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Road Maintenance Group (RMG) Guidelines

Publish Date: 
August 2019

These  guidelines  describe  the  process  of creating  and  contracting  Road  Maintenance Groups  (RMGs) for  the  maintenance  of  the  District  Road  Core  Network  (DRCN) in  Nepal.  The  DRCN is  the  set  of main  rural  roads  providing  access to  all  Village Development  Committees  (VDCs), and  its maintenance  is the  responsibility  of the  District Development  Committee  (DDC). There  are  currently  approximately  22,000 km  of DRCN roads, with a further 5,159krn planned to link VDCs that currently lack road access.The RMGs form  an  efficient and  effective means  of carrying  out  routine,  recurrent  and  minor  specific maintenance  of the  DRCN, ensuring  that  the DRCN  roads  stay  open  year  round  and  that road  deterioration  is halted  or slowed  down.  This document  serves  as a practical guide  to the nationwide  implementation  of the RMG approach  in the DRCN, both  under government funding and within rural road projects and programmes.