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Monthly PMR – March 2020

Publish Date: 
May 2020
  • The 110th International Women’s Day was celebrated at Bama Village on 8th March in Mugu with 195 local women and 26 men.  The participants were from FCHVs, Mothers’ Groups, Women RBG members, MHLR team, local Elites and Local Elected Representatives.   A small event was held in the office in Kathmandu on Friday 6th.
  • Snowfall continued up to the 21st of March inhibiting works progress.  138 S/RBGs and rock drill groups (64 RBGs, 71 SRBGs, and 3 drill groups) were engaged in structures work and rock cutting.
  • The critical section at Dhandhuska near Janche was opened as was a few meters at the end point in (Deuli) to join SSDR.   Agreements have been reached with house owners and Rural Municipality for the dismantling and relocation of houses at Deuli that are too close to the cut slope of the road.