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Monthly PMR – September 2021

Publish Date: 
October 2021
  • Final design drawings submitted by contractor being reviewed internally before forwarding to MoPIUD and DoLI.
  • Additional quantities of sand, stone and aggregate samples brought to Kathmandu from Luma and Darke for lab testing. Samples initially brought were insufficient for full testing.
  • Internal audit of the River Crossings Contractor ongoing.   
  • 2km substantial completion achieved on MHLR construction taking the total to 52.5km
  • Completed Independent Verification, joint monitoring with IDO then Handover of Darke – Chankheli section (Ch.26+000 – 37+350) to Karnali Provincial Government on 30th September.  
  • Continued RMG maintenance work between Gamgadhi and Chankheli.