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Monthly PMR – January 2022

Publish Date: 
January 2022
  • Bridges contractor transferred construction responsibility to the designer through an official Power of Attorney. Construction material being transported to Darke and Luma. Local materials being prepared to begin construction. 
  • Bank refunded contractor’s advance against the bank guarantee.  
  • Substantially completed a total of 62.5 km in MHLR construction. Construction work affected by snow.   
  • LRUC level public audit complete in Mugu and Humla adopting special measures for Covid 19 prevention.  
  • Completed surface improvement works between Digapani and Melchhyam.
  • Completed installing traffic signs for road safety between Lebra and Ghatte Khola (Boharabada).
  • Reviewing cost estimates for additional Specific Maintenance, Routine Maintenance, and bio-engineering.
  • Continued RMG maintenance work on handed-over sections of MHLR and other supported MRCN / PRN.
  • Healthy Workforce Team conducted 9 orientations on personal and menstrual hygiene, Covid 19 prevention, family planning and child vaccination, where 144 members, including 59 women, benefitted; and 1 outreach clinic in Humla examining and providing medicines to 10 workers including 7 women.