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Monthly PMR – May 2019

Publish Date: 
May 2019
  • SRBGs have been working for structures work on the Improvement section. RBGs, SRBGs and one Rock Drill group operating group on Mugu side are continuing with structures and drainage on new construction section. All together 31 groups SRBGs and 52 RBGs are working.
  • Tree stamping has been completed on both Mugu and Humla sides.  Tree felling and removal on Mugu and Humla are in progress and track opening has reached Lebra Khola (Ch 42.78). Total 452 tree on Mugu side and 827 on Humla side already chopped and prepared logs of different sizes as instructed by DFOs.
  • Phase 2 excavator hire agreements in place.  Average 8 excavators in operation during May.  New track opening works at Chankheli to Lebra sections.  Widening works at Falata, Bama Darke and Chankheli areas.  The excavator with rock breaker is halt due to servicing time.