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INWED 2019

On the occasion of International Women in Engineering Day in 2019, INWED 2019, the Nepal Engineers' Association (NEA) with the support of UNOPs, RAP3 MHLR and other organisations held an event to celebrate the contribution of women across all engineering fields and identify career opportunities and challenges  for women in this field.​

Female engineers and student representatives attended the event with facilitators from various organisations and distinguished speakers: Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, NEA President, Ms. Shanti Malla, First Women Engineer of Nepal, Ms. Meena Shrestha, DWS Deputy Director, Ms. Sarita Dawadi, Head of Dept. of Irrigation, and Dr. Sudha Shrestha, Head of Dept. of Architecture.​

Discussions revolved around four main themes

Theme 1: Getting More Women in Engineering
Theme 2: Succeeding in engineering
Theme 3: Creating a supportive and safe work environment in engineering
Theme 4: Women in professional associations and networks

INWED Highlights