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Monthly PMR – June 2019

Publish Date: 
June 2019
  • All works in the 4km Improvement section are complete, including additional surfacing and drainage works.
  • In total we have 31 SRBGs and 52 RBGs working along the road on both Mugu and Humla districts (now up to Saaththaple on Humla side).
  • 5 of the SRBGs are chainsaw groups working alongside the excavators for tree felling, log cutting and storing.  They have been given a thorough orientation on safe chainsaw operating practices, using training videos (sourced via YouTube), RAP3 H&S procedures and checklists.  1947 trees (out of 5870 stamped, 33%) have been felled so far.
  • Excavators are working on initial track opening from Saaththaple towards Melcham; and track widening works between Darke and Saaththaple (through Chankheli pass).  The rocky cliff section on the way up to Chankheli is now open, and the rock breaker has moved to the next rocky cliff section after Saaththaple.