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Monthly PMR – March 2022

Publish Date: 
April 2022
  • Completed construction of left bank foundation at Luma Khola Bridge and started abutment construction (up to 1.2 m height).
  • Foundation excavation on-going at Darke Khola Bridge site.
  • Wooden bridges removed from all sites to make way for foundation excavation works.
  • GoN and FCDO teams visited MHLR and SDDR up to Sallisalla in Humla. IDO Humla visited and inspected MHLR.
  • Structures fully complete and 63km substantial completion complete.  Remaining 30k section on Humla side handed over on 2nd April.  Whole of MHLR now handed over to government and open to traffic.
  • Independent Verification of MHLR carried out, awaiting report
  •  Specific maintenance works through SMGs ongoing on SDDR and GDDR. RMGs continued with routine maintenance on handed over sections of MHLR.
  • Support for RMGs on PRN and MRCN in five districts continued until 31st March.  Public audits, transfer of tools and equipment completed and final payments ongoing.