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All eight RAP3 roads now connected to main road network

The Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR) had earlier opened a track through to its end point.  Although it is still under construction and was closed to public vehicles for safety reasons, pressure from local people and transport providers led us to agreeing to open the track for vehicles during our non-working hours. With this action, vehicles can now drive all the way through to Sarkheghad in Humla, via the Sallisalla-Darma road constructed under UK aid funded RAP3. This road was previously inaccessible to vehicles. Now it is connected by MHLR and being used daily with efforts from local people and allowing essential items to be transported into Humla.  Vehicles already were plying on the remaining seven RAP3 roads.


This means that all eight roads built by UK aid funded RAP3 in Kalikot, Bajura, Mugu and Humla following the District Transport Master Plans supported by RAP3 back in 2013/14 are now connected to the wider road network. And now they are fully operational and fulfilling their intended function of improving access to markets and services for the rural communities they serve. There is already evidence of significant reductions in the cost of food and construction materials in the newly served communities.

(RAP3 roads in Bajura and Humla, Photo- Suman Baidya)