts are built. The main objectives of the resilience audit are to examine the adequacy of the current new-builtcivil engineering structures particularly water management structures, bio-engineering techniques, and propose opportunities for missing structures, assess the maintenance approachand provide plan of action including intervention measures to improve climate resilience of the road infrastructure as far as possible.

Environmental and Climate Resilience Report

According to GoN regulations environmental assessments were required for RAP3 implementation.  Each new construction and improvement sub-project was screened as per Schedule - 1 and -2 of the Environmental Protection Rules (EPR, 1997, as amended from time to time). The results of environmental screening were categorized for i) IEE study, ii) EIA study, and iii) none of i) and ii) requirements. All RAP3 LRN new construction sub-projects were subjected to IEE study. DFID policy also refers to screening and compliance with recipient country legislation.

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