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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

On the occasion of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, we will bring up 16 topics every day for 16 days to encourage discussion on the various forms of violence in Nepal and how we can prevent them.

Day 1: 

Discussion Topic: Speak Up Against Domestic Violence

In our Nepali society, many women tolerate, but do not report the abusive behaviour of their family members. It is our culture of silence that makes it difficult for women to come out and speak up against domestic violence. Most of the domestic violence we hear in the news is frightening and heinous because it is posted when the incident is extreme and only then the news of violence comes out. So, before we fall victim to any form of domestic violence, big or small, all women and girls must stop tolerating it. If we do not speak up against domestic violence, we are actually supporting perpetrators to commit violence again and again.


The above is one view of GBV, presented to promote thought and discussion around the topic.  The views expressed in the discussion topic does not necessarily reflect the views of the project or its team members.


In RAP3 MHLR, we celebrate International Women’s Day every year in our site offices and discuss with local women how to end violence against women and girls. Also, we encourage our beneficiaries to not be victims of domestic violence but to report it.


Dear women and girls, when you complain about domestic violence, do not be afraid of how society will look at you. If something is not right, start speaking up today. Your voice can be a source of encouragement for some victims to speak up against domestic violence.


Khabar Garaun 1145 (Inform Us) helpline, supports victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV). When someone is a victim of gender-based violence or suspect that violence may have taken place, he/she or any third party can call the Helpline free service number—1145 from anywhere in Nepal.  This helpline facility is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Helpline 1145 service also provides a variety of facilities for women and girls severely affected by GBV, including safe shelters for victims. For more information, one can visit this site:


RAP3 MHLR is against domestic violence!